Lets Welcome Some New Steemians

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Steemit is such an amazing platform that has created a huge global community.

It continues to bring together so many different people from all over the world, from all different walks of life.

It is a true representative of the great diversity we have on this great planet.

I continue to learn so much from everyone's blogs and to be truly inspired.

It has had such a huge positive impact on my life.

Connecting me with so many amazing people .

I have been doing this for 6 weeks now and I spend my time looking for newcomers under the introduceyourself tag. The amount of people that are joining daily is huge. All of these people hoping to make a connection and become part of the Steemit community. Of course the people I choose for my posts are people that I am interested in and that I wish to follow, so that leaves a huge amount that could do with a helping hand in navigating this great ocean.

I really wish to continue to see Steemit grow and continue to attract lots of interesting people, who can share many inspiring and informative posts. Which in the end, can help us all become more knowledgeable and help us lead the lives that we really wish to lead. Everyday I am learning on here, the amount of skilled and passionate people on here is amazing. Here's to introducing more.

I have 6 lovely new Steemians to Introduce to you all. Please check them out and also remember to check out the introduceyourself tag every once and a while.


DSC04841 2.jpg

My name is Gabrielle Josephine Rose (hence, Rosephine) & I am from the snowy prairies of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Although this is where I am from, I am quite the adventurer & over the last few years have called many places across this beautiful planet home.
I am a self proclaimed artist; happiest while travelling, exploring nature, or within the process of creation.
If you're looking, you'll probably find me in a forest, camera in hand, absolutely infatuated by the perfection that is nature.



Hey steem people i go by the name of Wanjohi Patrick (Babu), i am a Kenyan film making junkie/multimedia journalist, i live for the visual story telling experience of creation and dissemination.
Thanks to photography guru, @najmasalim i got to know about steemit, and boy! oh! boy! am i so glad to be here, to share learn and grow with all you fellow steemEinsteins.
Everyday something happens and it inspires a story, one that haunts and taunts my conscience if i don't tell in any form possible, i bet most of you can relate (or not).



I go by the name Arky and I'm a 50 year old single woman. Since the early 2000's, I have been obsessed with the dream of living a simple life in the mountains.Back in 2013, I met someone online that owned a piece of property in the area that I wanted to live and he was looking for someone to live there for free in exchange for upkeeping things because he was moving to Florida. On the property was a very primitive, rustic cabin that I absolutely fell in love with. It was perfect! I decided to take the leap and was living in the cabin full-time by August 2013.


Tobias Bolpur-3.jpg

My name is Tobias Huber, I'm musician and producer of (1001 Ways world music project), founder of Music 4 Peace, Film Maker, Peace Activist and Traveler.
I have found Steemit by luck on my journey following the Blockchain community since some years now - Steemit is impressing me to the extend that I had to join you!
So exited to finally be here.
(It tok over tree weeks to get accepted as new registrations flood in and the identification process is not automated - think, this is epic for a social network in 2018)



Hey Folks,

My name is Forest and I'm the blogger behind this new exciting visually stimulating and intellectual blog @NaturalThings.
The name says it all, I plan to post about natural things as it is a relaxing hobby... I also hope to share my thoughts, ideas, quotes that I like and pretty much anything I can think of that has to do with nature.
Ever since I was young I have had an affinity for the outdoors. My parents used to take me camping and hiking. I learned how to navigate in a canoe and innertubes, make a fire, pitch a tent etc...
I love biking, and hiking and travel. These things inspire me and make me feel good so I thought, why not write about these things in my posts!



Okay, so after staring about half an hour at the screen, trying to think of an appropriate title, looking for something simple yet interesting, I've decided to forget all about it and start writing.
My name is Maya, I live in Israel, born in 1985.
This was the easy part, writing out the facts of who I am. The rest, well, is still a work in progress with tons of messy labels that are constantly changing.
I define myself as a cisgender woman, bisexual, polyamorous, feminist and childfree.My style could be considered alternative, with many piercings, tattoos and dyed hair.

So lets continue to show our support to Steemit and to one another.

Lets all help this great platform grow and turn into something that has the potential to bring about change.

Be active and be part of the change you want to see.

Here are the links for my other posts introducing new steemians:






I am part of the ecotrain, if you wish to read great content and be inspired please check it out. It is one train that is full of very diverse and creative passengers. And we all know that diversity is the spice of life.



Welcome, everyone! Thanks for the curation, @trucklife-family, bringing these interesting folks to our attention.

Very inspiring post, nice to meet you my hopefully we can share, steemit is an amazing platform and evolve so rapidly around the world, people can find lots of stuff on steemit ...

This is an AMAZING collection of humans you have curated. Thanks for introducing them, followed quite a few!

thank you @lilyraabe, I do like to connect with others and I'm trying to do my little bit for the community.

Welcome everyone! What a great idea to do this! That's a lot of work to sift through all the new accounts. You found some promising ones. I followed several :-)

Thank you @orangina, it does take a while but I enjoy it. It's always nice to connect with others.

Welcome to steemit everyone!!😁

Thanks much for the shout out @trucklife-family!

And welcome to Steemit fellow newbies :)

You're welcome @arkyoffgrid, look forward to hearing more from you.

Very nice @trucklife-family! We must all have the collective conscious going because we are starting one of these too! Yay.
Good for you and lovely. xx Eagle

Eagle UpComm.jpg

Welcome Noobs!!

Thank you @eaglespirit, yeah it's great to help some people get a bit more exposure, been doing it 6 weeks now, hope it has helped some of them.

yeah, no kidding? this is the first one i got to see. interesting!

there is a link for the other 5 above, if you're interested xx

I found @arkyoffgrid and @rosephine quite interesting. Planning to follow their work. Good job with discovering these lovely people.

thank you Sharoon xx

What a great share again my dear! Will soon take my time to get to know them a little better;)

thank you Niina xxx

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