How the kids are Learning at School For SDG4 💓💓 || Part 9 ||💓💓

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Hello Again, This is part-9 of our series of update from @Schoolforsdg4. As always I am @Azizbd sharing the update of our school's activities. If you are followers of us, you might know @tecnosgirl sent some valuable science equipment for kids. As soon as we receive the shipment, we will make a post for you. If you would like to read Part-8 of the series, please read more of our educational posts by visiting the blog. I trust you will find enough information to learn about us.

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How the kids are Learning at School For SDG4 💓💓 || Part 8 ||💓💓

Rima come early to work at school most of the day. I asked her do you feel happy to see your friends are sitting in the clean mats ? She replied "Yes, sir". she was playing with early comer Fahim after cleaning the room.

Rima was cleaning class room yesterday. This Rima does all types of work in her family. Few months ago, I visited their slum when she and Airin made tea within few minutes.

Rahimuddin, Rabeya and other kids were participating in physical exercise on 3rd October, 2017 before they start class in the morning. Rabeya doesn't come school regularly.

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We have been working to develop both their social and educational activities. Every life is important and education ensure better life. On Saturday, we will have monthly family meeting with mothers. Hope You will stay with us to know how we organize the event. The parents feedback is important for us as it help us to know kids improvement.

Sumon and Emon read in class two. Sumon stopped school few days ago but we contacted his parents and resumed it again. Emon is attentive and regular. His parents also wish to keep their education continue.

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I will be Inspired to share more of my social activities and I trust it makes some people think about community and society. Do you think so ? Please comment your thoughts.

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