I am selected to attend at Merit360 ( London & Chester: August 24th - September 8th 2018), UK

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Dear Steemians,

Merit360 is a special opportunity to work with passionate young people from all over the world to create a positive impact. Crucial to World Merit as a charity is fundraising. In order to attend, delegates must demonstrate their ability to create fundraising opportunities by completing the minimum required fundraising amount of £1200 (GBP). I already have fundraised 594 GBP for the program.

See the fundraising page live today.


This year Fundraising page.


Last year fundraising page.

This year I am going to apply for visa again and hope the UK embassy will accept visa this time.

I had raised around £ 594 online for the 10 days long program participation but The UK Embassy was not satisfied with different conditions. I wish to show my steemit blogging activities this time and hope it is good enough to show my seriousness to work for my community?

Who I am and why I want your support to go UK this year ?

A young social entrepreneur, humanitarian, youth activist and educator from Bangladesh. Awarded as an associate fellow of Royal Commonwealth Society. Founder of "School For SDG4" which provides free access to quality education to around 60 underprivileged children in Sylhet. Founder of "Women Empowerment" which is a social venture in Sylhet that provides skill-based training for underprivileged women to bring gender equality and empower women. As an associate fellow of Royal Commonwealth Society, I promote the values of the Commonwealth and working to improve the lives of Commonwealth citizens. I would like to access the leadership program and build a global network to bring positive changes to my community. I will work in the global SDG4 team to take ownership of the educational development and better implementation of my projects which contributes to a better world.

I am so excited today. Please visit https://worldmerit.org/merit360/fundraising/4795505698 and show your support to me.

Read More about me and my projects

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N.B: By upvoting this post you are supporting me @Azizbd personally, not my charity @SchoolForSDG4

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information https://steemit.chat/direct/azizbd .

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congratulations on your achievement.


This is excellent news Mohammed.

I do hope the visa goes okay this time. Do let me know if there is anything I can do to help with that from here in the UK.


Thank you very much @pennsif. The only issue I feel hard is obtain visa. I will try to show everything again and hope they will satisfy. As they declined last year, so it became hard. But as i already fundraised last year, so I don't want to try again this year. I will let you know if anything you can do :) thanks a lot

I will cross my fingers that your Visa is approved. Well done on being selected—I’m not surprised since you are devoted to charity work! You’re so inspiring.


Thank you a lot @jessicakluthe . I hope so. Hope it will get approval

Good luck to you my friend. No one I know has earned this honor more than you.

I wish you the best of luck

Congratulations, great job, thanks for sharing with us, greetings from Venezuela!!!

great writing sir


As this is a charity/fundraising situation maybe you would like to help @azizbd by giving your vote and resteem for free ... if you must keep offering this resteem service (as we have talked about previously).


I give my service to azizbd(free) i resteem and upvote his post because of charity