Proof of Good Governance

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A community’s ability to self-govern can be judged by the safety of its members. When you can leave your doors unlocked and not worry about breaking and entering, then you know you live in a solid community. When you can leave your wallet unattended in a public place and not have it stolen, when you can leave your bike unlocked, then you know you have good governance.

In a world where every door is impenetrable, every wallet locked down, and every bike secured a community doesn’t know whether there is good governance or not. Without the freedom to “be bad” there is no ability to know whether people are choosing to “be good”. In such a community it is likely an unlocked bike will be stolen and unattended wallet pilfered.

When a community resorts to stronger and stronger locks it has a much bigger fundamental problem and no one is really safe. Such a community relies on the strength of its security technology against the strength of the bad guys. This is a never ending arms race and it creates a “blame the victim” mentality.

This is the attitude the cryptocurrency community has adopted whenever there is a hack. It is the victim's fault for not using multi-sig, for forgetting his password, for not having a hardware wallet, or for not auditing their smart contract. This is not a community that respects property rights, this is a community that has embraced hacker-might makes right.

A truly safe community respects property rights without requiring everyone to live in a prison of inconvenient security measures. Aggression is not attempted because the community recognizes the crime and cooperates to deny the attacker their profits and their place in the community.

Privacy Chains prevent Good Governance

Many blockchains are focusing on improving the ability for criminals to hide their profits by reducing the ability for the community to identify and remove a bad actor. If this approach were universally adopted the criminal element and organized crime would be much better off.

I am a firm believer in the right of people to use any technology they want so long as they don’t initiate force or fraud against others. The challenge every community faces is how complicit it chooses to be in supporting those who indirectly enable aggression.

For example, if you knowingly buy stolen property and benefit from the discount in price are you in some way complicit in the original act of aggression? If a community tolerates people who buy stolen property, doesn’t that community foster the increased profitability of organized theft? What about someone who is 2x or 3x removed from the original aggression? What about someone who buys something that only has a 50% chance of being stolen? What if a community profits from crypto-currency gains financed by demand from unbanked criminals?

By this same virtue, a community which facilitates the theft and laundering of stolen property is also facilitating and enabling acts of aggression. This is not a recipe for creating a free society that respects property rights. This is a recipe for creating a dog-eat-dog economy of hackers, thieves, and digital kidnappers.

Good Governance and Steem

Steem has excellent security on accounts, but very poor governance. The community reward pool is the preverbal wallet on the park bench. Those who are voting for themselves and hiding behind pseudo-anonymous accounts are thieves stealing from the community. Those censoring posts on EOS through use of down votes of posts that decline rewards are not held accountable to community standards of behavior.

With proper governance the Steem reward pool would not be pilfered for private gain. Achieving this requires much stronger transparency with identity verification and dispute resolution systems combined with incentive structures that disincentives self-voting (like n2 curve).

Freedom of Expression

Some people worry that absent anonymity, people would self-censor out of fear of community reprisal. There is a legitimate need for anonymous publishing, but it has no place in a community that is distributing financial rewards from the public purse. Steem is an exercise in massively decentralized community governance over community funds. Transparency and accountability is the only disinfectant that can prevent abuse.

There is no reward curve or solution to abuse of community funds until a proper dispute resolution system and identity system is put in place.

The Future of Crypto Governance

I will be moving toward transparent blockchains with strong identity, good governance, and a commitment to protect property rights while disempowering those who would launder profits from digital kidnapping. We must take responsibility and hold others accountable for indirect acts of aggression. Hiring someone else to steal for you (knowingly buying stolen goods) is just as bad as stealing yourself.


Replying to some comment with all “your” suggestions.

  1. Ability to negate voting power -> if implemented in the form described in your GitHub issue, this provides opportunity cost on individual bases. Because of the opportunity costs, this proposal if implemented would resultingly be flatly obtuse from a game theory perspective. There are merits for additional controls over rewards distributions but this specific negating control mechanism is inconsiderate of second order effects and overall obtuse compared to its stated purpose. Instead, new rewards pool controls are best experimented on in new token ecosystems. Thats why SMTs, naturally. Which you laughably told me were a bad idea, “because there can only be one global currency”, twice.
  2. n^2 -> talk about “stealing”. n^2 can only seem “fair” when you’re sitting on top of the STEEM rich list, like you are. Now that STEEM rewards are linear there is no more stealing, finally. But keep in mind, STEEM is only one form of a distribution game, and truelly it is an opt in system, which is itself another premise from which to argue around these topics.
  3. Identity as a consensus for distributions is my idea (page 53 Smart Media Token Whitepaper). It will be implemented in SMTs via Oracles.

You told me twice, in 2016 and 2017, SMTs were a bad idea, “because there can only be one global currency”, before going off to market multi currencies in your new project. Now you’re back to propose microscopic changes to the STEEM rewards contract. There is no need for forcing these proposals in the face of SMTs.

Contributed from my iPhone. Please excuse grammatical mistakes and errors.

Hi ned,

I told you 2 months ago, that the Steem Economic System is currently completly broken

And by the way, where is the app your "CTO" promised for December?

Don't get me wrong. I know that IT projects are usually not delivered in time. But as Investor into STEEM I expect that late deliveries are communicated.

Please update the timeline for the major milestones of your roadmap (currently SMT, APP, Communities) for instance on a monthly basis. That would increase the trust in your team massively.

Hes is not the CTO, remember ?

ned specified that he is a Private Contractor, rofl and they have no control over him or his actions.

That's ridiculous. If that were true why does steemit inc pay him? Obviously private contractors are under the control of those who contracted them in order to get something done. Why else would a contractor be hired?

Just clarifying, you know I am referring to Sneak right?

The way you two interact @dan & @ned with each other is exactly the same way as to how a divorce couple interacts with each other after being married for more than 10 years 😂😂😂

They also have at least two common children - Steem and Steemit 😂

What is the number one parenting advice? Never argue with your (ex)spouse in front of children. Both parents will always lose a little bit of respect and authority in the eyes of a child.

Children usually loves both of parents - they are feeling uncomfortable seeing own parents fighting.

Steem and Steemit are their common children and they both love and cherish them

However the problem is about accepting their step-children: SMT, EOS, BTS.. which they need to keep calm and then they can reconsider about their re-marriage..

Their common children needs both parents.. but that is only possible when each can accept the younger step-children :P

not sure if Bitshares even cares about Ned or Dan, actually. Parents, we're ok, just feel free to act as you wish ;)))

they could just write an email or call, after working together they should have private means of contacting each other...
Sadly the "vibe" i am getting from Dan is that he is "dissing" his former project Steem to promote his new one...

