Growing Hot Chili Peppers on Window Sill 🌱

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Short little article from me today. I am growing chili peppers for 2nd year now. Results are good enough.

At first I was not really interested in hot peppers, until one day (2 years ago) coworker offered me home grown and marinated chili peppers from his mother and I did try it. It burned my mouth, but also it made plain food taste better and since then I am a fan!

Bought some seeds online: Demon Red (organic) and tried my luck on window sill.


"Demon Red - Compact plants about 35 cm high, ideal for growing on the window sill or patio. The small, horn shaped, bright red fruit are delicious and hot, having a Scoville Heat Unit rating of 30,000 to 50,000 dependant on maturity."


First 2 plants, as soon as they started to grow I left them in the sun over weekend as I was away and they died. The sun was too much for them. In beginning have to keep them in partial shadow, learned that the hard way.

Next 2 plants Survived and grew to produce some hot peppers.


I did enjoy them fresh with Kebab or with my usual meal.


Mrs. Snail makes excellent pumpkin soup with hot peppers added. Unfortunately we ran out of dried hot peppers for the time being. But...


But, This year I am growing 30 hot pepper plants in 4 different varieties, all on window sill and they are doing pretty alright.


Also, I saved the plants from Previous year and they are Already producing hot peppers and turning red way before other plants. Even from the same variety.


Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. Will keep you updated as they grow. ;) If you grow hot peppers as well, share in comments bellow.

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Ahhh love hot peppers. Gets the digestion moving and some nice antibacterial action too .. clears out the lungs - I have them with meals at least twice a day.. usually the hungarian hot pepper rings. Your harvest looks good - really hot - one of those hot peppers will go a long way :)