What is stopping ME from moving to the ecoVillage of [email protected] QOTW

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The idea of ecoVillage has always been very fascinating for me, but yes what fascinates you, you may not always want it. You may just like to see it from a distance and be in awe of it. Sometimes I feel this idea may be too unreal for me, it is not because it is an unreal experience, rather it is a very real experience but it is more to do with the conditioning of my own mind, where a lot of unreal things have been made real and they are so strongly rooted that the fear of getting out of it may just shake up everything around me.

A part of me has always been wanting to make these changes and I am also working on it, trying to altar the old habits getting into more natural ways of living, I am quite enjoying it also, but am I prepared to make a complete shift then the answer for now is NO. I am not yet ready for it.


So What is stopping me?
I am a person who loves loneliness and who hates loneliness. Confusing, isn't it?
Let me explain. I like a peaceful atmosphere at home, where I like to be by myself completely. I do not like that there are many people at home and then you need to keep making those conversations with everyone through out the day. There is something or the other going on and you need to be a part of it is something beyond my capacity. I want my space. I like to be quiet. I have many things to do by myself and I enjoy my company the most.
Now this explains that I love my space and love to be alone by myself and this also fits into the concepts of if I have to live in a ecoVillage.
The other part of me is, while I like to be alone, I like that there is life all around me. I want that when I step out of my space everything around me is lively, buzzy, colorful, vibrant and full of life. In my 4 years of stay in Muscat my recent house is the 3rd one, for the very reason that I could get this type of space for myself, that when I look out of my balcony I can see that life moving all around me, I can see all the possible colors around me, I can feel the buzz around me.

I am not at all afraid of giving up the luxuries, I am very much open to live a more natural and a healthy way. A self sustained place built up in the most natural way would be an ideal home for me. Even now we have a simple living at home, not the eco way but we do not have much of gadgets, nor many fancy things at home. It is simple. I like plants and Crystals around in my house which gives the good energy for my home.

What I am afraid of is giving up on is; this outer space, which I am not yet prepared to do so. I may have my own reasons to this. In my childhood I lived in a very secluded place where freedom was a restriction. It was most of the time in 4 walls with many people around me and as a Child I always wanted to break free of this. I wanted to be free and out with a life outside of those 4 walls. Probably this has been deep rooted in me and is one of the reason for my behavior now that I want to be alone within and still have a life around me.

I do not mind taking a few days break to such a place, but I am not prepared to move to such a place on a permanent basis. On and off I take these breaks to go to some quite place away from the city and the hush, specially after hectic schedules. But I see that after spending a few days I have this strong urge to having things back around me, having that colorful life around me, myself wanting to get out of that seclusion and be a part of the hush.
I do not know if this is my limitation but then I have always believed in going with the flow and not being too pushy about something that my heart is not yet prepared to accept completely.

For future I have already thought of having such a place where I can on an off visit unwind and get back rejuvenated. My idea of an ecoVillage is more to do with the unwinding, getting rejuvenated and getting back to the grind. So while I may completely not accept it but I will still want it for a shorter duration breaks.

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Thank you very much for the informative and life post. I really like publications written in simple human language. Have a nice day and success in work and rest.

Thank you very much for your thoughts. It's best writtem when it flows from the heart.

thank you for sharing this.. its so intersting reading everyones responses, im learning so much about what is actually going on in everyones heads and hearts.. I understand what you say, and im sure many people will feel the same way.. Its almost like a lot of people just need an ecoVillage Retreat every few months for a few weeks.. that could be nice too!

Ya, most of us are so much tied up in fast pace life that it is just so difficult to break through.

I am a person who loves loneliness and who hates loneliness

I know this feeling soooo well!!! it's been something I've been thinking o a lot lot lately. I think many of us would like an ecovillage on a huge bit of land with many acres between us all - as well as communal space so we can all get involved when we choose. But only when we choose.

True, we all need our own space as well as a communal space. Too much loneliness also kills me :-)