Ned, love your work. Please ignore all the whinging replies. I don't think SBD and STEEM would be where they are now with out prospect of SMTs. There are now tons of original content creators earning a living here, not just a select few, and we thank you for that.

I am utterly perplexed as to why anyone is unhappy right now. Work on your blog, work on your network -> make ridiculous money. What's the problem? If you can't make money here with SBD at $9, the problem isn't Steem.

The SMT effect:

I second that.

What's the problem? If you can't make money here with SBD at $9, the problem isn't Steem.

Somehow you are correct! What I am worrying about is the fact that they are printing additional more SBD almost everyday to make the price stabilizes back to $1 USD.

Personally, I am from South East Asia and I can quit my day job and focus more on Steem if I get a gross total amount of $5 per day on multiple posts. But what if the SBD price gets back to normal? It's going to be a hard time earning a living.

The discussion is about building a better community long-term, not about making more money short-term.
Market is in a bull run right now so posts are more profitable currently but overall profitability doesn't imply fairness in reward pool distribution.
Working on your blog/network may give you ridiculous amounts of money but self-voting gives you even more, and some folks think that is a problem.
SP renting and self-voting are issues that doesn't go away with a high coin price, in fact they are amplified.

@ned, although I respect your position, let me say to you as I said below you @dan

At the end of the day I thought steemit was self governed, which means users decide. Its a pity that negative posts and comments get more traction than positive ones.

@ned engaging with negativity will lead to more negativity. However if you could engage with the positive stories on Steemit you could make so much more of a difference

There is really no improvement needed other than proper use of steem inc's SP. Misterdelegation has enough SP to empower the community against large stackholders using their SP and not following community standards.

I am actually a bit glad that you came out of twitter to post this here.

How is consensus reached for what community standards are and where are community standards posted?

Steemcleaners community standards is pretty much accepted by all the big guys. Try violating that and they will go after you. Haejin wasn't shut down because what he did didn't explicitly constitute violation of anti abuse community standards.


Interesting that you can make almost $500 by by commenting on your OWN platform @ned...

Seems like THIS was the way you all could've "Paid" yourselves for building SteemIt, instead of Pilfering the platform right out of the gate. The Pilfering of the economy is the only real problem here, not the way the voting works. When you imbalanced the economy in this way, you made a very powerful Plutocracy... what did you expect would happen?




You mean stake weighted voting is causing an imbalance? I do agree. It’s like scrabble where every time you create a word you get to play the next turn with more letters (than the seven letters you used to be permitted per turn). New players show up but can never catch those who began earlier who win more and more easily. Unlike n^2, players in linear at least don’t win more and more easily. Nevertheless, to counter this “imbalance” I am working on identity driven Oracles in SMTs to enable token systems that are analogous to scrabble games where everyone begins on equal footing, has the same number of letters to play each turn and the game ends/starts over predictably.

Contributed from my iPhone. Please excuse grammatical mistakes and errors.

Nice strategy @ned. Explore the promise of the original sandbox through blueprints of autonomous extensions (SMT) without unduly interfering with the status quo - a good tack.

Sounds good! Where is the official website for SMT? I am wondering if there is some kind of airdrops.

I don’t know if you’re already familiar with Steemify but reading in your comment, your contribution coming from an iPhone, perhaps you might be interested in a dedicated notification app for iPhone users only called Steemify, we as @blockbrothers build this app. Just download it for free and never miss out on any notification anymore!

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Every your comment = one $iPhone.

I am only in my infancy of understanding crypto and steemit, but I am learning more and more daily, thank you for contributing!

I think preventing large stakeholders from being able to "win" easily is much less critical than making sure they only win when the whole community wins. A longer vesting schedule might help with that, and I favor curation penalties as well so that regularly voting against strong stakeholder quality consensus has a cost.

Whether people mainly vote for quality or just to reward themselves will determine whether Steem devolves into a Ponzi scheme or not, and I see that as the largest risk for the network.

Once too much stake is held by abusive voters, the only way to recover will be forking them out. The sooner we can stop abuse from being profitable the less likely that is to be necessary.

I don’t know much about corporations....Question, how many companies allow investors decide how it’s going to operate?

Short answer: Not many, but it depends on how united and vocal the investors are.

I always felt the market was the driver, unless there is a monopoly...I am still learning about economic structures, business and different forms of governments. Steemit has driven me to dig deeper. I've read a great deal since 2007, especially different forms of abusive government structures. Thank you @glenabrethsen.

Perhaps it's time to have a meeting of the minds for the sake of the continuity of this platform and its underlying blockchain. EOS trades over $300M daily and is valued at over $5B - Dan clearly has done something right there. Since his post, steem is up over $1 and its 24 hour trading volume is approaching $20M on CoinMarketCap - over 3X its daily average of around $6M seen over the past few weeks. It's currently trading at just under $4.

Steem does have the potential to be among the top cryptocurrencies but it necessitates self-introspection that ultimately leads to constructive improvements for the benefit of all. As I see it, the price action over the past 24 hours suggests the crypto market was seeking this open discussion and it's an important one to have for rejuvenating confidence, whatever the outcome.

If Steve Jobs and Bill Gates could resolve their differences, maybe both of you can too.

EOS just did a crowd sale at the right time. It hasn't even launched yet so we cannot know whether it does something right.

Thanks for the comment. I brought up EOS because the market has clearly voted in favor of it in light of its considerably fast rise in the crypto space to a valuation of over $5B at the time of this post. It has achieved this status in the last few months of this year. Steem has been around since 2016 and is just now finally trading above its all time highs from then.

I understand that blockchain development is still up and coming and we will not realize the full extent or potential of this technology for perhaps many years to come. Nonetheless, I think it is fair to encourage the cofounders of steem and steemit to reconcile for the sake of the community at large. Dan clearly has some insights to offer that the market reacted positively too, in light of steem's value appreciation over the last 24 hours since his post.

This discussion is needed and in my opinion should not spiral down to a "he said, she said" commentary about past disagreements amongst whales, but rather an acknowledgement of what is and isn't being done right and how steemit can ultimately improve for the better moving forward.

Well, steem is now decisively trading above its previous all time highs from 2016, currently around $5 per Coinmarketcap. Considering the timing and extent of bullish momentum, I have a hard time believing that Dan's post and the resulting discussion weren't the precursors for this renewed buying interest to kick off 2018. The market seems to be in favor of an open dialogue towards improving steemit and by association steem's perception within the crypto space. Steem was trading around $3 when Dan published his comments regarding governance yesterday and the 24 hour trading volume is now over $40M.

I always imagined "non-linear rewards" to mean sqrt(n) and thought n^2 was a typo.

