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RE: This Is Why Paying For Upvotes Will Leave You Broke! | D.Tutorial EP. 46

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Great video but I think you forgot a few important things:

  • You didn't count Dtube 25% Cut
  • Your payouts are going down because the price of Steem is going down. You WILL see increase if/when the price will rise.
  • You may "lose" value in SBD when using bots but when you get your rewards you get paid in SBD & Steem Power. So technically you might not be "losing" as much as you think.

Looking forward to part 2

~ Great Video


Hey @digitokash so I have a few thoughts on this.

First off, you are right about dtube and it is something I had planned to share in part II.

And in terms of steem's price deviation. I mentioned @therealpaul's comment in the video and I agree with him that posts almost never will rise in value on their own, even if the price of steem is rising. I've personally never seen it unless I'm receiving extra upvotes.

Also, lets say you paid 20 SBD for an upvote and received a 150% upvote at 30 SBD. You would immediately lose 25% of that to curators and then that SBD would get split 50/50 so at that point you would have 11.25 SBD and maybe like 2.5 SP... so that 20 SBD you paid for actually left you with 13.75 SBD in your wallet... you just lost 6.25 SBD!

The 25% thing is the biggest factor if posting on DTube so ill be looking forward to part 2.

Not recently but i've had post go up in value.. maybe I was lucky or something lol.

I didn't remember hearing you mention Steem Power as part of the rewards so I figured you might have overlooked that. That was the reason for:

So technically you might not be "losing" as much as you think.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

~ Be Great!

Ah gotcha - makes sense man. Thanks for clarifying ;-)