This Is Why Paying For Upvotes Will Leave You Broke! | D.Tutorial EP. 46

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Have you ever paid for an upvote?

Whether it's buildawhale, boomerang, post promoter, randowhale... there's a myriad of whales out there who are more than willing to take your hard earned SBD in exchange for a single upvote.

With a 150 - 200% return, paying for a service like this seems quite promising, right?

That's exactly what I thought...

UNTIL I discovered the truth!

In this video I will show you why you should avoid paying for upvotes... that is, if you're looking to be profitable on Steemit!


The future of an augmented, smart media tokenized world would probably look quite strange...

In this comedy sketch I explore a dark scenario... do you think this could happen?

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▶️ DTube

I hope you mention 25% cut dtube cut in part 2!

You are correct sir @kevinli!

yes! so many ppl are not aware of it, my man.

Great video but I think you forgot a few important things:

  • You didn't count Dtube 25% Cut
  • Your payouts are going down because the price of Steem is going down. You WILL see increase if/when the price will rise.
  • You may "lose" value in SBD when using bots but when you get your rewards you get paid in SBD & Steem Power. So technically you might not be "losing" as much as you think.

Looking forward to part 2

~ Great Video

Hey @digitokash so I have a few thoughts on this.

First off, you are right about dtube and it is something I had planned to share in part II.

And in terms of steem's price deviation. I mentioned @therealpaul's comment in the video and I agree with him that posts almost never will rise in value on their own, even if the price of steem is rising. I've personally never seen it unless I'm receiving extra upvotes.

Also, lets say you paid 20 SBD for an upvote and received a 150% upvote at 30 SBD. You would immediately lose 25% of that to curators and then that SBD would get split 50/50 so at that point you would have 11.25 SBD and maybe like 2.5 SP... so that 20 SBD you paid for actually left you with 13.75 SBD in your wallet... you just lost 6.25 SBD!

The 25% thing is the biggest factor if posting on DTube so ill be looking forward to part 2.

Not recently but i've had post go up in value.. maybe I was lucky or something lol.

I didn't remember hearing you mention Steem Power as part of the rewards so I figured you might have overlooked that. That was the reason for:

So technically you might not be "losing" as much as you think.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

~ Be Great!

Ah gotcha - makes sense man. Thanks for clarifying ;-)

Hey @axios , this is great helpful tutorial to this community. I will like to add qoute here that may be helpful too. ;
Why You Should Upvote Comments!!!!
I've noticed alot of people doesnt reward their followers, and their commenters on here.
It's a shame.
When someone takes the time to not only read your post but to leave a comment. Even throwing your small vote their way does a lot of great things...
They are More Likely To Follow You
I'm not saying you should upvote every single comment you get. I try and look for those that I feel provide value to the post. When they see that you upvoted their comment and they will be rewarded as a result. This encourages them to follow you; Then you'll have a regular on your post!
You can grow your followers so that they can grow you.
If they choose to keep their Steem in their account, They may power it up. If you continuously are upvoting their great comments, then they will steadily grow overtime. Their vote will be worth even more, and they'll be able to upvote you, The upvotes you gave them helps them grow, so they have more power on the platform.

Totally agree @gangas. Upvoting other comments is definitely important. In this instance I was referring to paying whales for upvotes for your own content.

Yeah the only positive thing of getting bot votes like that is to get more exposure and as You said more people follow You and get some extra super nice upvotes from other People.

But that is a good thing to talk about it.

I think I will might get some more upvotes (small ones) on my steepshot posts to get some more visibility there... but in photography I think it is different. You won't see photography on the trending section on Steemit for a little while... :D

But You have a great point here :D Good You have shared this with everyone.

True... I don't think I've seen steepshot on there either. Probably because you can't really take pictures of the blockchain! But yeah I do hope that photos do get some more love in the future ;-)

I think it will always be difficult... unless people get huge followings... by getting a lot of small upvotes... cause I dont feel a lot of whales and dolphins think that Photography worth to have support :/

Great video mate, this has helped me greatly !! I really look forward to part II.

Thank you @adventuroussoul! So glad this one helped! :)

The value shown is the value of the 50/50 split of sbd to steempower. The sbd is determined by the value of steem so for instance if steem is worth 2 dollars and the payout shows $10 you’ll get half of that as steempower 2.5 and the other half as sbd where you get 2x sbd per steem due to the current value of steem so you get 5 sbd. However this is before the 25 percent curation and if in dtube 25 percent dtube gets. So you’d get only about 2.5 sbd and 1.25 steempower for a $10 dtube post. And then of course as you said if there are more votes during a reward block the amount of rewards goes down.

@illuminationst8 bastante acertado tu comentario

@illuminationst8 great points. You're exactly right there. I would have shared those points in this one but held off to not make the video last 15 min haha

I know that this fixed rate on SBD's won't last forever... do you know how long that will last? I heard it was two years but I'm pretty sure Steemit has been around longer than that...

I’m not sure on that one, its has never really made sense to me why sbd trades higher than steem when more
And now is being generated.

You are absolutely right. When you look at what you pay and then see the returns you know that you are making not just a loss but a major loss. I believe in steemit but sometimes I wonder how long I will continue with a system that is really not fully rewarding for effort.

Agreed. I'm curious as well. Right now whales have just found a really profitable way to grow even larger. We still need to find more helpful solutions for the minnows and dolphins.