Have you considered the sqrt(n) approach? It would mean the influence of steam power would have diminishing growth as n increases.

Exactly, n^2 (n squared) doesn't make sense? Or is n the amount of SP or not?

Flagging because I do not feel this comment is worth $550. Just a bit of a balancing act.

SMT's are not going to solve the issues caused by the distribution of Steem. Look at the mess being made by the terror of incompetent, absent or psychopathic whales already. Good whales simply can't keep up. You are only going to compound the effects and potential for harm by building out the steem economy and increasing its complexity on such a terrible foundation. Fix the distribution. We need thousands of engaged whales and zero mega-whales. Power within the Steem economy needs much more balance. Is anything being done? Is there any recognition of this? This economy should be on a journey to being for everyone or it's for no-one. Can you imagine Steem becoming a globally accepted unit of exchange, store of value etc with some of today's whales holding the power they will have, wielding it as they have been? No frickin way bud. Zero chance. All you'll end up with is a fancy feudal-like system. Please tell me how you control the abuse and how long it will take to implement.

I read your comment thoroughly ned, thank you. I believe I just about understand what you are hoping to implement with your scrabble analogy. The issue (and I recognise that I am not an expert, far from it) I have is if you successfully create colonies of value within the steem network that can shut out the stake weighting of the supra-token, steem, then doesn't that challenge the value and validity of steem? Why would the majority of steemians even use steem if it were possible for a different token to supplant steem because it acted potentially more fairly and in their interests? Perhaps I just don't comprehend the way SMT's are deployed and operate within Steem. I still believe the bad distribution of steem will continue to negatively affect everything built upon it. A bad whale that is blocked from every other community based around an SMT will still continue to be able to access the reward pool according to the stake weighting.....correct?

@ned I love your view on things like playing a game. But scrabble? ;-) I was surprised to see on the live communitys that people still play counterstrike and not because it works on all computers like as I was 14 :-D Short rounds, benefits in the long run - 2 partys, fast and easy even for beginners that gain in skill, not in time of being there in the community.
I went in here active a few days ago and I feel all the time as a new guy in a company after 3.5 years of training and it seems like I need or have to "dig into whale asses" to evolve in here not for being diligent or hard work. (In facebook I felt way better at the start) I understand that money gives power but if it is possible what you want to change that only "diggers" could rise up great content creators will pass over time. So if I understand you right, you want to strengthen the fundamental players and creators. That is only possible to share or reduce the power of the big players and has to be done to give this community a future (not by utilizing one new platform after another when the fundamental basement ( is rotten)
Thanks for your effort - I hope it pays out for you and the whole community

Actually, as much as i dont want to admmit it, in a Games Theory perspective, Steemit is not incentivized in making great content, but into acumulating power so its easier to accumulate even more.

I'll explain in Games Theory:

First round:

The whale has strong incentives to post to make money, so he makes content knowing he will win.
The minnow has strong incentives to post to make money, so he makes quality content expecting to win.

Second round (t +1, after publishing):

The whale won more power and more money, now he needs less effort to gain the same amount in the next round. (The more steem power the more visible someone is)
The minnow gained little or nothing after publishing, so he has less incentives to give same effort in the next round, hence, he makes poorer content.

Third round (t + 2, after re-publishing)

The whale gained even more so he needs even less to gain the same amount in the next round.
The minnow gains little or nothing again, so he have incentives chase whales content expecting to get some upvotes.

Fourth round (t +3)

The whale gains even more (now that another little minnow is following him, commenting, etc.) knowing that it doesnt really matter the quality of his content... cus minnows will post and comment expecting his upvotes...
The minnow luckily got something from the whale, so now he has no or very little incentives to create more of his own and original content.

Poorer and poorer content being rewarded in the platform, and no incentives to do great as a minnow.

I like the SMT concept and the use of Oracles. I think there should be levels of privacy based on community standards, and I think communities is going to be necessary for Steem to scale because I do not see how everyone will be able to agree with all the decisions that are being made as they is no community consensus on many of these decisions.

It has been an interesting experiment and I feel the linear reward curve is more beneficial to the community as a whole. is integrating a crypto currency into their platform as another way to get paid. Is there any chance it will be a SMT @ned?

thanks @ned for saying something i noticed that @dan is cashing out alot of steem should anyone be worried? also was wondering if there was going to be an improvement on voting power or ability to cast more votes as more people join the platform because im noticing a lot of posts arent even making 1.00$? thanks again :)

Hello @ned and @danHappy New Year
We may find some problems in society but there is no system without mistakes
I would like to talk about the idea of ​​proof of personality
This can only be done
Factors that help
Accounts recorded daily on the network and previous accounts are confirmed by mobile and network number rather than numbers and services and phone numbers
You can limit and add two teams. A team is equipped and we make an announcement to raise the balance of the accounts and it is confirmed by the competent team. This will make the stop limit of the counterfeit accounts the factor of assigning the IP numbers to the users.
Good in the community The project is on a wider scale around the world. I am from Egypt and currently the English language is not good but from a year here on the community I see a lot of people around the world here.
There are many ideas and equipment that help the community here
I am very sorry because the subject is too large and it is not right to write some words about it
Dan's brother @dan when the decision was almost 10 months to resign, and the ISO project was opened. The idea is not wrong. Many projects from the community team and independent projects. The problem is that the declaration of resignation in Rae
Happy year for everyone

Hi @ned,

I realize this post is past payout; but, it is the quickest way I know of to contact you. I've tried maneuvering the Discord chat; but, admit I haven't quite found my way around the site.

This reminds me of a recent suggestion to regarding a CONTACT tab added to the blog page. I will leave the link below, even though it was not accepted due to others making a similar recommendation.

The purpose of this communication is to ask that you review a current suggestion I’ve offered to I hope you will review this contribution; and, give it an up vote if you envision this idea a viable means of growing the Steemit-user base.

Btw, here’s the link to the post regarding the Contact tab:

Many thanks in advance!


I was writing about different problem. It is lack of functionality on steemit. We need some categories inside blog, so if someone is looking for something he can find fast. And we need some different approach with exposed posts. In 2 years there is almost no way, someone will show his original post with great content among all this shit posts with load of upvotes. I am right now struggling with my followers and a lot of people are asking me, how come I don't have more followers etc... Yes of course I am gaining every day. It is slow peace, but after 2 years when this will be billion community, then is no way someone will swim to the surface.

