DRUGWARS NewZ - Wow, so many updates!

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In this HwZ 137 I talk DRUGWARS NewZ.

It is truly amazing how quickly FutureShock works! It has been a week since my last video and so much has happened in DW, it is ridiculous! I go over 5 of the 6 updates in the past week...yeah 6 updates in the past 7 days...wow. If you haven't started playing Drugwars yet, please use this link: https://drugwars.io/i/zainenn

The DW updates and posts are linked below.

  1. https://steemit.com/drugwars/@drugwars/drugwars-introducing-the-new-token
  2. https://steemit.com/drugwars/@drugwars/drugwars-changing-direction-introducing-new-editorial-director-last-update-postponement-and-more
  3. https://steemit.com/drugwars/@drugwars/future-token-airdrop-and-official-blackpaper-do-not-miss-your-free-gifts
  4. https://steemit.com/drugwars/@drugwars/announcing-new-share-options-for-your-fights-gang-bosses-kicking-players-and-some-help-with-the-airdrop
  5. https://steemit.com/drugwars/@drugwars/discover-the-secret-of-the-pantheon-and-win-future-tokens

Thank you for Hangin With Zainenn!

P.S. I woke up this morning and there is another update, literally 7 updates in 1 week...

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So.... Ok... I am lost for words. You made me lose my words and that is not an easy thing to do :D If we ever cross paths, I will buy you that Gin ;) Thank you for such an amazing video, I really appreciate it.

Haha, Nice to know I can have that effect. I appreciate the compliment. Be sure to check out my "Are you ready for Battles?" Video? That is my best advertisement for DW yet. More videos to come, stay tuned.

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La Piovra for the win!!

La Piovra for the win!

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Nice video... Upvoted.

VK = russian Facebook btw ;)

And now we know the tole of the Pantheon ;)

Thank you sir. Does it stand for something?

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Learning a bit about DW everyday, seems players are very loyal and active. I am trying to find out how people perceive different aspect of the game including the strategies people use:

In Drugwars, is playing in a team a better strategy than playing solo long term?
Answer with Obyte and earn up to 500,000 bytes : https://particiate.net?#@178

So far there is no real benefit to gangs, but the skeleton for it is built. I'm sure we will soon see how being in gangs is useful. Currently if you have a gang tag, people may not attack you for fear of revenge by a whole gang.

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Since when is making a scam game working?

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Crushed it with the b-roll hahah great vid homie

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Why can't u upgrade my training facility?!??

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Make sure your Headquarters is higher level.

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It is thanks I think it was lag or something

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