Join Us ecoTrain QOTW Launch Post - If you were suddenly and unexpectedly elected to be president / prime minister of your country what would be the first executive orders you make?

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This week's question is one that involves a bit of fantasy and can also be a bit of fun! What would you do if you held the highest office of power in your land? What changes would you make to help make your world a better place?! This week I encourage you to have some fun with this question and would be very happy to see some entertaining, imaginative as well as meaningful ideas! Things seems to feel quite heavy around my Steemit life right now, and so I do invite you all to play with this a bit and enjoy the question! If you do have some serious ideas they are of course welcome as well! Feel free to write as many or few executive orders as you wish!



If you were suddenly and unexpectedly elected to be president / prime minister of your country what would be the first executive orders you make ?

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- We welcome everyone to join us and post your answer to this question!
- Your answer can be a written post, a video, or any way you wish to express yourself.
- You can post anytime from now until Thursday 13th December
- Use the tag 'ecotrain' along with any other tags you wish to use.
- Please also post a link to your post in the comments so that I will be sure to find it and add it to the weekly tie-up post.

I look forward to read your answers on this one!



Why do you think there is so much hate and anger toward Vegans, and why are those who eat meat and dairy so threatened by the notion of giving it up?

"As crazy as it may sound...."

Is the Death penalty the epitome of hypocrisy? Does an 'eye for an eye' have a place in the modern age, and what kind of message does this send to society?

Who are more culpable for inequality and injustice, the people who make our rules and laws or the people who follow and enforce them? Is the notion I''m just doing my job' ethical?

What rituals do you have, and why are they important to you?

What lessons will you take with you for your potential next life if you die tomorrow?

Who are the best people to lead or guide our world ...Politicians, Parents, Academics, Philosophers, High Tech.. Or someone else?

Why and how did Donald Trump rise to power and do you think his tenure can help the world if you ignore the obvious negatives?

What was one of the happiest times in your life and what made is special?

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

Bearing in mind the health and state of our western culture and society today, do you think we have too much freedom?

Are women who dress provocatively responsible for unwanted attention, or should men learn to control themselves?

If there is a God, why do so many bad things happen?


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Holy moly Alex! That's a scary way to put people on the spot! I don't even know what executive orders are!! I'd probably try to expose all the lies we've been living under and dismantle the system from the inside. I'd be assassinated in no time! XD


Dont worry we would have your back! Executive orders mean u can make any new law or rules that u desire!


Good to know! :D
Could do with clearing out all the old laws first, before making more.


Thats a good idea!! Hadnt thought of that

I like this new Q sooooo much more! Yes!! In the end I decided NOT to engage in the endless vegan debate, since staring at the chasm only seems to deepen it and builds no bridges. But this? Envisioning a positive future? Oh yes! 😍

My first executive order would be to make myself president for life to make sure that I really would have enough time to make the world a better place. 😘


Now were talking! I can always rely on u to keep things fun!

I'm on the serious side...the first thing I would do is halt all new construction until every salvageable building is in use, old ones demolished and their space reclaimed or reused. I can't stand tearing up new land to build while leaving abandoned properties and buildings to rot. But I would pick a prime old building or home for myself as well. :)

I am so going to answer this, will have it up tomorrow xx