Well, mine 50c and if someone is for my debate about steemit future, please reed it here

excellent debate. At least we can watch day-to-day debates between the founders!! Keep growing Steem

This is the largest comment upvote i have seen on steemit..awesome.

happy new @ned
This is brainstorming. Good ideas, welcome development. bring it on

what if smart media tokens make everything that is on steem blockchain only to acces with hundreds of different tokens ? If that will be the case I better move on to another decentralised thing man I mean everything people want is freedom

Honestly, it is just nice to see the OG creators still being active on the platform despite @dan departure. I'm also very happy to see that you two are on a discussion-level basis. It was a shame to see you two split off though I am excited to see how strong @eosio will grow.

As a fellow Virginian with a brother graduating from @dan Alma Mater, I'm compelled to play favorites with him despite his untimely departure from Steem Co. I wish you both a happy new year and I look forward to seeing your activity on the chain!

Thanks for a wonderful platform!

@ned what type of iphone are you using?..i @smokeasare165 am using iphone 5. (Please it a funny comment i mean no harm)

Exactly, n^2 (n squared) doesn't make sense? Or is n the amount of SP or not?

Identity as a consensus for distributions is my idea (page 53 Smart Media Token Whitepaper). It will be implemented in SMTs via Oracles.

This is the best solution in terms of both perceptional and practical efficiency I have seen so far. But what I am wondering is whether STEEM will be left behind the Oracle. I hope the base currency of SMT (STEEM) also has same or similar tool to address abuse.

I just be a korean newbie in the stimit.Its awesome.i will try to do my best .Pls give us more good info .....^&^

If Dan is done with Steem, he should burn his remaining balance to @null Its unfair that an original core member is using STEEM as their personal bank account after leaving the project.

Excellent Idea... or he could just as easily sell it all in big chunks and tank the price.

Your move @dan... your move.

Fine by me.

Dan's point is that under the current system it's easier to abuse the system, i.e. make 10 posts daily with a bot and upvote them than it is to police those kind of behaviors and thus those behaviors will become the norm and will permeate Steem and those who engage in it will become the most prosperous Steemians which will leave everyone in need to engage in those behaviors.

I might have misunderstood Dan's point and I'm not saying his point or solution are correct but Steem's incentives are fundamental to Steem's success and can't be relegated to an afterthought.

I've just written some more thoughts on the subject here.

Flagged for aggrandizement I suppose.

Dilly Dilly!

Dear @teamsteem ,
I voted for you as a witness, I have an important question:
for to exchange Steem into another crypto currency we all need an account at a crypto currency exchange. There are 2: Bittrex and Poloniex
Bittrex stopped open new accounts since 15th december, when they start again? Nobody knows.
At Poloniex I tried to sign up a new account yesterday, until today I got no confirmation mail to start the opening procedure!
So what to do?
How can new users exchange their steem? That's the big question and I don't understand why Steemit and the big "whales" not offer any support for that problem, they all have their accounts already.... That makes we wonder, really, because that's the main reason why people join Steemit, to earn a little money, but if there is no possibility for exchange steem, all is useless.
Have you any idea?

I think opening an account on poloniex should be pretty instantaneous.

Other exchanges are listed here but they are pretty limited.

Thank you, I did it now on blocktrades with success

@blocktrades is fast but quite expensive

I was really surprised, I changed Steem into lightcoin and send lightcoin to Bitcoin exchange Thailand, the fees were very low, and it was really very fast, some minutes. I really feel better now after my first payout experience, hehehe

just finished my post about my first payout experience, I hope I can motivate many newbees.
Best regards, thanks for your time and attention you spend.
Best regard

Dan, If you haven't noticed, Steemit has a few bands of thugs strutting up and down dispensing downvotes with impunity to any up and coming bloggers who happen to get more and more upvotes. This is because these bloggers who work hard to earn the upvotes are now viewed as taking more away from the rackets these thugs run. In other words, popular bloggers make the thug's portion of the reward pie smaller and so the thugs arrange coordinated attacks with downvotes, fabricate evidence of bot usage as well as outright lie about multiple accounts. Worst, these thugs are the real ones raping the reward pool while putting out hypocritical agenda on why they will downvote anyone using votebots...all the while, they are the ones running the votebots. It's Fascism 101 and Hitler couldn't have done better. However, we all know how Hitler lost. He was destroyed because the world community united and removed him and his regime.


Who are the Thugs? Just look at the downvoters of this comment! Because my near 10k followers all saw these Thugs' downvotes of recently posted blogs, they have now resorted to furtively downvoting my just about to be paid, six day old posts.


The Witnesses have done nothing about these thugs...core developers have done nothing! Instead they reach out to bloggers like me who often get 10,000 views in the first few hours of posting and ask if I would decline my hard earned payouts....nuts! Have the witnesses and core developers themselves been intimidated into obedience to these thugs? Or, has the corruption soaked so deep?

Meanwhile, the thugs are still intimidating the Steemit community.

What would you propose?

Identity validation, vote canceling, dispute resolution, bonded behavior, n2 reward curve.

MIH! Make It Happen.
Who are the thugs? See the downvoters of my earlier comment!

I wish you and loved ones the happiest New Year!

I shall make this year different by making it the same.

Kindest Regards,


If it hadn't been a hypocrite reducing your rewards and it had been for the benefit of the community rather than an excuse to line their own pockets, would you have reacted differently?

This is a genuine question.

Identity validation - is it not attempted already?
vote canceling - by who?
dispute resolution , bonded behavior - what do you mean?
n2 reward curve - you mean n^2 reward curve like before HF18?
Would it not make large abusers even more powerful?
Only difference for them, is that it would make them concentrate their Steem in less accounts.

When you say identity validation, do you mean connecting real-world identities to Steem identities? Or just identifying individuals on the network to prevent abuse by bots?

and on vote-canceling, I thought rewards pool is paid out periodically, and once it does that transaction is recorded and made irreversible.

dispute resolution would require Steemit to adopted a constitution, and there will elected individuals, mostly likely from the pool of Witnesses that would have to make decisions that are not programmatic, moving out from the realm of computer-science into legal theory. Do you think Steem is ready for that?

I don't quite understand the last two points but I'm very interested in what you've named as bonded behavior; can you elaborate?

@dan Identity validation seems pretty useless to me. At the end there are more dead people, than alive, so if there would be a need, it won’t be a problem to get as many identities as needed. I believe that’s the wrong path. The better one would be to leave all curation to the users and focus on growing the community as much as possible (crab bucket mentality).

Happy New year @dan! My opinion is to have:

  • reputation separate from SP and it should be harder to gain and easier to loose?

  • Have random upvote periods (encrypted for 7 days) so that it's harder to coordinate attacks.

  • Proof-of-human® is also essential but how to do it? Sign/Hash/Encrypt all your fingersprints and ask randomly for one of those prints? A couple of modern phones have digital fingerprint readers...

