Announcing new share options for your fights, gang bosses kicking players and some help with the airdrop

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Busy, busy, busy little bees we are. How does that old saying go? No rest for the weary? When you check that idiom out, you will find out how its meaning is that a person must continue to toil or work regardless of how exhausted he or she is and that is exactly what we have been doing. Why? Because we can. Because we want to. Because that is our mission.


Since some of you have been experiencing issues with the airdrop, we will address that and show you how those issues can be resolved, so you all get your tokens. Remember, we have started the airdrop of our tokens and are giving away free FUTURE TOKENS as our gift to you. More info about that is in our previous post FUTURE token airdrop and official blackpaper, do not miss your free gifts!



Up until now, (and for the next day or two) you had an option to share your fights on steem. Aside from directly posting on STEEM, we are now giving you more options to choose from. Before, you could only share on STEEM but now there are EIGHT PLACES NOW

Share on forum
and build your community

As we have mentioned earlier, our forum is already live and a separate post with some important details about it is in the making. We have also told you, but will happily repeat again, that the forum is another opportunity for you to earn Steem. With choosing to share on the forum, you will be able to add anything, as a text, before sharing it and create more quality in your content. Remember what we have said about quality content? It may get upvoted depending on the relevance it holds to other players and the quality of the post. Others will share too and the information will be easy to find while the sense of community will grow stronger and stronger. The 10% benefactor rewards from it will go to the following:

- 1% for tokenbb
- 6% that will go to the game
- 3% for paying the developer and the associates

For example, let's say that you post high-quality content on the forum and get upvotes from us and other players. The value your post has is $5. 25% of that goes to the curators which are $1.25. You are left with $3.75. The fees we take are calculated from the initial amount of $5 and since 10% of that is 0.5, you no longer have $3.75 but $3.25. Those $0.5 fees will go to tokenbb ($0.05), the game ($0.30), and the developers ($0.15).

from our previous post

If you, however, want to earn yourself some fame, promotion etc.Sharing on social media will be a great option since you will be able to share your fights on Facebook and Twitter too. To sum things up, BEFORE you could share only on steem, NOW you will be able to share on the Official Drugwars forum, Steem, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, reddit, vk, and wechat. The beneficiary rewards when sharing on steem will also be 10% just like as if you would have shared on the forum, rewards will not be 35% anymore.



Gang bosses will now have much more power. You never know how people will act, whether they're a good fit or not. Even though they might seem amazing in the start, their nature sooner or later comes out. It is normal that some will disappoint us. Some people's lives will happen and take then in a different direction. This is why the option to kick a player out of the gang will be possible. Bosses remain in charge of their gang, and who is in it.




In our last post FUTURE token airdrop and official blackpaper, do not miss your free gifts! we told you how we have launched the airdrop of our token and how you can get yourself some free FUTURE TOKENS as a gift from us. We are happy to see that so many of you have already claimed your tokens. Some, however, have been experiencing some issues and we would like to offer some assistance.

No problems, only obstacles...

We know that obstacles are annoying, especially when there is something free and amazing waiting for you on the other side. You get excited and then something stands in your way. Frustrating right? What gave us much joy is seeing some of our players creating helpful tutorials and helping each other out on discord. Now that is what we call a strong community, when one person helps another with nothing to gain for himself and helping only because helping is the right thing to do. That is what creating a better future means, spreading happiness and not animosity. Thanks to them and some assistance from our staff, many issues have been resolved. If you haven't been able to claim your free tokens yet and are still in some trouble, we recommend you give these 3 posts by @wahab9107 a read :

How to Register Steemit Account on Obyte Wallet
How To Claim And Exchange Future with your Obyte Wallet
[Tutorial] For those who cant Recieve Future Tokens


I also made a really nice post explaining detail by detail on how to link. Would really like some appreciation as well. Far by my best explanation post. I really worked hard towards it

Thank you for taking the time to create a tutorial post to help others. We do appreciate it and will take a look at it soon.

I love the new transparency

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@hightouch and @zen-art if im reading this info right, it looks like you all not only kept good on your word, but did above and beyond what you promised. For this i give you and your whole team HUGE props! And if it is any indication as to the direction the company is going, well....thise tokens may be going to the moon as well.
Kudos, my dear friends......kudos.

Thank you for your support and appreciation, we will continue to work hard to bring you and to give you even more. As for going to the moon... Yeah, that is our intention ;)

Dear @johndoer123. I think you are checking in the wrong place. A full picture for your view. There is nothing beyond or above what they promised. It is exactly what they promised.

But really thanks to the team for reducing the beneficiary reward to 10 % instead of 35 %. Hoping to soon see an option to enter some text before it is posted to steem. If there is no such option, this post is not going to add any value to the blockchain.

I realize this now.😁 Thank you dear friend. Math never was my stron point. But i agree 10% a lot better then the 35. That was ridiculous....and yes, we need to be able to build the post before it is sent to the chain.

