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RE: This Is Why Paying For Upvotes Will Leave You Broke! | D.Tutorial EP. 46

in #dtubedaily3 years ago

Yeah the only positive thing of getting bot votes like that is to get more exposure and as You said more people follow You and get some extra super nice upvotes from other People.

But that is a good thing to talk about it.

I think I will might get some more upvotes (small ones) on my steepshot posts to get some more visibility there... but in photography I think it is different. You won't see photography on the trending section on Steemit for a little while... :D

But You have a great point here :D Good You have shared this with everyone.


True... I don't think I've seen steepshot on there either. Probably because you can't really take pictures of the blockchain! But yeah I do hope that photos do get some more love in the future ;-)

I think it will always be difficult... unless people get huge followings... by getting a lot of small upvotes... cause I dont feel a lot of whales and dolphins think that Photography worth to have support :/