[BeyondBitcoin RSVP] Whaletank Hangout #228 | 2017-10-14 | Sat @230PM UTC | Over 650 $BD in Awards!

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"Whaletank will Help your project get seen and paid..." ~ officialfuzzy

BeyondBitcoin WhaleTank

Over 650 $BD in Rewards Each Hangout!

Last Week's Winner of 1000 Beyondbits is @rideofpassion!

All other Guest Projects Share in 80 Beyondbits (to Match the $79 Post Earnings from Last Week's Post Payout!)

Give and thou shalt receive...

I'm proud to proclaim that whaleshares testing is progressing relatively smoothly (despite a few small hiccups along the way) and has opened up a world of possibility for me as even a mini whale to accomplish things I otherwise could only dream about prior. Because of this success, I am finally able to begin the beta for Beyond Bitcoin Whaletank. This means that we are in a place that enables me to update the old Beyond Bitcoin hangouts into something better, which in turn opens up the announcement of our flagship hangout...only upgraded.

So with this said, many of the same Rules Apply for Whaletank as those for Beyond Bitcoin Hangouts, except now we are adding some more Rules... and a little Competition to add some Spice! Not to mention a few Power-Ups for those of you who feel like working a little harder to get a bit of an edge over other projects in your coverage!

How to get Coverage of your Project: Leverage Your Community (Use your own token to Double your chances!)

Post to this and future Hangout Announcements telling us if you are going to be there and what project/topic you would like to cover with the Beyond Bitcoin Community. The highest voted project/topics at the start of the hangout every Saturdays @ 3pm UTC will be covered first, followed 2nd highest, 3rd highest...etc in sequence from highest to lowest.

Power-Up: Projects that provide links to their token on Bitshares double their chances of being 1st place!

How much time will we have in the WhaleTank?

Hangouts will be at least 45 minutes long, but depending on attendance and projects/topics to be covered may last up to 4 hours. Given this, we will try to be as flexible with guest speakers as possible, but will be forced to limit the number covered to 12 in any hangout (accounting for potential Time Buy-ins). This should enable us to at least let people speak/take questions for 15 minutes each. All projects/topics that are not covered during Whaletank will be able to speak up after the 1st hour of the afterparty.

Power-Up: Those who run out of time can try to buy extra time (10 minutes max) by offering their tokens free or discounted!

Is coverage all I get?

No. You also get a whole laundry list of cool things:

  1. Your RSVP reply is upvoted and paid by the community and @fuzzyvest based on their interest in your project and the voting power of their accounts.
  2. Every Approved Guest Speaker will Share from a pool of WhaleShare and/or Beyondbit Tokens equivalent to the amount earned by each week's RSVP post for speaking! The post earned $1000? Speakers will share 1000 Beyondbit tokens!
  3. Every Week, fuzzy will give at least 500 Beyondbit tokens to his favorite project with a token! At the end of every hangout, fuzzy will decide during the afterparty which token will earn these upvotes...during which time you might be able to try the Power-Up below!
  4. Every Week it is possible to catch the attention of other whales who plan to join with whaleshares based tokens of their own! And in the future it is nearly guaranteed...

Power-Up: You can try to change fuzzy's mind and the community's mind with creative distributions of your token!

Is any topic off Limits?

Yes. We reserve the right to learn from the newest trickster trolling steemit consistently searching for way to insert chaos into the equation and devise future strategies for negating these. Naturally if these efforts become ham-fisted attempts at shutting down free speech in honest conversations, the audience will hold us accountable.
But with that said....pretty much anything can be covered--even up to and including current events. However, I personally will only be biased to projects with tokens and those that at least touch the blockchain in some way shape or form. Furthermore, I will be asking the community to downvote absolute Rubbish! ;)

Power-Up: No Power Up Code here...(Sorry Player)

All Vote tokens are on BitShares! So even if you do not have your own token, make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive and send them for upvotes on your steem posts!

Download BitShares Wallet

How to Make a Token by @chronos

Listen to the Latest Fully-Edited Whaletank Hangout (edited by @steempowerpics!

And of Course you can join Our EOStalk Discord

During the Week you can find us in Our 24/7 WhaleShares Server! (preferably the Adult Swim VOIP)

How to Join the Beyond Bitcoin Mumble where BitShares and Steem were born!

