Little People - We Are But Hunks of Wood (music and more inside)

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Just very recently I was introduced to Little People and this album I share with you today "We Are But Hunks of Wood". It is a very interesting album combining some really chill tracks with some very danceable tracks. Trip Hop-ish style with some touches of electro. Some would say it is IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), and maybe it is. For sure it is not easy music; Although subtile, this album has many different layers and depth. Since I learned about this album, I play it quite regularly; While working, While cooking, While relaxing...

  • Artist: Little People
  • Album: We Are But Hunks of Wood
  • Style: Trip Hop,
  • Year: 2012

You know were the Play button is. I would just tap it with your index finger (or any other if you like) and check this one out. Maybe you love it as well?

Little People - We Are But Hunks of Wood (2012)


Haven't heard this one yet, I'll give it a go.

I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for sharing. Sometimes music is the best thing to listen to after a hectic day. Have never listened to those artists though...guess I gotta give it a try

It is really great to listen to music after a hectic day! It really unloads the stress. But then you must sit or lay down and get into the music, let it take you on a journey. I'll assure you, Your Stress will be gone quickly :) are so right

Listened to the first 5 minutes and very much liked what I heard. Nice find and share. Will find the time to give the whole album a listen.

Please do; It is a great album. Like to hear from you after listening the whole thing. Hope you like it. NJOY

This is a keeper, for sure. Will save this for more listens. I think it will work well to write to also.
Really like this style, kind of a mix between mid-tempo electronica and chill-out type music. Classy.

Great you like this; I love it; Perfect style for the more relaxed mood; There is quite some music of this style out there, but most of it is quite 'simple' and generally like music with depth, which this one is for sure.

I was just listening to it through for a 2nd time, when it reminded me of an album I haven't heard in some time. The Avalanches "Since I Met You". Made in 2000, they were top DJs in Melbourne where I am from. They never produced any more music, but this was brilliant. I am now listening to it for the first time in a while now (hope it lives up to the hype I just gave it ) :)

Need to search for it on internet since your link is blocked in my country (EU, Netherlands). Will search for it though. You may like James Blake as well BTW.

Just had a listen to some of the tracks; Certainly something interesting.
I've noticed they release a new album last year .Wildflower'. Most of the tracks are blocked on YouTube. You may like this performance they did on BBC Essential radio, I guess most of it from their 'Wildflower' album as part of their album promotions.

Haven't heard their new material yet. Given the almost 20 years between their albums makes me wonder as to what they came up with. I'll take a listen.

Sorry to send you a blocked link. Being from Australia I am very used to it. It happens to me often, given most links I get are sent fro the US.

No worries about the blocked link; I was able to find some of the tracks that played on YouTube :) The BBC recording is quite different I must say to the album you shared. Not bad, but totally different, lot of old songs in it which I like as well! :)

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