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RE: This Is Why Paying For Upvotes Will Leave You Broke! | D.Tutorial EP. 46

The value shown is the value of the 50/50 split of sbd to steempower. The sbd is determined by the value of steem so for instance if steem is worth 2 dollars and the payout shows $10 you’ll get half of that as steempower 2.5 and the other half as sbd where you get 2x sbd per steem due to the current value of steem so you get 5 sbd. However this is before the 25 percent curation and if in dtube 25 percent dtube gets. So you’d get only about 2.5 sbd and 1.25 steempower for a $10 dtube post. And then of course as you said if there are more votes during a reward block the amount of rewards goes down.


@illuminationst8 bastante acertado tu comentario

@illuminationst8 great points. You're exactly right there. I would have shared those points in this one but held off to not make the video last 15 min haha

I know that this fixed rate on SBD's won't last forever... do you know how long that will last? I heard it was two years but I'm pretty sure Steemit has been around longer than that...

I’m not sure on that one, its has never really made sense to me why sbd trades higher than steem when more
And now is being generated.

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