Or message officialfuzzy on WhaleShares Discord to ask about help creating a token.

How to Join Beyond Bitcoin WhaleTank

Step 1: Download Mumble Here
Step 2:

Step 3:
Enter the following information:

Label: BeyondBitcoin
Port: 64738
Username: Enter your username
Password: [email protected]!t3

Step 4: RSVP Below with the following details:

  1. Project/Topic Name/News Piece
  2. Relevant Steemit Tag?
  3. Appropriate links to share?
  4. Steemit and/or Mumble account name of Representative/Speaker
  5. How should we Introduce you/your project/your news coverage?
  6. What is your bitshares account name?

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#Peerplays Project
Official Site: http://www.peerplays.com
Speaking will be JBahai and CryptoPrometheus
Introduce us the same professional way you always do!
Project Updates Updates and more Updates!

Peerplays in the Tank! Very Exciting - We've got a great lineup this weekend. Thank you for joining us.


I'm a little bit late to the party but @steempowerpics has been asking me from when I first started the Steemit Worldmap to join in here! So I figured it was about time I got around to it! I am fairly new to the whole crypto world, so only just now made a bitshares account!

Project/Topic Name/News Piece:

Relevant Steemit Tag?

Appropriate links to share?
Introduction Post
The Steemit Worldmap

Steemit and/or Mumble account name of Representative/Speaker
Steemit: @martibis and @steemitworldmap
Mumble: MartibisAndSteemitworldmap

How should we Introduce you/your project/your news coverage?
Ever hoped you could add your Steemit posts on a map? And share that map with others? The waiting is over!

What is your bitshares account name?

For more info you can always contact me on Discord: Steemitworldmap and Martibis#2314 , or leave a comment on one of the Steemitworldmap posts! Cheers!

🌏 I am happy to see @steemitworldmap joining us in the Whaletank tomorrow.
Thank you for RSVP'ing!

  1. The #Whaletank transcription and translation service will be going for high profile projects in the future because there is virtually no money flowing in from the project owners which is a shame because like @bitspark and @topsol this can have a huge effect for say people in the Philippines regarding @bitspark.
    So we decided that we pursue a more marketing related effort of Whaletank and BitShares projects. This mean creating slides and better presentations. But we'll pursue projects outside of Steem as well, like YouTubers, to grow this into a viable service for the often hard-to-understand cryptospace.
    People who decide to join and work can become ambassadors to projects. Because by doing the transcriptions or translations, they not only become intimately familiar but they will transfer knowledge of those projects in their community too.
    The program Alex @alexpmorris created creates great transcriptions with links to speakers' accounts and there is also an automatic punctuation machine learning algorithm too.
    As for DECENT I haven't had time for it at all but if needed I'll put this project on hold and focus on spreading our presence outside of Steem like by making accounts on the Decent network.
  2. #beyondbitcoin, #whaletank, #podcast, #transcript
  3. Appropriate links to share?
    -Let's talk EOS with the Beyond Bitcoin Club, Oct. 10 2017
    -Presentacion de video del Hangout de BeyondBitcoin Whaletank #227 7 de Octubre, 2017 Editado por @SteemPowerPics
    -Updated recordings of Whaletank 227 talks last Saturday 7th of Oct.
    -Modo avanzado, transcripciones y subtitulos de tu charla #Whaletank Por @nutela
    -Bitspark, remittance done right
    -Translation services Ad Honorem
  4. @Nutela, Mumble: Nutela, @chuckyfucky Mumble: ChuckyFucky
  5. I'd like to be giving out coins for people who can help me transcribe, and if they wish translate the projects announced on the #whaletank. But I'll have to start an ICO or get funding and as of now it looks bleak...
  6. nut3l4 (NUT3L4). BitShares UIA: NUTELA

srt2vtt can now normalize captions via machine learning, as well as cut and/or splice video+audio+captions with the help of the excellent SubTitle Edit by adding actionable cues to the timeline.

So you send each cue one by one to the punctuator?

Sorry hadn't seen this.

that's exactly what we talked about, that's the version I had sent you, thought you had even tried it already!


