Marcel Dettmann - Deep Minimal Techno (music and more inside)

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Marcel Dettmann is one of these techno DJs and producers that gives me goosebumps every time he spins the decks. He understands what quality is, at least to me! He understands how to bring a set from A to Z without getting bored. He understands dynamics. He is one of my most favourite techno artist at the moment; Well he is already for years in my top and he continuous to stay in my top. I really love his sets when he plays in Berghain Berlin; That place has such an amazing sound, and Marcel brings such quality to the floor, I sometimes fly to Berlin just because he is in the number 1 club of the world.

  • Artist: Marcel Dettmann
  • Set: Various
  • Style: Techno
  • Year: 2014/15/16

Not that many sets are available on the internet, but fortunately I could find some solid recording that represents his style quite well. I listed them below in order of my preference.

Marcel Dettmann - NTS Radio / Trouw Amsterdam (2015)

Marcel Dettmann - XLR8R Podcast (2014)

Marcel Dettmann - Boiler Room / Dekmantel Festival (2016)

And here one of Marcel's recent tracks that I really love! Very minimal! Be warned!

Marcel Dettmann - MDR 019 - Nautilus (2017)


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Liked the little bit I heard. Will listen more indepth when I get a chance. I do like quality electronica, was even doing a little bit of DJing back in the late 90s. Thanks for the share.

I never made it behind the decks, other than 2 times in my life making one mix with 2 records. The first time it went good, the second time not. I prefer to enjoy the music of those who can really create a good set.

Marcel is one of the artists who stands out IMHO. Ben Klock is also good, but he is sometimes a bit to boring. But it is the style of Techno I really like.

What style were you playing?

I was only a small party DJ. Not many times myself. Progressive House and Trance mostly. I prefer to listen to the masters myself also.

Nice techno music, but why is his music call Deep Minimal Techno ?

Good Question :) Marcel's sound is Deep and Minimal. Not all the recordings in the post are of that particulars style, but the first one can be marked like that, and especially the last recording, his recent track.

Oh oh Dettman!!!!
He deserved my full power vote 💃
Saw him at last ADE in Amsterdam in a small tiny packed club. I guess I was already too tired to sweat in the middle of the crowd. Couldn't breath not 100% enjoy but what I heard was insane.

Super, Marcel in a small place! Must have been packed indeed since this guy can get a big room full as well! :) I always love it when artists go also for the really small places to spin the wheels; Sometimes it is promotion for the party the play after, but still, I appreciate their efforts!

Hahhaha you know i m dancing in bed love that like music @edje nice post

Thanks :) This guy is really super. Enjoy the dance :)

Hahha doing

Poor guys dancing all alone.. i feel sad for them)

Not sure what you mean with your comment? Who dances all alone?

Exactly what i've said. Guys next to Marcel Dettmann in the third video.
I wonder.. or is it how dance floor is like this days.
Whatever, i used to listen techno a lot back in the old days. Marcel is not bad

hahahaha. ok that guys! Well first of all this is a recording by Boiler Room, usually done in a small place with very limited audience. In this case the audience is at the back of the DJ and this guy may wanted to be in front of the camera. But yeh, there are quite a few people who go to listen to a DJ to listen to the DJ and not to hang out with their friends and chatting all the time, or dance in a circle with their friends. So, yes, maybe a 'poor guys' but maybe also 'they having a mind thing ongoing' :)

Who are (were) your favourites?