Drugwars - Introducing FUTURE the new DrugWars Token.

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FUTURE or The tokenization of DrugWars and all FutureShock Apps


We are glad to announce the new FutureShock token named “FUTURE”. The name itself is a reference to the Drugwars Incubator - Futureshock and how we are always working for the future of the crypto-world and more precisely for the Steem Blockchain.

How will it be integrated in Drugwars.

First of all, we would like to notify all the players that in 48h the daily prize and the heist will see some changes. There won’t be anymore rewards with Steem, instead we are adding a new mechanic that will allow you to earn the FUTURE Tokens. While the daily prize will increase depending of your rank, the number of maximum deposit will be also limited until we deploy our final solution against bots.

Why FUTURE and not DRUGS?

We wanted an unique token which can be cross used over all our platforms (and maybe even more). The name DRUGS was also complicated for being listed on exchanges.

In depth.

The new mechanic is still based on your drugs production as well as the Heist. That will allow you to earn the FUTURE tokens. Then you will be able to use the FUTURE Tokens in the game and later on you’ll be able to exchange (which won’t take too much time as discussions are being held now).
Plus: You will also get FUTURE Tokens airdropped depending on your investment in Drugwars.

Wait! What happen to the rest of the pool?

The entire pool will be used to inject value to the FUTURE tokens. This will give a way for all early players to recover a small fraction of their Steem if they want. (But we definitely suggest you to keep them because nobody know what the FUTURE is made from)

Can I still be rewarded with Steem?

Of course, you can still earn Steem with DrugWars upvotes, we keep the share system and will improve it to make it more interesting for delegators and obviously for FUTURE holders!


Step by Step.

Produce Drugs and Invest Drugs in the Heist
Earn FUTURE Tokens based on your Drug Production, Heist Investment.
Use them ingame (not mandatory)
Fight to obtain FUTURE Tokens (coming soon)
Exchange your FUTURE Tokens (coming soon)
Use FUTURE tokens on any other futureshock apps (coming soon)

Why this change was needed?

The sustainability of the game was one of the motive for this change and to reduce the cost of each items, buildings, and units in Drugwars. Above that, other revenue streams are coming but the motivation to tokenize the game was primary to us. Furthermore we are taking another step forward in the tokenization of all of our active and upcoming projects that you can find here by introducing the FUTURE token in every applications under Futureshock.

Drugwars Nota Bene

Other changes may come as well including the Heist Distribution so stay tune for all of our announcements!
You can also follow @futureshock if you are interested to know more about all the utilities of FUTURE outside DrugWars.


Thank you Note.

Words aren’t enough to tell how much we are thankful to @ned , @birdinc, @andrarchy , and the whole Steemit, Inc Team for their hardwork and for being behind Futureshock starting from Fundition up to Drugwars. Beside all our communities, supporters, developpers and other hardworker steemians. This collaboration is only starting and we have so much more in reserved for the future to leverage the Steem Blockchain to where it deserved to be.


I never put a single penny into this game or played this game and I can see that investors/players are getting completely screwed over by this nonsense.

This is precisely how to NOT fix your revenue problems - by fleecing the people who are actually putting their own money into the game.

I’m going to make a prediction here:

Your revenue problems will quickly get much worse and will persist until you have to shut down this game/project.

That’s what happens when you scam people out of their money, which you are absolutely doing here. Giving them worthless shittokens to try to avoid massive backlash as you steal their money is about as dumb as launching a half-assed game in the first place.

Tzzzz - Jesus. As often @ats-david has explained it as it is. No matter if it is a start-up and too early launch, the way they change rules and stuff s simply dubious business practices - I am not saying Scam straight away but come on! This is totally shit attitude to inform users and investor about such a mjaor change with a 2 day notice. Anyone investing more Steem needs to be warned.

It's not "scam" because they change rules. If Youtube changes rules on monetization is it a scam?

No but often their changes are a real dick move and not the right way to deal with the issues that caused them to change the rules. YouTube isn't scamming when they change the rules, but they pissed people off enough / made people concerned enough about the stability of their income stream on YT, to diversify their video platforms and not only use YouTube (and some have left YouTube completely due to the monetisation changes). It's not a scam but it definitely makes YouTube look bad, and that translates into action for some of their creators. Drugwars should be looking at the PR consequences of choices they make too, which luckily it looks like they actually might be doing given they are still paying out steem currently. I don't agree with the people calling it a scam but have a right to be pissed off at drugwars, and people definitely have a right to be pissed off at YouTube. Even as a creator on YouTube as well as other platforms like Dtube, YouTube deserves all the negativity that gets thrown at it, because they have done a terrible terrible job of managing a lot of things ranging from monetisation and treating creators right to dealing with horrible content targeting children to the massive difference in how they treated Logan Paul vs Pewdiepie - I'm not a fan of either but they treated Logan Paul better than Pewdiepie and filming a dead body, for a mostly child audience mind you, is a million times worse than saying a slur. YouTube isn't a scam but it 100% deserves criticism for how it has handled a lot of things.

