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It has been a crazy week meeting work deadlines. when it started and when it got over looks like just a blink of an eye, but it is always a good feeling to be productive in your highest capacity and that's what brings all the joy even after a tough week.

Have some how managed to keep up with Steemit also along with all the other deadlines as for sure I do not ever want to slip on my Steemit activity, because if I do it once it is possible I will slip on it again and again and have all the possible excuses for it, so come may whatever Steemit keeps going.
After returning back from work today, I enjoyed sipping my cup of green tea and was going through some old pictures where I cam across this memory of my days at the Isha Yoga Centre. As the memories are getting refreshed I am getting a strong urge of going to the Isha center again but for the next few months have a tight schedule and the earliest possibility I see is in April. So as of now locking it for April. Towards January I will be able to confirm but I am looking forward to it. I am not sure which Program I will attend but yes I will surely pick up something for around 7 to 10 days time.

Let me share some pictures of my previous visit to Isha, You will see how beautiful and serene this place is and it gives so much of positive vibes.

The pretty landscapes of this place


I so much love this picture



Our Workshop area

The place at night time. I think I can spend my life time in this place





My weekend has already begun here in middle east and I have some exciting times in the next few days as planning a short trip to Dubai....Yippeeee, breaks are always welcome

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