Proof-of-ban-from-china. How to hide your person when goverment is coming?

Well, don't use your real name and use a VPN? Or Tor?

Dear @dan! I have met with interest very many of your proposals. For Steem completely different algorithm at the blockchain level is needed, which would help eliminate any abusements. Mathematics is power! Let's try to come up with such an algorithm.

Maybe we should make all the content anonymous? Do not pay attention to the authors, vote only for worthy posts. Maybe you just need to increase curatorial rewards or even cancel them altogether.

All problems in the field of high technology should be solved with the help of mathematics. I completely agree with the opinion of some people that at the moment very much does not work correctly.

It is not advantageous for me to vote for "quality content" because it brings very little money. Nobody wants to waste their time picking diamonds for other people. The award to the curators must at least be increased 1000 times. Yes. I said it right. People who are looking for great articles need to earn more. This is my main idea.

The very Idea that self voting earns a reward is bizarre to me. If we must assign a value for a self vote we could make it negative couldn't we? Then it shows that the author is willing to make the sacrifice to stand behind their own work so maybe you should up vote it too.....

Hello @dan, I wanna see how these thugs can add a flag on this post.

Please check out this screen shot below and decide for yourself.
This is what I have earned below personally by following @haejin blogs.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.25.40 PM.png

I am also for identitiy validation, thanks

@haejin, I'm saddened by the fact that you still don't get it. I'd like for you to set your rage aside for a moment and try to understand the points I'm about to make.

  1. There is no "band of thugs". Steemit is a community made up of individual users. There are no leaders. There are those with more stake than others, but there are no leaders. The people who downvote you are individuals who believe the rewards you receive are not worth the content you provide. It is not only their right, but their responsibility to do what is in their power to correct that.

  2. bloggers ... are now viewed as taking more away from the rackets these thugs run.

See #1. The corrections you experienced were due to the actions of individuals, very few of which had any power to make a noticeable dent in your earnings. Their grievances are as follows:

a. You are receiving dedicated upvotes from a single (@ranchorelaxo) user whose $300+ upvote single-handedly gives you an unfair advantage over similar posts and a disproportionate piece of the reward pool. This user seems to be under your direct control or influence. This affects everybody.

b. The conditions of a. are compounded by the fact that you post prolifically 7-9 times a day. This makes the unfair advantage and disproportionate take you have much more of an issue and of greater concern to the community at large.

c. The content of your many posts often consists of 2 images and a couple of sentences. This is not great content. You will point to your expertise and that would be fine if your followers were paying you out of their own pocket, but they're not. They're paying you with funds from the reward pool.

3.Witnesses have no power to redistribute the reward pool. I don't think you quite understand the meaning of decentralization. The community at large is charged with the responsibility to handle reward pool distribution. If anybody has a responsibility to correct this issue, it is you and the other whales who are on this platform. You want it fixed? You are going to have to engage those whales in discourse, not some flag war.

If you want to resolve this thing, you are going to have to be able to understand and even articulate the grievances of the community opposed to you in a fair way. You have to listen and understand. When you feed trolls, you become one. Do no harm.

You are uninformed and blind to what's going on.
You fail to mention the following:

  1. How have these thugs been downvoting? With lies and fabricated evidences. Thug tactics.

  2. How does this fit into your input?

  3. How many of my posts have you followed? They are NOT one or two liners. You clearly don't understand Technical Analysis. Perhaps if you follow rather than base your comment on a cursory look, you can benefit too. The 5k to 10k views are not for usesless contents, as you indicate. Perhaps if you follow my example, you too can get 10k views in a few hours and increase your payouts to above $5 range. I've reviewed you blogs, and they need a lot of improvement and I'd be willing to help, if you'd like.

Technical analysis require timely updates. You can't bundle a whole bunch of analysis for multiple coins. This had been suggested to reduce my payouts but is based on ignorance.

  1. You fail to show the MASSIVE profits readers of my blogs have generated. This is because you have not read but judged my blogs to be unworthy. You also have not read the comments section. What do you find most? Thank you comments. Then requests for more free analysis of their coins. Then others showing how they profited from my analysis. Can unworthy content generate this?

If there are those who have profited MASSIVELY from my analysis and want to reward my blogs with UpVotes, I have zero issues!

No upvotes are under my control. All received upvotes are freely given.

What you don't like is the amount. So, why are the Thugs who take greater amounts than me attacking me? Why are YOU not commenting on how these Thugs are raping the reward pool? Are you even aware? Here is an example:

Google translate it.
Do you even realize how much rewards will be released once these thugs stop raping the reward pool?

Finally, I sense your comment is based on how you feel it is unacceptable for my blogs to earn so much while yours earn so little. All I can say is: EARN IT!!

I too shall UpVote your blogs once inprovements are seen. I mean this genuinely.

  1. You keep talking about downvoting as if you are being reduced to 0 payout. While that may have happened once or twice, it is not common. In fact, when you look at your claimed rewards from just the last three days you will see that you claimed 933.139 Steem and 1050.0994 SBD. In terms of market value, that is 8711.17 USD

$8711.17 USD in 3 days

That is after downvoting by a single whale (under multiple accounts) and a few minnows/planktons. Do you really expect us to feel sorry for you? Are you really making the case that your blogs are worth that much more? 3 days, @haejin.

  1. Funny you should bring that up. The actions by @grumpycat were inspired by you. It is a hyperbolic metaphor of what you and @ranchorelaxo are doing. It's more disgusting than you guys, but it is a copycat crime. You are a whale. You have the power to do something about it. What actions did you take to stop it?

  2. I understand your analysis to the extent that it benefits this platform. I had actually watched several of your videos and understand the content you are relating to your audience. I still don't think it deserves that much of the reward pool. That is my right as a steemian and the right of the whales as well. I have never downvoted your blog out of fear of reprisal (which you have proven that you carry out). Many other plankton and minnows are the same way. There are a lot of non-vocal critics of your take from the rewards pool.

3a. You've read my blog? I didn't know you were into poetry. Post some of that shit. Let's see if it doesn't shoot up to what $300, $400. I would bet my entire stake that it would. Are you some world renowned poet? No. Even if you were, I'd oppose such a payout. You didn't read my blog, man. GTFOH. Practice what you preach.

If there are those who have profited MASSIVELY from my analysis and want to reward my blogs with UpVotes, I have zero issues!

I know you don't. I do and much of the community does. It is not their money. It is the reward pool and the community is in charge of distributing that money. We have every right to correct what we don't agree with. In fact, I would say we have a responsibility. Now they can transfer funds to you on steemit. I'm fine with that. That money doesn't come from the reward pool.

