Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling (soundtrack) - Great Mix of Progressive House & Techno (music and more inside)

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With the movie Berlin Calling, I discovered Paul Kalkbrenner (I knew his name before, but never really listened to his material and sets). Not only the movie I really liked, but the soundtrack I liked even more. Paul is already active for some time with his first productions starting early 2000. His Berlin Calling project is what propelled him from where he was at the time to a well know artist in the electronic dance music industry.

The style of Berlin Calling is a mix of ambient but uplifting techno, but can also be categorised as progressive house and has some experimental and electro touched as well. It is this combination that make Berlin Calling stand out for me. FYI, those days techno and house styles did not differ too much. Techno became 'softer' and house and progressive house became 'harder'. It was almost if these electronic styles started to integrate. Fortunately, today the various styles start to get their own unique sounds again.

  • Artist: Paul Kalkbrenner
  • Album: Berlin Calling (soundtrack)
  • Style: Techno / Progressive House
  • Year: 2008

I found a recording of the album that differs slightly from the CD I have; It has a bit more tracks. I'm not sure if the link is an original release or someone added some additional tracks. The result is still great :)

Just hit the play button below and judge yourself.

Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling (2008) - Play full Album here


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sources [1]


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tnxx hes awesome, hi will at gem fest georgia in this august :))

I missed him on Awakenings Festival last weekend, could not go. I hope you'll have a lot of fun in August and may Paul give a great show.

i like hes music. but more like devid august he is bttert i think

David August I don't know; I shall try to find something. Thanks.

listen this :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Not bad at all !!! Thank you for this one.

My favourite already for a couple of years is somewhat more techno, Marcel Dettman; I posted about him yesterday (here).

This is one of my favorite techno albums and artists. Movie wasn't that great, but the music was what got me hooked. I love his sets, one of my favorite songs is 'Castanets'.

I particular like the start of the track, sounds chaotic but structured :)

I like this guy's music too :)

He is a great artists, for sure!

Paul is awesome so your post is, thanks mate!

Great, one that you like! I posted yesterday Marcel Dettmann, one of my absolute favourites of last years. You know him? More techno than Paul is.

You really pick out the best of the best

I guess I know what I like :) Maybe our tastes for good music are not that different :)

I know this for a long time already :)

I had the feeling, but was not 100% sure :)

Informative post !!
Thank You for sharing this amazing post with us

God bless you

Thank you!

Waaw nice

Super nice :)

Paul Kalkbrenner is echt een ware held!
Check misschien even mijn laatste posts als je van deze muziek houdt, misschien vind je het vet. iig upvote voor jou

Dank voor je comment. Interessant stukje werk in je laatste post. Volg je nu iig.

that movie got me hooked too!

Great! :)

Great movie, great music.

Indeed! Thanks for reading and your comment.

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