A Visit to the Thai Fest in my City

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In our Muscat city we have a Thai Fest going on, it has started since last 3 days and will be going on till tomorrow. Yesterday I decided to visit the Fest considering that next month I will be travelling to Bangkok and I may come across something useful for my trip. I was looking forward to experiencing some real local Thai stuff in terms of food, clothing, artifacts. But the Fest was little disappointing, most of the stalls were of the local perfumes made from different type of wood stocks and then the next were for all the snack type items like chips which did not interest me much. Also I was expecting that since they advertised it as a Fest, there would be some shows and a very lively environment, but this was more of an exhibition.

There were some couple of other stalls which had Herbal Tea, Infused Oils and Herbal products but I did not get to see much of variety in it, though I did get one packet of Herbal Lemon tea. They had a taster and it was lemony flavor mixed with different herbs which I liked.
I was looking forward to getting some more tips on the life of Thailand and expecting that they would have a counter to promote tourism and share the highlights of their Country along with some pamphlets but there was nothing like it. Yes but there was one information that I got and will be useful for me which is about the amazing Gastronomy of Thailand, in which they have a list of restaurants and types of cuisine in Bangkok. Anyways in this place there is a eating joint in every nook and corner so not that one should be worried of the food but yes if you are looking for something in particular then this information will help.

These statues were at the entrance. They looked magnificent.

As I mentioned before about the Perfume stalls which were the maximum.

Some more of cosmetics.

As I mentioned they had many of these Chips and sweets counters.

The Herbal Tea that I picked up, they mentioned a Special Price but still I found it very expensive as they charged almost equivalent to 25$ for 15 sachets. So I am thinking what would be it's original price.

There was only this one counter which had some Herbal Oils for different uses, but I am wondering do these really work. Before I used to pick up all these oils from exhibitions but would hardly find them useful.

Lastly we tried out these small coconut water, it was the best thing I came across, the coconut water had a very nice sweet flavor and I love coconut water so I enjoyed it, but again the price was ridiculous. Was almost 3$ for 1 of it.

In all we just had an opportunity for an outing, we were expecting much more and specially to experience some local Thai cuisine but that was not the case. Hubby wanted to go for a Movie rather but then I dragged him for the fest so he was not very pleased with me. Finally we decided to go to another place for a quite dinner where we ended up with Fish and Chips and Grilled Chicken which was a good feast and a perfect way to wind the day.

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very intersting!
and really so expensive...good business for them;)
coconut water? what is it? is it a coconut? why it looks so different from what I am used to see as coconuts:)

Ya, they had a very different look so all the more I was tempted to try it for the price. Way too ridiculous, but guess at the exhibitions it is always like that