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RE: This Is Why Paying For Upvotes Will Leave You Broke! | D.Tutorial EP. 46

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Looking at it from another perspective. Paying for up votes not for profit, but to add a little to the curators pot and to the DTube platform. I'm not sure how well it works but when I get a chance I am going to review some of the curation rewards that people receive from posts (including DTube). Plus it's always good for DTube to get more than what they would usually get back for up voting a post. I guess this would be a bit of people investing in us and us reinvesting in them. For the moment I am ok with taking some of the SBD earned and spending it on rewards for DTube and curators knowing that I am losing and not gaining. But after I review the results I might have a change of opinion. Great video @axios. Defiantly a good topic for conversation as the comments show.


@to7 you're absolutely right. That's exactly why I'll occasionally pay for upvotes. I just wanted people to be clear that its by no means a profitable solution. It was only a few weeks ago when the upvoting services all were repping "get a 200%+ return" and now if you check, most of them do not say that anymore. I think that's because it was a misleading statement (even though it may be technically true for their end of the upvote).

Another good time to pay for upvotes is when you get like a 75 SBD upvote and you wanna push it up above 100... sometimes that helps to push you to the trending page and that essentially guarantees an onslaught of upvotes and follows.