Update: 2 weeks 🍹 (Introducing SnailClan) 🐌

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14 Days, 11 posts and 99 followers later:

It's been long 2 weeks. Learned a lot about how things changed in blogging. But I want to talk about the future and the Direction this blog is going. But first...


Let me tell you story about a snail 🐌. Couple years ago, my girlfriend and me were camping out on our property and in the morning when I was making coffee I saw there was a small snail traveling over my plate that I left outside and I asked: Snail, what are you doing? My girlfriend heard that and it stuck. So, she started using that expression: Snail, what are you doing? So, I became Snail :) Since I try to take my blog in nature/survival oriented direction and to make it fun. Thought Snail would be creature that I would pick as mascot, if you will. There's loads of them on our property. Other options were mosquitoes and ticks. But they are not getting any more attention then they already do.
On reddit found a question:

-What are snails even trying to do?
And the answer was:
-Their best.

-Well played. Aren't we all...

Definition of Clan: a group of people united by common characteristics, aims, or interests.

So, I put the two together and I got SnailClan.

Welcome to #SnailClan! 🐌

In coming weeks, I will try to release bunch of articles that I have in mind, Survival (3 most essential things to have), Gardening (potato growing progress) and others. So far I have more people interested in Survival things and Gardening in second place.
It's hard to post articles daily having full time job, but I will try my best.
As always, I am open to suggestions. In my updates I want to hear from my 99 followers. Snail mail. Let me know what your interests are.

Some garden snails prefer eating from the same food source as another snail, even when there is other food readily available nearby."


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