No upvotes are under my control. All received upvotes are freely given.
NOTE: If this blog gets downvoted; @ranchorelaxo has our backs!!
^also @haejin

My blogs are doing just fine for me. I don't expect to get rich off of the reward pool. The market on steemit for poetry is not the same as the market for crypto discussion/analysis. My conclusions come from analyzing your posts against similar ones.

Sounds like @haejin cannot say a word against these arguments. The silence is deafening! I mean, how can he defend the un-defendable.

Your poetry, if you call it that, is both good and original. It's just that what's good isn't very original and what's original isn't very good.

My genuine review of your blogs.

Well, I'd like to say thank you for that! It was much appreciated even though I don't agree the way you are making money on here taking advantage of your ridiculously insane Steem Power.

Given that, it was such a great pleasure to have the most influential personality on Steem leaving a genuine review and following my blog posts.

It's funny to imagine that you may have thousands of loyal followers but you are following me now. Lol

My genuine review of your blogs.

LOL, I know this thread is old, but I wanted to point out the hypocrisy of calling me unoriginal while using an insult from Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, you're no Einstein.

Hey @introvertspeaks, you do poetry too? Man, looks like there are a lot more poets on here than I thought. I'll check out some of your stuff. I looked at your blog and didn't see any in there. Maybe it's buried. @haejin says it's in there, so he must be right (he is right 90% of the time afterall). I did see a meme that was ironically appropriate to this conversation.

"The Ocean Is So Deep but a Duck Doesn't Give a Shit"

So just as @haejin might not give a shit about your poetry, we don't give a shit about @haejin's analysis. [/sarcasm] While his products may well serve those who use them, I don't feel compelled to support payment of those services out of the rewards pool. I look at his rewards and I see no justification for the reward pool to pay for those services beyond the astronomical figures he is already making. You're right. The silence on those points is, in fact, deafening. I wish we could get him to acknowledge that so we could move on to solutions for this riff.

You do poetry too?

Nope! Not actually poetry in the technical sense of the word. Just random stream of consciousness, some of them were created for the sake of shit posting, just like what @haejin is doing.

I don't have an idea why @haejin classified those as poetry anyway. It was just the way how I put my thoughts into the written words.

I don't have a proper education pertaining to the subject to begin with.

I am wondering though what prompted @haejin to go full retard on his maniacal act of harvesting the reward pool as if tomorrow doesn't exist.

Perhaps he's merely disappointed with the world around us, like politics, etc? Are we missing something about his grand motivation?

At least lions in the wild forest hunt for food in order to survive from hunger, else they starve to death.

But alas, @haejin who is a fully rational human being, who is rich according to him, is acting more dangerously preparing for his foods for the next 1000 years.

Meanwhile most Steemians, myself included, couldn't even buy a cup of noodles with their whole week of reward payout.

When will @haejin ever learn to act responsibly like a lion in the wild? I really doubt he will. Humanity fails once again.

When 99,9% of crypto is booming, you don’t need any brains to make useless predictions that some crypto will grow. You are trying to benefit from the community, while you on your own are a stakeholder. If you had some brains, you would not damage your own stake. One of the main reasons I would not invest in Steem are morons like you.

You are uninformed. Your group I affectionately call the innocent and the idiots. Continue as you have been.

@haejin, I don't understand why I am getting downvoted repeatedly. The original post regarding the 481 accounts was not speculation, it was based on actual transactions pulled from the blockchain. Nothing in the post was fabricated. Could I have been more objective, certainly, and I edited my post to do so. Your posts are based off of real data, so I would think that you would appreciate my use of data as well.

Moving past that, I might even understand you downvoting that post because it could be interpreted as an attack, but downvoting a 70 cent photography post? Really? What does that accomplish?

In fact, I have been making some real profits in alts just by tossing coins. People who listen to these type of pseudoscience BS are mentally incapacitated to analyze real-world events by themselves. Pathetic mindless preys get exploited all the time.

Good luck out there.'s all based on math. Keep tossing your money at random coins, lemme know how it goes.

You give it a shot then, seeing as it takes no brains to make these "useless" of which just profited over 1000%. Your accounts will end and begin with zeros if you think you can just throw your money around in a mindless market. If you are as accurate as he is, I will follow you and share your posts every day. I look forward to your attempts.

If you can make a huge profit from those 1 image and text posts, then probably it is a valuable content.

For example, I became a Dolphin from profits of trading based on those 1 image posts.

And he is highly rewarded for that. He currently has over $6000 in rewards coming to him in the next 7 days. That is not taking market value of the SBD into account. This while his income was justly reduced due to the flag wars. The guy is doing fine. His influence while high still only affects a small percentage of users and the reward pool is subject to the whims of all. If you guys want to reward him for those posts, simply transfer steem or sbd into his account. Nobody has any say in what you do with your money. The reward pool, on the other hand, is governed by the community.

By my estimates, the market value for his take will be more than 18k (very conservative). That's a lot of money over 7 days and it is just odd that he's here fighting for more and complaining about it.

It is OK to invest into Steem, but when we start to use our shares and become part of community we are no more welcome. Very good community.

You are welcome, but that doesn't mean all have to agree on your choices for how the reward pool gets distributed. You're trying to convince me to use my limited sphere of influence to ensure that @haejin gets more from this platform than he already has. I say "No". I say he has too much already. How do you justify to me or anyone else that he should be getting a greater share than he already is? That is with a whale downvoting him and diminished capacity to upvote his own stuff and @ranchorelaxo's diminished capacity to give him his obligatory $300+ upvote. I'm sorry, but no. That doesn't make any sense to me. If you want to reward him for giving you sound advice, do it out of your own pocket. Giving him reward pool money is not an appropriate reward for a personal show of gratitude.

My sentiment exactly. Why not just buy STEEM instead of trying to be successful on Steemit, Success is met with harsh lies and criticism here. Unless of course you are part of the Steemit Mafia.

How much criticism did Haejin receive before Rancho started giving him $300 a post? How much millions are you prepared to spend in order to buy the pot? The community at large is not using your services. Why should the community at large pay for them?

Why did you guys just go silent on this debate? I felt we were getting somewhere.

I see no point in commenting when it matters not what I say for it to be flagged to hidden.

I just saw your response though....and how many millions? Not sure, guess it matters how many millions it takes. Downvotes/Flags are fine, but lies and slander are not. I apologize for not extending the conversation. It has gone round and round and round on and off the chain with many people, and gets to be very old saying the same things again and again, but I do realize everything can't read everything. Most of my time is used working on TA and building the brand. Any free discussion time has literally gotten us nowhere so far, so forgive me if I don't feel very confident in reiterating my side of the debate again. You seem reasonable, which is very nice to encounter. If there are any specific questions you have, I'm happy to respond. All the other he said she said has run thin to me.