  • When did you build it in?
  • Did Chucky tried it?
  • How does it work? Like you don't have to edit and make sentences on YouTube anymore?
  • So where does it fit in the work-flow? (YT auto captioning, srt2vtt per subtitle track? So before mixing? Remember we use tracks separated for each speaker. Also if you insert speaker name will it mess up the alligner if we want to cut out the audio too later?)

Let's have a meeting and have a constructive group-chat pr talk about this say on Discord or Mumble.

This is very cool Alex, if you could make a video on how it works in action that'll be even better. I tried running it but mono crashed.

Project/Topic Name/News Piece
Skillcoin Partnership/Value Prop
Relevant Steemit Tag?
Appropriate links to share?
Steemit and/or Mumble account name of Representative/Speaker
How should we Introduce you/your project/your news coverage?
Fuzzy knows :)
What is your bitshares account name?


@officialfuzzy - Thank you, I won the whaletank after 2 months of constant effort towards the project, I will continue to contribute and will start bring ing more project to bitshares token space. Starting this wekk.

Let us grow stronger as a community and build valuable things around us

Ayyyy congrats buddy. All that work paid off, keep doing great things.

God bless.


Hey Chief, thanks a lot brother, glad to hear from you :)

You're welcome my brother, keep doing great things :)

🏅Congratulations @rideofpassion on winning the 1000 BeyondBits! It was good to hear about your new Experienced-Based Travel project - all the best with that.

Was great to see 3 new projects coming into the Whaletank this past weekend along with some of our regular presenters.

Looking forward to the next Whaletank.

🎫 @markwhittam, @steemitworldmap @blueorgy - please consider joining us next Saturday and presenting your projects with us. I know you will find much support from this community.

Done! Thanks for bringing this to our attention @steempowerpics.

🌟 You're very welcome - great to have you presenting.

Done and done! Have made a comment here!

🌟 FANTASTIC! Looking forward to your presentation. The order of presenters is based on the upvotes of that RSVP, so be sure to spread the word to scoot up the list some.

Looking forward to giving my presentation! Thanks again for the invite!

Hi @steempowerpics, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

Thanks a lot @steempowerpics, you doing an amazing job too, keep it gng :)

Congratulations @rideofpassion. :)

Thank you and yes we can connect Phil travel agents to the platform... if they have something unique to offer :)

thank you. i will keep this in mind.

So make sure you come next time too @easmael, you make a good chance as well in my eyes. And I think I'm not alone here... ;^)

thank you for the encouragement @nutela. will be there. :)

Great, like I said, I really liked your project and I could sense others did too. You kind of let us have room to imagine the possibilites and it was nice to hear all the creative ideas spring into action.

So make sure you come next time too @easmael, you make a good chance as well in my eyes. And I think I'm not alone here... ;^)

I always forget to jump on the line ones however its nice that it is recorded and can catch up at a later time. Congrats to the winner thats 10 100 % upvotes! something like $300 Steem thats awesome!

Excuse me, why did you flag my blog with the Chinese model?

1. University Lectures/Workshops on Crypto Using BitShares Test Network

  1. non yet
  2. https://steemit.com/workshop/@rawbinhutt/working-on-a-crypto-workshop-questions-for-you-on-steemit
  3. @rawbinhutt
  4. University Lectures and Workshops on Crypto Using BitShares Test Network
  5. What is your bitshares account name?

Keep doing what you do man.
You're a steemit role model.

i think you mean to say i'm a corrupt asshat?
lol :P


LOL Asshat! 😜

That's a start xD

hello @officialfuzzy
i have a request that, of your guests, Family Protection goes to air first, as @canadian-coconut always has saturday appointments. if Family Protection can go to air first, then she can join in with @markwhittam in presenting.

I don't foresee there being any problem with that :-) the votes alone for this topic have put it in the top spot. I am sure the community will no problem with keeping it in the first spot regardless.

cheers . i missed out on this beyond bitcoin mumble. are there archives?
if so, please reply with link.

We will have full audio/video recording posted by Monday.

If they upvote themselves with their delegated sp i think they win...tbh. lol.
But they need to post or have a rep do so! :]

greetings @fuzzyvest .
"But they need to post or have a rep do so!" i do not know what that means. please could you translate?

thanks for posting.

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