Drugwars changing direction: introducing new Editorial director, last update postponement, and more

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Greetings everyone and welcome to a special Drugwars update, one that most of you have not only been waiting for but hoping for too. We are implementing some changes to our workflow and customer communication that will greatly influence the quality of user experience and an overall game improvement. We have a busy weekend ahead of us but will do everything in our power to bring you what you deserve on time and with precision. Are you ready for the changes that are coming? Excited?


After listening to the community and all your feedback and suggestions, we have decided to make some radical changes to our functioning. FutureShock stands for owning your future and Drugwars, as a part of it, needs to follow the same high standards and provide the utmost quality to its users, associates, and investors. We have recognized a necessity to implement a certain number of things that will enhance the value of this project and provide additional transparency.

Drugwars Government has noticed that a lot of its users have been asking for additional information, more transparency and better communication skills. This is why Drugwars has hired me, their new Editorial Director, so allow me to introduce myself and tell you a couple of words of what my job will be and what skill set will help me do it.

A happy fairy for happy users

My name is Petra and I am known on this blockchain as @zen-art. I have joined steemit over a year ago and have been working as an Editorial Director for Fundition for the last 6 months. The reason why you will hear the term "happy-fairy" associated with me is my ability to resolve conflicts, approach any situation with a positive attitude and my refusing to accept the philosophical meaning of the word "problem". There are challenges in life and by resolving them, we are growing as human beings. When you stop learning and evolving, you start dying and in order to evolve, constructive criticism and feedback from your surrounding is crucial. In order to be able to comprehend the world you are functioning in, you need to be proficient in your communicating skills and that is the value I bring to the Drugwars table.

My love for psychology and constant improvement of my communicating and social skills, allow me to be the person who will bridge the gap between the government of Drugwars and its users by providing regular information, updates, and explanations. I will also oversee the editing and creating of any new or exiting documents. A happy fairy goes where a happy fairy is needed and after seeing the last post from Drugwars, boy o boy, am I needed here...

Accepting the proposal from @hightouch to work on Drugwars was an easy decision to make. I strongly believe in this project and have a high opinion and nothing but respect for the man. He is an absolute genius. The only problem is, like any other genius, his people skills could be better (to say the least). The number of hours he has put into everything involved in FutureShock, from Fundition to DrugWars, hard work, sacrifices he made, and everything that he has made possible for all of us is truly admirable. For crying out loud, the man needs to be reminded to sleep and eat. Honestly, working for a visionary and a remarkable person like him has its good and bad sides. It is rewarding and challenging at the same time but I do admit that I have been enjoying it on Fundition and see no reason why that enjoyment would not continue with Drugwars.

I am looking forward to working with all of you
and making your experience with this project
the best it can be.

DISCLAIMER:It may seem that my English is good, however, it is not my first language and I do apologize in advance for any possible misspellings or typos that may happen in the future. I will do my best and try to avoid them but since I am, after all, only human and perfection is an unrealistic dream, I can not promise you that some silly things like mixing though with dough will not happen :D

We are officially launching the DrugWars forum for the players to share, to talk, to spread, to debate, to argue, to spy… Did I mention earning money? Yeah, that too ;) There will be an additional post about the Forum that will explain all the details. We are working on it and expecting it to be published by tomorrow so rest assured that all the necessary info will be provided to you on time and with precision.

Fees of the share system
and rewarding your contributions

The forum will provide an easy way to find information and to share content with others. Everything that you share on the forum has the potential to be upvoted based on the quality it has and the relevance it holds to other players. Fees are 10% and are divided in the following manner:

  • 1% for tokenbb
  • 6% that will go to the game
  • 3% for paying the developer and the associates

For example, let's say that you post a high-quality content on the forum and get upvotes from us and other players. The value your post has is $5. 20% of that goes to the curators which is $1. You are left with $4. The fees we take are calculated from the initial amount of $5 and since 10% of that is 0.5, you no longer have $4 but $3.5. Those $0.5 fees will go for tokenbb ($0.05), the game ($0.3), and the developers ($0.15). The post addressing the forum in more detail will be published soon so you will have more information before long.

The announcement of our Token shocked some of you and it shocked you big time. Given the lack of information you were provided with and the short time period until the transition, I am not surprised by your reaction and respect your feelings about it. The Government has recognized your concerns and will listen to your feedback so we are postponing the token and changing the way of the transition.

Easy, profitable, visionary and elegant,
but only if you want it.

We understand that change never comes easy and that sometimes, seeing further in the future can be hard. We have no problem with some of you not wanting the token, maybe you will want it later or maybe never, that is your choice and we respect it as such. There are, however, people who do want it so we've decided to make everyone happy and allow you to choose.

You have been told how the payment in token will start in 48 hours and those hours end this evening. This will not happen. The transition to a new system will be gradual and for the time being, the payment in steem will continue. You will be able TO CHOOSE your payment option, steem, token, or 50-50 and since we are promoting our token, if you choose that option, you will receive a bonus for it. Once you choose, you can go back and your daily payment will be according to the choice you made. The option to choose and the implementation of the token will happen in a couple of days.

after midnight!

