[BeyondBitcoin Contest] EOSBit Logo Challenge 2 of 3 | 500 BeyondBits (150 $BD in Rewards!)

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As we all await the Arrival of EOS, it is important to remember the power of the technologies we have sitting right in front of us. BitShares and Steem are still the two biggest chains in cryptocurrency and EOS is going to be able to house 1000's of Chains with similar requirements. This is an important distinction between EOS and its competitors...but the market doesnt understand the value proposition for a token in something that does not yet "exist". However, Steem and Bitshares are in a great position to leverage their own existing use cases and powerful transactional infrastructures to show the market how valuable EOS is, while also setting themselves up to be the respective "leaders of the pack" for both Coverage (Steem) and Trading (BTS) of EOS chains.

So in the spirit of Voltron let us begin this competition of skills and imagination that is called the EOSBIT Logo Contest!

EOSBIT has been chosen for a Logo Contest!

Of course many platforms offer the capability to pay for others to make a number of logos, but where is the fun in that when there is a platform where I can leverage cryptocurrency and a community of cryptocurrency lovers..?

This is even more true when the people who wish to join in the fun are also people who will accept my own Proto-SMT token, the Beyondbit, in return for their efforts! I look forward to seeing more!

So before we get onto the Instructions for the Logo Contest, Let's dig into the concept behind this new proto-token called the "EOSBit"...

What is an EOSBIT?

*An EOSBIT is a Bandwidth token. A Bandwidth token is a token/ticket backed by a % of bandwidth owned in the EOS network. Since this token will be backed by a specificied amount of bandwidth in the EOS ecosystem, it will be possible to gain acceptance of these tokens in place of payment to use Beyond Bitcoin Partner Decentralized Apps (DApps). As bandwidth is a limited resource, these tokens will be worth a specified amount of bandwidth soon after the release of the live EOS Chain Launch.

These tokens are intended to gain value based on a market for bandwidth and partner DApps' accepting them as payment for services/perks. We live in a world where bandwidth on networks is accepted as a ubitquitous resource. EOS is the next stage of Blockchain-basesed IOT infrastructure and will solidify the value proposition of "Bandwidth Tokens" as we begin truly building Voltron...

Logo Contest Instructions:

  • Entries must be 1000 px x 1000 px square
  • Entries must be in .png/.jpg format with a clear background
  • Entries must include the bitshares logo
  • Entries must create the EOSBit Token Art using the EOS Logo as a Base
  • Entries must include screenshots showing the process of creation (to verify uniqueness)

Prizes for the first 2 rounds are:

  • 1st prize: 250 beyondbits + 2 EOSBits
  • 2nd prize: 150 beyondbits + 1 EOSBit
  • 3rd prize: 100 beyondbits + 1 EOSBit

Prizes for the final round are:

  • 1st prize: 350 beyondbits + 2 EOSBits
  • 2nd prize: 250 beyondbits + 1 EOSBit
  • 3rd prize: 150 beyondbits + 1 EOSBit

To enter, upvote and resteem this post and post your entry in the comments. Each user can submit up to Three Unique Entries per round. The winner for each round will be chosen one week after initial post. Happy steeming!

Payouts Go out After Post Payout!

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Hi, Thanks for this contest - Here is my entry -

I also blogged about its creation here - https://steemit.com/eos/@turmericrob/my-entry-for-the-eosbit-logo-challenge

Finally something truly original!

Hello guys. This is my simple entry.

Without the background




Token art wallpaper.



Full post here

Here is my entry updated, im giving it a shot :-)

You can see all the details and evolution in my post at https://steemit.com/contest/@pegarissimo/my-eos-bits-logo-contest-entry . Thanks for making this contest, it is quite fun, hopefully I'll get some votes!

My Entry for this contest :))

and the process:

Hello, this is my entry to participate:



This is super cool! Thanks for sharing this opportunity with this contest. Namaste :)

Bitchshares in jail ;)

cryptocriminal! :)


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nice my friend pliss vote and follow me

Great post. I wish all of you good luck :)

wow great but sadly i can't design logo :(

Thanks a lot.

this nice good opprtunaty for everyone thank you for sharing.

when does the contest close? and how many entries are you allowed?
looks like some people have quite a few

Thanks for sharing, enjoy the vote!

ive seen some great EOS logos!

though the logo is not of utmost importance, i believe in this ICO. Dan Larimer's reputation and his vision are undeniably a contributing factor! Very bullish.

I am aware of the risks involved investing in this ICO, but i am optimistic in the blockchain space, especially in EOS. Great to see posts like these!

thanks :D

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