Sure no problem. 😊

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I have a byteball wallet connected with my steem wallet, but it is private. I can't change that anymore as it seems. I can't use the chatbot for my wallet anymore. No airdrop for me. =(


Did you try following the steps that are in the third post we linked? We kindly ask that you go over those 3 posts, we have a feeling they will help.

I can't delete and reset the steem attestation bot. None of the 3 posts is working for me. Maybe I'm the only one who has the problem which then wouldn't be a problem. =) The airdrop is nice but I better stick to steem tokens for now... ._.

Hello @immanuel94 if you want remove attest obyte wallet related to your Steemit account just follow this guide below.

  • burger menu -> Settings -> Backup wallet seed (copy the seed words)
  • close wallet app
  • rename C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\byteball folder to something else
  • open wallet app
  • pick light wallet (not entire database)
  • burger menu -> Settings -> Recover from seed (paste the seed words)
  • click recover and restart wallet app

Great, thanks @goyard! =)

hello @goyard. I also have the same issue on my android phone. How can I do it on my android phone?

I am so sorry to hear about that :( I have heard that some users received great help from Obyte helpdesk. When you find some free time, maybe give them a try.

Just do public and sign

Just type public and hit enter or post sign the message when asked

For me it was two times the second time it just did it. First time there was an error.

if you where to join a gang, can you KICK yourself out?
Edit: @zen-art i would rather be a mercenary and join a group of other mercenaries for missions if we choose to.Mercenaries United! - is there a place for this in the game? please point me in the right direction if i missed something thanks.

That sounds like an interesting idea. Thank you for telling us about it, we will think it over ;)

@drugwars. 13 hours ago I posted on your forum! I have obyte wallet and claimed tokens! But it is not in my Obyte wallet. And several players are telling that they have both steem attested and made it public, but not able to claim tokens! I would much appreciate a response from someone who could sort out this issues!

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@punctured helped me to solve it. BIG THANKS

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I am sorry to hear about you still experiencing issues and am certain they will be resolved soon. Have you tried asking for help from Obyte helpdesk? We also have a helpdesk on our discord with Obyte department involved and very helpful. I have seen them solve issues for many people so far. They are addressing every person individually and I have no doubt that they will help you too.

Where do I find obyte helpdesk? I don’t use discord!

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I have just checked their website. It says how support is available on Telegram, Medium, Facebook, Twitter etc. You can contact them in any of those ways and they have an e-mail account [email protected]

I already forgot a little how to exchange on byteball . I tried on chat, entered "to doge" and doge address, but I always get a message An error has happened: "An error encountered during address generation. Please try again later."

20% of that goes to the curators which is $1.

Don't you mean 25%?

We are not removing that, you will still be able to use that kind of share if that is what you prefer

If we share using this option, will it still create a post with 35% beneficiary reward and then not vote on it.

In my opinion, if you have shared in last 24 hrs, then either the button should be disabled or not create a post with 35% beneficiary. Also, if a post is created with beneficiary, it should always get voted on.

It is said in the post:

The beneficiary rewards when sharing on steem will also be 10% just like if you would share on Drugwars forum, they will not be 35% anymore.

So, when using an option to share on steem, the beneficiary will be set to 10% just like when sharing on forum.

Will reduce the beneficiary reward to 10%, but when sharing the battles in steem everyone will receive votes? because so far I have not received any votes when sharing my battles.

Good to know about the change in beneficiary reward but what about the inconsistent votes on posts. If a post doesn't get voted on by drugwards but it still takes a cut on final payout, that's not fair.

I am sorry you feel that way. Try to think of it this way, you are creating a post based on our game and directly from the game. If there was no game, there would be no post of yours about the fight and no payout on it at all. Beneficiary rewards serve as a way to pay for the development of the game and for us to be able to make it even better.

Upvoting posts has nothing to do with the beneficiary rewards but it does with quality and rewarding you for your effort. To have a greater chance of receiving a bigger upvote, I suggest you start sharing your fights on our forum and editing the post with some text so it becomes high-quality content and relevant to other players and the game itself. I did check your posts @von-doom, and they have received our support, you even have comments on them from us that confirm that so your statement:

because so far I have not received any votes when sharing my battles

is not true. If you check your posts where you shared your battles, you will see they were upvoted and commented on.

@zen-art thank you for your reply and thank you for taking the time to respond. When I wrote that last part, I wrote it like this to create a little dRAMA, I'm sorry if I bother you.

Now I realize that I only used the option to share my battles the first day it was available, I don't remember why I didn't keep using it, maybe because my friends told me that DW didn't voted the battles and the beneficiary was 35%.

For now I'm going to wait for the spy to come out to fight, and use this option again.

@zen-art Why do only a few get votes when they shared the battles?


Well it seems that not all will receive the tokens, they just do not reach my wallet, in fact I have it since last year, everything is fine on my side, but still I can not receive them

Same problem here!

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@fandelkefirbro you should write on discord in #helpdesk obyte team will help you :)

Done and solved, thanks! :)

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