After midnight tonight, you will be able to get your airdrop of the token in game. You will need to have an Obyte (formerly known as Byteball) wallet and a registered steem account to do it so be sure to have those two things by then. 70,000 steemians got already introduced in Obyte through the Steem attestation event and there is already many tutorials to help you to attest your steem account. The using of the token in-game will be possible in a couple of days, the same time when the option of the token in daily payments will be integrated. Do not miss your chance for some free tokens and prepare for the future by having FUTURE TOKEN.

Giving you even more...

Additional benefits and a huge upgrade to the game are payments for fights. Up until now, you have been paid at the end of each day, while this will continue, additional payment will be added. You might get paid for the fight you had, depending on the results from it. We are planning to implement this feature in the next week and a separate post announcing it with all the details will be published before the upgrade is made.

Having a whitepaper, or in our case, blackpaper, is extremely important. It provides not only the basic information about the project but the most crucial one and is something that everyone can rely on. This is why we have made it our priority to finish the blackpaper by tomorrow and have it ready for you.

From vision to implementation
and everythig in between...

The blackpaper will have our vision explained and it will have a market analysis that is supporting it. It will contain details about our business model and the Future token. The roadmap provided will give you information on what we are doing and what we are planning to do. The blackpaper has been in the works for some time now because we want it to be as clear as possible. The plan is to have it ready by this evening and to have a happy combo of BLACKPAPER + TOKEN AIRDROP. Fingers crossed, happy thoughts in our direction and any other additional superstition that works for you will be greatly appreciated. We are putting a lot of effort in and hoping that all those sleepless nights will show some benefits and be rewarded with an amazing blackpaper that both associates and users will enjoy and have great use from.

By the way, as the King Dealer, all of the payouts from DrugWars posts on the Steem Blockchain will go to the Dealer Pool without any cut.

From your TOS:
' or intellectual property ownership challenges, Drugwars may no longer be viable to operate or FUTURESHOCK may dissolve.'

Are you guys infringing on any copyrights that would make you put this in your TOS?

Bro not gonna lie it could be the “Hitman” character. It’s even a bald guy like the series lol... There’s also Big Mama which might be a series too. Makes you wonder why some of this wacky shit is even in the game, I was pretty turned off at the idea of grandmas being a gangster you can hire when I first saw big mama lol

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It's amazing how they never 'see' the questions they dont want to answer.

They’re probably busy changing the characters around to non-infringing ones!
“Guy in a suit with guns”
“Fat old lady”

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ALL THE RISK taken by the unknowing players.....

This is good news. I am glad to see that you have been engaged to improve communications. Welcome!

I am also very glad to see reasonable plans to provide information going forward that players can base rational decisions on. Much of the disappointment of the community has sprung from the lack of good information that has made it impossible to plan ahead for the evolution of the game, resulting in little more than luck behind random success of individual players.

I look forward to seeing implementation of these positive changes as development proceeds.


Thank you for the welcome. We appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm. Good luck with the game and keep on enjoying yourself, there is still much more to come.

The concept is fun and easy to pick on. However, there should be an option for people to purchase shield. It was not a happy experience that someone stole the most of my storage while I was almost enough for an upgrade...

I like drugwars post in English

Credit, where credit is due here. I know my comment on the previous post might have been quite abrasive and colourful, but I just wanted to say how much I respect @hightouch and others on the team for doing this, for taking that backlash and channelling it in a positive way. Admittedly, I wasn't expecting this at all.

This detailed and professional post has diffused me and I would imagine, it has diffused others as well. I am sure we have all seen what happens when Steemit Inc goes quiet and stops communication, the community is absolutely livid.

Despite what people might think, I still enjoy playing Drug Wars. It's not perfect, and really my complaints were centred around how the game has been run and primarily the poor communication, the unprofessional behaviour towards the community. It pained me to see such a promising and popular dApp chop off its own limbs.

Welcome to the team, Petra, and welcome to the Drug Wars community. Thank you for stepping back and realising that big changes should be gradual and users informed. Obyte is a strange choice because of its complexity, so user education is going to be absolutely essential to ensuring a smooth transition.

I want you to know that I mostly support the new direction and team, and where I can help, I would be more than happy to be of service to the team and game. I'm giving the team and game another chance, and I feel good about that and think it's deserved given these big changes.

My trust hasn't been completely restored, but I'm going to keep a close eye on where this goes. Admittedly, if I see the game start to fall off a cliff again and revert back to its old ways, I am openly telling you now that I will not be shy about expressing my disdain and frustration (as you have already discovered).

And I hope this also means that you (Petra) become the face of the community, and handle all communication from here on in. Hightouch should just focus on the development, because his people skills are not exactly up to the standard I would expect for a professionally run operation of this size. Treating the community like animals is a bad business strategy.