Looking at it from another perspective. Paying for up votes not for profit, but to add a little to the curators pot and to the DTube platform. I'm not sure how well it works but when I get a chance I am going to review some of the curation rewards that people receive from posts (including DTube). Plus it's always good for DTube to get more than what they would usually get back for up voting a post. I guess this would be a bit of people investing in us and us reinvesting in them. For the moment I am ok with taking some of the SBD earned and spending it on rewards for DTube and curators knowing that I am losing and not gaining. But after I review the results I might have a change of opinion. Great video @axios. Defiantly a good topic for conversation as the comments show.

@to7 you're absolutely right. That's exactly why I'll occasionally pay for upvotes. I just wanted people to be clear that its by no means a profitable solution. It was only a few weeks ago when the upvoting services all were repping "get a 200%+ return" and now if you check, most of them do not say that anymore. I think that's because it was a misleading statement (even though it may be technically true for their end of the upvote).

Another good time to pay for upvotes is when you get like a 75 SBD upvote and you wanna push it up above 100... sometimes that helps to push you to the trending page and that essentially guarantees an onslaught of upvotes and follows.

Very true, I have fallen victim of buying of votes from those mentioned above including others not mentioned and to say the truth, the return on investment is unsatisfactory. You will jot get 20% of your investment. Thank you for a beautiful video ladder with useful information.

Exactly @izge. I'm glad you're aware of this. I lost a lot of money doing it but sometimes that's the price of the truth!

So what are you saying it is not profitable to flow with the upvoting bots? Actually people may do that not only to get revenue in SBD, but just to get into trending page, why? Because it let them to get their profile more visible and they may get more followers so in the future they maybe won't need the whales upvotes because they would have their own audience.

For example I am not buying upvotes, and guess how many people have seen my post? Yes the number is 0. So how do I make my posts more visible to people? That's what I am trying to figure out (and I guess not only me because there is a lot of beginners). Of course on dtube you can get upvoted by dtube which gets you to trending page (and which is very cool that they do that), but how to get recognized by them?

The question that comes to me round and round is just how to START, of course everyone is saying that the answer is "being social" but is it? The reality is kinda different I think.

Let me know what do you think :)

hey @matt.why.not great points man. I definitely agree with you in terms of paying for upvotes to get exposure. The only reason I still occassionally pay for them is that reason alone. Ultimately my intention was to shed light on the myth that paying for upvotes is actually profitable.

I was just saying this to @to7:

It was only a few weeks ago when the upvoting services all were repping "get a 200%+ return" and now if you check, most of them do not say that anymore. I think that's because it was a misleading statement (even though it may be technically true for their end of the upvote).

I've found that being social is most definitely one of the best ways to get exposure. My first 1000 followers were specifically through me engaging with others. I spent 90% of my time reading other's posts and commenting during that time.

I'm also part of discord communities that support my work as well. When you join communities you learn a lot of things that you would not have known had you just gone it alone so although you may not be getting huge upvotes, you get information that can help you in the long run. At least that's what my experience has been thus far.

Yeah, I'm on that point right now, I mean I spent my free time on reading/watching work of others and share my honest opinions, that gives me a chance to learn something too just by discussing! :)
Anyways, did you have a youtube channel? I'm asking because your face looks really familiar :D

Totally agree man. Discussions are the best way to learn fo sho! And thanks for bringing up these points cuz it helps me to clarify my own thoughts more ;-)

I've had a few stints on youtube. Nothing major, but you may have seen me on there ;-) you into video at all?

Yes I am into video, I'm filmmaker and photographer actually, why do you ask? :D

very cool man! just curious ;-) have you gotten into dtube yet?

Actually I uploaded 2 videos on dtube, on the beginning those are commercial ones made by me that I really love, but they haven't been upvoted by any "big players" so unfortunately the trending section, but some day who knows... :D
I am focused on posting something everyday a video or a photo on my blog, actually I posted my analog picture couple minutes ago, and I entered couple photography contests, we'll see how it goes! :D

And at the moment I am waiting to get weather a little better cause -6 degree makes me wanna stay in my bed all day haha so when it will be warmer I would go outside and record something for sure! :D

@matt.why.not awesome to hear man can you shoot me the link to your dtube channel?

And yeah with dtube, you gotta post every day (or at least most days) to really get noticed. also tag "dtube" and you might get an upvote from them. same goes for steemit, it does take a bit of effort to get going on here but if you keep at it you'll find your place.

Thanks for your info...I am not 100% following you on everything you said but I got the jest of it. Appreciate it!

Hey @dcryptogold thanks for the feedback. Which part(s) were unclear?

Thanks for breaking it down. I've always been against buying votes. Good to know it's not worth it.

Good choices @tgheretic! It's only useful if you want to get more exposure and you're willing to pay for it out of pocket.

Yeah, that seems to be the only reason to buy votes. It's really just paying to promote yourself. I still don't know if it's worth it.

That was totally new too me....

Paying for upvotes in general? Or the fact that its not profitable?

Paying for upvotes in general...

Its nice to have people here who help others to become profitable. Thank you for that. We need more peolpe like you ;)

a good and useful story

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Yes, my vote is still very small, but I am not ashamed to still do the part of giving.

Show love, give love!


That´s worth knowing information. Thank you!

axios , while scanning Steemit articles I found and ealier article that looks like yours!
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you need to specify your source of inspiration to not be downvoted!

This is a helpful story and it is a good post

też mi się wydaje że nienależy tego robić jeżeli chcemy zarabiać aczkolwiek niewiem jakie jest wasze zdanie na ten teamt drodzy koledzy

Thanks for this video. Of course you are not gaining that much as only 75% from each posts goes to author, but hey, it is still better than nothing. Even 20-40% per post is nice. :)

Very Informative Thank YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

so no one will vote for me

The cliffhanger!

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