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So what are you saying it is not profitable to flow with the upvoting bots? Actually people may do that not only to get revenue in SBD, but just to get into trending page, why? Because it let them to get their profile more visible and they may get more followers so in the future they maybe won't need the whales upvotes because they would have their own audience.

For example I am not buying upvotes, and guess how many people have seen my post? Yes the number is 0. So how do I make my posts more visible to people? That's what I am trying to figure out (and I guess not only me because there is a lot of beginners). Of course on dtube you can get upvoted by dtube which gets you to trending page (and which is very cool that they do that), but how to get recognized by them?

The question that comes to me round and round is just how to START, of course everyone is saying that the answer is "being social" but is it? The reality is kinda different I think.

Let me know what do you think :)


hey @matt.why.not great points man. I definitely agree with you in terms of paying for upvotes to get exposure. The only reason I still occassionally pay for them is that reason alone. Ultimately my intention was to shed light on the myth that paying for upvotes is actually profitable.

I was just saying this to @to7:

It was only a few weeks ago when the upvoting services all were repping "get a 200%+ return" and now if you check, most of them do not say that anymore. I think that's because it was a misleading statement (even though it may be technically true for their end of the upvote).

I've found that being social is most definitely one of the best ways to get exposure. My first 1000 followers were specifically through me engaging with others. I spent 90% of my time reading other's posts and commenting during that time.

I'm also part of discord communities that support my work as well. When you join communities you learn a lot of things that you would not have known had you just gone it alone so although you may not be getting huge upvotes, you get information that can help you in the long run. At least that's what my experience has been thus far.

Yeah, I'm on that point right now, I mean I spent my free time on reading/watching work of others and share my honest opinions, that gives me a chance to learn something too just by discussing! :)
Anyways, did you have a youtube channel? I'm asking because your face looks really familiar :D

Totally agree man. Discussions are the best way to learn fo sho! And thanks for bringing up these points cuz it helps me to clarify my own thoughts more ;-)

I've had a few stints on youtube. Nothing major, but you may have seen me on there ;-) you into video at all?

Yes I am into video, I'm filmmaker and photographer actually, why do you ask? :D

very cool man! just curious ;-) have you gotten into dtube yet?

Actually I uploaded 2 videos on dtube, on the beginning those are commercial ones made by me that I really love, but they haven't been upvoted by any "big players" so unfortunately the trending section, but some day who knows... :D
I am focused on posting something everyday a video or a photo on my blog, actually I posted my analog picture couple minutes ago, and I entered couple photography contests, we'll see how it goes! :D

And at the moment I am waiting to get weather a little better cause -6 degree makes me wanna stay in my bed all day haha so when it will be warmer I would go outside and record something for sure! :D

@matt.why.not awesome to hear man can you shoot me the link to your dtube channel?

And yeah with dtube, you gotta post every day (or at least most days) to really get noticed. also tag "dtube" and you might get an upvote from them. same goes for steemit, it does take a bit of effort to get going on here but if you keep at it you'll find your place.

@axios my channel:

Yeah that's a good idea to use dtube tag, I hope that they'll like my work, cause I see that they upvote a lot of videos :D

About steemit I know, I am working on posts so they are interesting for people, and actually that's why I entered some contests, so maybe someone more sees my profile and hopefully like my work! :D
Actually I started 2 days ago and I have 26 followers so I am really happy for it, even someone commented that he likes my picture so it really makes my heart melt :D so I guess I need some more time to get things going and maybe some day I will get more upvotes to get my steempower bigger so I can give back something to the community, cause now when I upvoted on someone that I like I gave him like 0.01 or something around :D

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