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Continuing with Survival Series...

We covered how important the Water (also Pre-filter) and Sleeping Kit is. Also, we covered Compact Fishing Kit, which is good to have with you just in case.
There’s one more item that I don’t leave the home without and it’s my Flashlight.

For many years I camped and traveled without a flashlight. And it’s possible to do that, eyes adapt to darkness and you can see in darkness, but having one lets you navigate in Darkness more efficiently, without fear that some branch will stick you in the face or that you will trip and fall.

Since the first Flash Light in late 1800’s many improvements has been made. The electric lamp is odorless, smokeless, and emits less heat than combustion-powered lighting. Ain’t that awesome? Really, Think about it. You don’t have to carry around live fire anymore. You can just turn a switch and you see in the darkness. That’s just amazing. It would look like magic to early man.


I have done my research and decided that Fenix Flashlight is the best price per quality deal. You might disagree, that’s fine, I don’t get paid by Fenix. Feel free to tell me what flashlight you are using in the comments. That’s just what I use. Sure, there is better flashlights with triple the price if that’s what you want, but you are not getting 3 times more of a flashlight!

If I could choose one flashlight type, I would take head lamp. In nature you will have to use Both hands for most of the tasks. It’s just so convenient. Unless you want a flashlight to patrol the perimeter or do search and rescue, with Tactical tail switch that gives instant activation. For the rest, Head lamp will suffice. Hand held flashlight will give more control and more concentrated beam. That being said, in today’s market there is Flashlights capable of both the flood beam and concentrated beam same goes for hand held flashlights.

Alright, alright, Tell me which one is the best? Honestly, comparing with flashlights just a few years ago. All of them are the best. Every single one of them is Magic Technology of the Future.


But, which one would you pick if you had to buy one right now?

  • Alright, I will play. I would take 18650 battery powered Flashlight, just because it last much longer and is capable to produce a brighter beam and it’s not so uncommon as before.
  • It should be possible to charge it by regular phone charger mirco USB. (gives option to use solar panels and you don’t have to carry 10 different cables. Also, wherever you might end up, most likely some person there will have such cable. He most likely will not have 18650 charger!)
  • It should have a red light for when you don’t want to be seen, but still want to see better in darkness. (I have a great story about that.)
  • And it should have great controls. This one is harder to find. I should be able to Swich on Red Light Instantly and turn it Off with one button. Same goes with Bright White Light, I should be able to turn on maximum brightness instantly with one press of the button.

Closest Flashlight to this that I have is: FENIX HL30 older 2015 version. I can go directly to red and directly to brightest White. Powered by 2 AA batteries. Works fine for camping and moving around in the woods.


For Cheep option can get FENIX HL23 – powered by 1 AA battery, it’s simple as it gets. 3 brightness modes. Waterproof. 22$. What else can you want? Got one for Mrs. Snail, she's happy with it.


HL60R - my new flashlight. Unfortunately, it did not replace HL30, but it serves as my EDC headlamp, for my bike rides. It's not perfect, but I can make it work. Light on max is very bright and does work for riding fast with bike in dark. Also, it has a micro USB charger. What it does not have is 2 buttons for Red light and another for White light controls. It goes from Lowest Red to High by clicking one button and if you click too many times trying to get to a highest level, especially while driving a bike at night, you sometimes over-click and are left riding full speed in darkness (lowest Red).. But as long as you adjust beforehand, it works fine. My only other complaint besides the controls is Red light, it has 2 red LEDs and I was hoping they would be brighter. In Fact, they are much dimmer than 1 Red LED on HL30!!! So, I can not recommend this one.


Have you found my perfect flashlight? Let me know in the Comments!

What's your go to Head Lamp and why?

If you don't have Magic Flashlight in year 2018, spend that 20-60$ and Get Yourself One.


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Head torches are my favourite..... Give you hands free... I NEVER buy expensive flashlights/torches. So long as they are robust and have longevity, it'll do for me....
Most of the time it'll get lost or broken anyway.....
Good post dude....

My favourite head torch is my Thrunite TH10, built like a tank, runs on 18650 and in my last longevity test at moonlight mode it was on for 2 months and battery was only down from 4.2v to 3.6v, 3.6v being considered an 18650's 'resting' voltage. Right now I'm doing the test again till it turns off :-) will post back in a few month when it does.