ecoTrain Question Of The Week Launch Post! "As crazy as it may sound...." — Steemit

ecoTrain Question Of The Week Launch Post! "As crazy as it may sound...."steemCreated with Sketch.

in ecotrain •  24 days ago

This week its time to set you free, with an opened ended question that is yours to complete! Please finish the following sentence with anything that you know to be true! It could be a fact that few people know, or an experience that you once had.. it can be anything at all! Please be as creative as you wish! I'd love to hear a few stories too!


Complete the question however you see fit
"As crazy as it may sound.."

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Aaahhh esteemed leader, your creativity apparently knows no bounds. WONDERFUL provocative question! I look forward as much to reading the responses of the other passengers as I do to crafting my own. :)

Oh this is just going to get crazy now! I'm sure there will be tones of imaginative posts. Cool, I'll try to do this one too


yes! i hope to see some interesting posts on this one!


Oh I jist realized I still have a couple days to write. I may be able to after all. There has been very interesting posts thus far 😀

Here you go lovely.... I've kinda been wanting to tell this story for a while. There's a lot of 'gaps' I can't possibly mention, as they are even crazier, but this is the digestible version.

Between poop and bananas not having sex, I chose bananas. That will teach you not to give me too general topic :D

this one sure has me thinking xxx

Too late you guys?.... Just realized it is the 26th today here in north america but it may already be the 27th over in other parts of the world!!!!

Well, here's my entry anyways:

Thankx for that fun qotw @ecoalex