Steemit has a few bands of thugs strutting up and down dispensing downvotes with impunity to any up and coming bloggers who happen to get more and more upvotes.

The people who downvoted you are not a band or collaborating with each other like you are saying. They are individuals with their own views.

If your downvoters were a band, you would already be shut down. @randowhale and @grumpycat combined have 1.7m SP. If we add my and other downvoters' sp, then it will be about 3m. If @transisto joined in downvoting you, then it will be above 4m SP. Surely you will be shut down if we all were a band.

The band is actually you and your followers. You organized your followers and got huge delegation from them. Then you started using it to downvote and censor others who criticized you and the insane reward pool allocation you got.

Don't lie. Tell the truth.

Can you explain about what I am lying?

Who was it that censored this post:

Who is it that almost killed off justinashby's blog?

I don't see a single post in your blog below zero. If you think you can continue doing this, you are mistaking.

Hey @dan why are you upvoting this guy while talking about freedom of speech?

I suspect @dan didn't even have the time to re-view things the way they were happening lately because he's kind of busy fine tuning the @eosio project which is pretty much understandable.

Given that, this platform is doomed for real! I'd rather invest in other alts and make profits trading than investing in Steem Power and have the reward pool raped by these profit maniac comedians.

In between all these meaningful discussions, the above comment gets $330. I pretty much rest my case.

From my perspective, you are one of the thugs at the moment.

Your vindictive/retalitory down voting of others isn't good form and isn't helping Steem.

Do you mean like the thugs who downvoted this post?

The post was about videos and had nothing to do with the spat. It's easy enough to use Steemd to see that it was people who support you who downvoted it. Who are you calling thugs?

To some extent, you're right. We can not determine the usefulness of the content. I'm afraid that ideas from Dan can lead to dictatorship. Even the best ideas lead to dictatorship. This is problem. This is a very difficult task that no one has yet decided.

If you put flags on each of his posts this will not solve the problem. Current algorithm Steem allows you to abuse your power.

@haejin acts according to the algorithms of Steem and therefore he is in some way right.

Grumpycat also acts according to the algorithms of Steem. Is he right? Part of the algorithm allows for the community whether whale or minnow to correct them. You can't accept the algorithm to exploit the system then go crying for government when the mechanism to stop the exploit is also put in play.

The community has every right to analyze the worth. They are paying for it. Here's an example of what is happening.

I have a product that I have sold here on steemit. I sold this product for 35 Steem. Now, what if, instead of selling that product directly, i would accept upvotes for that product. So @haejin could come along and upvote my post for $35 bucks and I would send him my product. Did @haejin pay for that product? No. Is mu product worth 35 Steem? It probably is to @haejin. Is it worth 35 Steem to you? No, because you didn't benefit from it. By allowing unchecked access to the reward pool, all steemians are paying for @haejin's services whether they use them or not. That is not right. The fact that we have access to them means nothing if we don't want it. We are allowed and encouraged to have a say in those rewards. That must be respected and even rejoiced in.

hello haejin

#2nd reply ..
Hey #dan
Thats a great post,,
i am a big #fan of you,,

keep it up,,
i always #support you

Thank you @dan

Excellent reply @haejin!

the idea of having a special downvote for the account itself becomes more and more important in order to make sure that such actions slowly but surely become obsolete over time. Thanks a lot for your continuous positive and creative presence on our platform.

Namaste :)


I always read these posts for the drama, beats the soaps any day.

At the end of the day I thought steemit was self governed, which means users decide. Its a pity that negative posts and comments get more traction than positive ones.

@dan engaging with negativity will lead to more negativity. However if you could engage with the positive stories on Steemit you could make so much more of a difference

Dan is the guy who invented Steemit.

yes I am fully aware of this

Steem has excellent security on accounts, but very poor governance. The community reward pool is the preverbal wallet on the park bench. Those who are voting for themselves and hiding behind pseudo-anonymous accounts are thieves stealing from the community. Those censoring posts on EOS through use of down votes of posts that decline rewards are not held accountable to community standards of behavior.

And are those downvoting my utopian contributions held accountable to community standards of behavior? Don't you think your attack on bernie is one sided? I totally agree that what burnie does is not right but is it right that a single person gets 2% of the reward pool?

I can see that you upvoted haejin's comment with 70$ but how would you establish "proper governance the Steem reward pool" if you are giving away 70$ to a comment, not even a post but a comment. That comment has a 150$ payout.

With proper governance the Steem reward pool would not be pilfered for private gain. Achieving this requires much stronger transparency with identity verification and dispute resolution systems combined with incentive structures that disincentives self-voting (like n2 curve).

You do understand that you sound like a total hypocrite? At one point you are talking about freedom of expression on the other you are supporting people censoring others. Haejin has sunk a horde of posts by his critics and you appear to be taking the side of those attacking free speech.

I don't think that forcing people to reveal their true identity will end the corruption or maladaptive behavior you observe. Some of the greatest evildoers of history were quite famous. Many of the most evil deeds being committed in the modern day are also done in the open (drug war, Venezuelan socialism, Syrian war).

Forcing everyone to reveal their identities will just drive away those who need to be anonymous for very good reasons: the gay men in Arab countries, the women being stalked by exes, the drug users subject to kidnapping and imprisonment, the government dissidents.

IMHO, the problem with Steemit is not secrecy or anonymity, but the fact that everyone is forced to be part of the same global community. Right now, the evil whales can grief everyone on the platform. Their victims have no means of cutting off access to the bad actors. What's needed, in other words, are tools for creating and managing property lines.

People behave better when such boundaries exist, because they know that if they behave badly enough, they will cut off from the rest of their community.

Thus, Steemit needs tools to allow people to create and manage their own communities, such as:

  • tools for creating/managing a community
  • tools for vetting members before joining
  • tools for booting / muting / editing members
  • tools for rewarding good behavior/punish bad behavior
  • tools for vouching for members

If such tools existed, the miscreants would have to behave, lest they be refused entry to most communities. The scope of the damage they could cause would be limited to communities that they created / owned themselves. Eventually, the only people they could grief would be each other.

There is a balance as well I think. Security is critical, but there is no way to ever guarantee that 100% no matter how much transparency you try to have. People who are willing to break the law will always find ways to get away with it. Should the whole world adopt radical transparency because some people are criminals? Are all crimes equal?

I do see a point behind taking a stance to favor certain designs but I do not think unlimited transparency is a good idea. I think people who are not thieves, not breaking the law, not deliberately damaging the community, do not always benefit from for instance having the amount of money they are earning or holding known to the entire world. As we know, this can make people even bigger targets and nothing the blockchain can do can protect people , so the transparency done wrong actually makes it much worse.