I am still not really on board with the idea of a custom token on Obyte. Personally, I think that's a horrible choice because it's not a user friendly option at all. I want to know why this was chosen, did the team receive a large payment from Obyte to use it, is there a hidden agenda in this decision?

I am also putting a disclaimer in the FUTURE Token I registered on Steem Engine to say that it's not affiliated with Drug Wars. A peace offering.

I really do wish you all the best and I am looking forward to seeing what positive results come of this.

As always, your feedback is appreciated and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say. Thank you for this honest and thoughtful comment and thank you for the warm welcome.

Hi Petra,

Do you mind addressing @beggars questions?

  1. Why was Obyte used instead of Steem Engine or a planned SMT by Steemit Inc.?
  2. Was @drugwars paid a large amount by Obyte or anyone else to launch on Obyte?
  3. Was there any hidden agenda with issuing an Obyte token?

I hope that you guys can refrain from issuing Tokens that are not Steem-based for your other projects and another thing you might want to consider is that @aggroed's @steem-engine will be hiring a legal team for the people who issue tokens with them. That may be helpful and can also make up for the fact that it's not a direct SMT token by Steemit Inc.

~ Chris

Right this is how teams evolve and it’s great to see an organization actually step to the challenge (unlike how steemit inc never did...)

Fees are 10% and are divided in the following manner:
1% for tokenbb
6% that will go to the game
3% for paying the developer and the associates

Please avoid using the word "Fee" to describe benefactor rewards as it is highly misleading and also installs a wrong mindset in people. Fees, by definition, is an amount paid in advance to make use of a service. If it was true that the forum had users pay a fee, then it would mean that you had to make a transaction to drugwars in order to leave a comment at all.

As for the wrong impression, I see so many complain about how they are "paying benefactor rewards", when in fact their comment or post would not have resulted in them earning anything at all if not for the fact that the curator would look to upvote content/comments made with the platform through which the benefactor rewards are set.

I understand that you want to inform users of the benefactor rewards being used, but don't leave the impression that the users are "giving up" on something as they would not have gotten it in the first place were it not for the forum. Instead, I would say that comments made through your forum earns the contributor 67.5% of the post rewards where the remaining 32.5% goes to curators and other benefactors.

You have a valid point there and if you agree/allow, we will think about your explanation further and see if we can use it to better explain the matter. Thank you for taking the time and providing us with this feedback.

Feel free to use any of my wording. I only take the time to write these comments because I think it will help the apps using them while also improving the general understanding/perception amongst the community.

Cool story, bro.

Now...let’s talk about why Fundition, which happens to share much of the same owner/dev team as Drug Wars, is upvoting all Drug Wars posts when Drug Wars doesn’t even have an official Fundition campaign. And Fundition has been doing this with @ned’s delegation.

Does Fundition make it a habit of not following their own campaign rules/processes, or is this the lone exception?

If it’s the latter, why is it the lone exception? And do you think that’s a problem?

If it’s the former, isn’t this just more of the same ethical issues? Would this be considered a pattern of unethical behavior and the same unaccountability that we’ve repeatedly witnessed from Ned’s/STINC’s delegatees?

Thank you for your interest in this matter. Both Fundition and DrugWars are a part of Futureshock which has a mission to expand the use of the Blockchain technology. This is done by simplifying the adoption of the blockchain build powerful tools that will change the way the users use the information and the internet. Currently, active projects are Fundtion, Drugwars, Steemstem.io, while the upcoming ones are Teelkee.io, OnGame.io, and Factit.io. While every project has its own story, development, and mission, they all share the common goal and that is creating, changing, and owning the future. They are connected and used to support each others growth and progress. For more information, I kindly ask that you read the following post: Futureshock - Leading the way for world innovators, revolution leaders, life entrepreneurs..

Yes, I’m aware of what Futureshock is.

Why is Drug Wars exempt from the processes required for Fundition campaigns and support?

Why does Fundition upvote all Drug Wars posts - and also upvote posts from Drug Wars users sharing their fights?

Why is Fundition delegating 8,000+ SP to Drug Wars?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Inquiring minds will likely never be answered.

Hi, which midnight are we talking about here, which timezone? Thanks for the update BTW. And great job, @zen-art.

Sorry about that, and thank you for reminding me about the time-zones. It is at 00 UTC.

You’re giving us until midnight to register for the fucking airdrop?

Look, I respect the fact that you’re finally listening to players, after all this fucking time. But giving such a short notice period for the airdrop is fucking retarded.

You lot are a fucking joke....

Thank you for your concern. The airdrop will last until we announce the ending so you will have enough time to claim them. It may last a month or two, we are not sure yet.

Byteball... how adorable. Let’s all claim our tokens via a fucking chat bot.

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At midnight we will activate the ability to claim your FUTURE tokens, you don't need to register for it and you will have few weeks to claim them.

Maybe clarify this in the post?

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You didn’t really clarify anything other than post a picture. You created a shit post about a shit coin. Well done.

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I figured I would put off the real info until a later post. So that people can only be informed at the very last second when the new change happens. Because people love that!

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