VANGELIS - One of the GREATEST AMBIENT Artist EVER (music and film inside)

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Vangelis is one of those electronic artists I grew up with. Together with artists like Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream, Vangelis moved my focus away from the hit parades. They opened the door that led me to the world where my passion for music was hidden. I'm so glad I found it! Of course, I also really like the quality music that made it to the hit parades, like Depeche Mode, Talk Talk, U2 and the likes, but the electronic dance music and in more particular underground and quality techno, tech-house and similar genres lights my fires.

Now back to Vangelis. I like to share with you today one of his albums that I really like. It is a soundtrack made for a Japanese film/documentary named 'Nankyoku Monogatari' with the English title 'Antarctica'. I first heard the album maybe a year after it came out. The film was not aired in my tiny country the Netherlands, or maybe I was to young to know where to look for, no Internet and such those days. The film I watched years later, and fortunately I was able to find this one on YouTube, therefore I can share it with you as well (further down this post).

I still remember the last time he gave a show in the Netherlands very well. It was in Rotterdam. Open air; In the middle of the city at the river that divides Rotterdam in two parts. On an early spring night, since the show was not only about music, but also about visuals; And what a fantastic light show it was! 26 years ago it was! One of the most profound musical experiences I had until then.

  • Artist: Vangelis
  • Album: Antarctica
  • Style: New Age, Ambient
  • Year: 1983

It is a perfect day for some relaxation and what better then have a go with some quality electronic music from the past. If you like, watch the film and you get nice visuals combined with great music.

Get comfy and hit the play button of your choice below!

Vangelis - Antarctica (1983)

Film - Nankyoku Monogatari / Antarctica (1983)


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Oh man, it's like vaporwave waaaay before its time. This is beautiful, I've never heard it before - the first few minutes sound much more modern than 1983, I would expect to hear this coming out in the last decade. Not sure how I never heard it before.. thanks for sharing it.

Keep tuned in, more of great stuff from the old days to come! Even in the 70s they already made great stuff with electronics. Back in those days an artist sometimes needed half a stage full of electronics to perform, now all in a laptop or a couple of tiny drum computers. But they did great stuff with it. Vangelis made many soundtracks, ie for films like this one Antarctica. Synthesiser work at its best.

Sick, looking forward to it! I've been wanting to get more knowledgable about old school electronics. sounds awesome.

Loving it man. Thanks for sharing ^^

Great you like this one! You're Welcome.

Oh This album brings back memories when I played it on repeat. Wonderful music!

Great to read you like this Greek guy as well, well grandpa by now :)

Sadly I think he and Rick Wakeman would never get a recording contract if they were just starting out again today. Nobody cares about a crafted piece of music or sitting with some oversized headphones on listening to both sides of an album. These days it's all about great dance moves and who has the best video. :-(

Every time has it do's and dont's and its own waves. Back then this music was not called Ambient, but New Age. But I'll tell you, even Disco would not work nowadays! We needed the 80s for that :)

Nice. I love ambient.

This is the ambient that was called New Age at the time. I think the word ambient was not invented yet for music :) NJOY the listen!

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