Some privacy in my opinion is critical for improving security. The privacy on the level of amounts people hold and amounts sent or received, should be private between the parties, or as transparent as they like, as in they should be able to select which accounts can see how much money they have or their transactions rather than have everyone see everything like in Steemit.

Privacy, as a general point, is a fundamental right as I see it. I have the right to privacy in any aspect of my life, whether it be my Steem balance, my personal history or my genetic make-up. Radical transparency will not contribute to more effective self-government. In one point in the above post the author refers to privacy coins being detrimental to effective self-governance of the community, yet later criticises the implementation of AML/KYC laws that attempt to prevent the illicit use of crypto assets that fund illegal activities. These points are directly contradictory.

I choose to write under a pseudonym because I wrote mainly about crypto currency investments. In the real world I am financial adviser and cannot have my professional identify associated with my online identity. Not because I am writing inappropriate content, but because the law has not yet caught up with the crypto landscape and current legislation in my country (Australia) would prevent me from posting for fear of jeopardising my real world business. There is no such thing as a licenced crypto adviser, so to post under my real name would leave me open to losing the license I do have to advise on other more mainstream investments. At the same time it is the knowledge gained from my real world occupations that I hope some crypto investors may benefit from. So I am faced with the choice of either creating what I hope is valuable content, and sharing it with the Steemit community under a pseudonym, or not posting at all.

I am also a military veteran and have considered posting about my experiences both in conflict and since returning to mainstream society. Some of these posts would discuss intensely personal issues and I have considered creating a separate Steemit account to share these. Once again not because I have anything sinister to hide, but simply because I would rather share such personal details in a manner that is not linked to my more public persona, either on Steemit or anywhere else.

Well said and I completely agree with you.

Agreed! The reasons why people might want to remain anonymous are many and varied. IMHO, tools for combatting bad behavior should be addressed to the behavior, not the identity of the person exhibiting the behavior.

Interesting idea on building better property borders. But I am not sure that solves the concerns about "raping the rewards pool" as some people call it. There is after all only one reward pool. Just because you isolate yourself by associating with a few communities, at the end of the day the entire reward pool has to be allocated to the entire set of people participating on the site.

Isolating property borders would require isolating reward pools. Steem as a base currency, yet rewards to be generated in SMTs, curations to received in SMTs and the SMTs will be valued based on Steem Power the owner accoutns have. Outsider won't be able to flag a community member or upvote them.

This is the solution we are looking for. You are so on the spot!! Discovering a gem after reading through a 100 comments!! :P

I also agree with you on the need to have many different communities. Not everyone has the same morals or views on what is right and wrong.

The individuals and the community must take personal responcibility. No one is coming to save steemit. This is what true freedom looks like. Figure out a way to self govern or the community will die and be used as a point of reference for the next experiment. Its easy to whine, point the finger, and cast blame. It all comea down to what are "you" willing to do about it. Most are asking for policing or a central govt to enforce laws. It what you are used to. True freedom will require a new way of thinking. The problem is clear .There is no organized entity that takes care of Steemit. There needs to be one. Consisting of trusted servants rather than leaders. Where autonomous individual's, groups,areas,region's contribute to the growth and sustainability of the community. we all been sheep that need to be governed , policed and saved for way too long

Maybe Steemit proves a point of what a community would operate like without any rules, governing body etc. A shit show. Maybe a governing body doesn’t eliminate the chaos but reduces the amount of chaos. Obviously, governing bodies ultimately will form anyhow. But then again, I’m just a sheep. Bah bah bah Bah bah bah.

I am suggesting well defined guidlines , not rules(laws). Community servants that lead by example and represent their groups. These servants would head up departments like help desk, marketing, events,public relations. They would voluenteer to do these things and be elected by thier peers. There would be 6 month term limits and none of the servants would have any more or less power than others. Yeah I know sounds very ideal. It is already being accomplished in world wide organizations like alcohol anaon and Narcotic Ananon. No laws,No rules, no peneal system etc. Its been working for over 50 years

There are also no monetary rewards with those organizations where Steem is based on the rewards as the tagline says, "Come for the rewards, stay for the community" I came to blog and now I blog and stay for the comedy.

Well stated. It is amazing the value the free market will place on a good comedy show. Now up to $5. The show must be getting better.

Markets are rarely rational as you are aware and more so in an environment that has no regulations such as crypto. IMHO, we’re heading to $10-11 based on pure technicals and fib extensions. Regardless of the comedy show. :)

Alcoholic anon is not a monetary system. If it was, it would be dead !! Your idea resembles so much with socialism/communism. It would be wise to review it once more!! :)

It would be wise to offer solutions to problems rather than complain that the current system is not working. AA is an example of a decentralized non profit that has been around for over 50 years. Please explain the similarity to socialism or communism. ib

  • The solution is:
  1. Isolate property boundaries: Where communities are isolated economic entities with their own currency (SMTs). This solves two problems-

    • No one outside the community can flag/upvote a community member.
    • Communities can experiment and evolve their own financial systems of generating revenue.
  2. STEEM remains the default exchange mechanism for SMTs. But no rewards are generated in terms of Steem (only SMTs)

  3. The communities are free to remove/add members and enforce their rules of conduct.

  • A communist thought comes into play when we propose a bureaucratic incharge (elected or otherwise, as election will be stake weighted not adult franchise which will rule out majority participation) who defines his laws for a very large community.

  • My solution would divide the community into small manageable groups who do have leaders , yet, function in a consultative way, evolving their set of rules/guidelines and evolving their personal framework for revenue generation.

I agree with a lot of what you have said and a lot of the concerns you've raised but again you take the time to put on display the positive benefits of moving to a more transparent blockchain but leave out the negatives such as acountability for every action by every user using that blockchain with as yet unprovable claims that this technology could not be oevrtaken in some as yet unforeseen way by a societal element able to hold to account and punish as yet unprescribed behaviours.

Again, you stand to benefit massively from any technology introduced so your opinions and views must be scrutinised and analysed thoroughly.

Fear of community judgement is rational, especially when the community is not rational. The mob can be scary and empowering the mob has consequences for non-conforming individuals.

My goal is governance without violence.

Others aim to ensure each individual has atomic weapons, invisibility cloak, and impenetrable armor. Such is the logical outcome of maximizing the individual approach.

The middle ground, electing a governing body which "sees all", "judges all", and "enforces all", but which allows individuals to attempt to be private from the "mob" is the worst out come. It enables unaccountable corruption in the hands of individuals with the power of the mob.