James Blake - Amazing Minimalistic Approach to Music (music and more inside)

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After a hectic week I really needed to wind down. And what better than to listen to some music that helps you get rid of all the stuff in your head. James Blake is one of those artists who can help me achieve a state of relaxation.

Today I share with you his first album he produced in 2011. It is an album with very minimalist approach to music, melodies, instruments and vocals. James Blake can pull it off to make something great out of almost nothing. Such minimalism is something I really really like.

  • Artist: James Blake
  • Album: James Blake
  • Style: Soul, Dubstep
  • Year: 2011

Let me know what you think of this guy!

But first, have a glass of wine, and listen to this beautiful album.

James Blake - James Blake (2011) - play full album here


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