Drugwars isn't a scam but still should do the right things both for its public relations and morally and it is reasonable that changes like this pissed some people off.

Not being a scam doesn't mean being free from criticism. Some things that aren't scams definitely are worthy of criticism.

Steal their money? Did someone force someone else to upgrade their buildings? Am I missing something here? Have none of you complainers ever played a cell phone game? Or any new game these days. Every freaking game out there has in game purchases. What, you spend a crypto and think your value is immune to your purchasing decisions? The game does not require you to put money in to play. If you want to produce more in-game currency at a quicker rate you are free top spend some money on the game. It is not an investment. I understand the Bookkeeping bot is saying ROI within it. But it is not a return on investment! I spent more than most of you and I see where this course of action can lead, think future games, think future in-game functionality. So many people are jumping to conclusions.

wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
"he was convicted of fraud"
synonyms: fraudulence, sharp practice, cheating, swindling, trickery, artifice, deceit, deception, double-dealing, duplicity, treachery, chicanery, skulduggery, imposture, embezzlement

You make a point but, most games don't have money tied to them as returns for using microtransactions though. This game claimed drug production and the heist were connected to returns in steem. It is a game not an investment, but it's in a grey area.

If you buy a skin in Fortnite, you get a skin in Fortnite. They didn't say you would get money as well. This game basically did.

If you use a microtransaction in a mobile game (and there are quite a few with similar gameplay to drugwars) you get the sped up upgrade, or the upgrade without resources, or the ad less experience or whatever else the microtransaction would have been for and you are happy because you got what you paid for. If the game said some aspect of it would return a particular cryptocurrency and you didn't get it, you didn't get what you paid for.

I've only paid for one transaction in drugwars and didn't intent to again until I reached 5 steem earned, then 10, then 25, then 50, then 100 and every 100 since. I am nowhere near any of those but my one transaction has been "earned" again by now and I've made a tiny tiny profit. I'm interested to see where this game goes both in terms of changes to gameplay mechanics and changes in the whole system (which is what this is). I've made a miniscule profit rather than a loss, so I'm personally okay with this. But... people played this based on the value proposition of it, and the fact is if you were going to get money from buying a fortnite skin, you are probably more likely to buy the skin than if you didn't, so the value proposition of earning crypto from a game does make it different to microtransactions in games that don't claim you will earn cryptocurrency. I'm curious if this change will be part of drugwars actually improving a lot but I don't blame some people for being pissed off.

Some people were more ambitious with this and put lots of investment into it. The game said they would get steem based on drug production and heist. The microtransaction itself was for a particular thing, like an upgraded alcohol production, but many people were upgrading alcohol production for example, in order to have the resources to increase drug production, which from the basic premise of the game, had a return in steem.

I believe they should continue paying heist, production and referral via steem until the steem is gone and then switch to the tokens, rather than using the steem to inflate the value of the new coin. This way all of the steem goes to players in steem form. I think they should then give all players a starting amount of tokens moving forward with the new system and a proportional amount of tokens on top of the starting amount to those who invested based on what people invested (if they have that data). It won't have the same value as this is a new coin, but just work out a proportional amount for different levels of investment. This also supports the people who supported them. I don't think the people who invested more should get any in-game advantage, but they should get extra of the new currency as that is a situation appropriate equivalent of giving more in-game currency in a normal game to people lets playing your game or who were part of a kickstarter etc for your game (except it is real, but not yet valuable currency). Giving away a bit might slow the coins value growth but it is appropriate to start people off on appropriate amounts.

It's not stealing but it makes the original conditions of the game change which could have mislead people's behaviours. The people behind no mans sky also weren't stealing and forcing people to buy their game but that misleading situation still affected people's choices and therefore wasn't good.

I actually think it will be interesting to see where this goes, but buying upgrades that lead to an end goal of earning steem isn't the same as buying upgrades in games that promised no currency / return. It's not an investment, but it is tied to money, and that means while this isn't stealing, it isn't on the same level as other microtransactions. I'm excited to see where drugwars goes and how it develops over time, and who knows - while it rightfully pisses people off now, it might be the best thing they do with this game based on what follows - but I do not blame people for being pissed off about this and I can't agree that normal microtransactions are comparable to this due to the fact this game is tied to a return and most games aren't. Hopefully they will make good business decisions from this point forward and the token will gain a worth similar to or exceeding steem and therefore, people aren't worse off, but a general principle that affected people's choices in terms of whether to engage with the microtransactions has changed regardless.

I don't agree that it is a scam or fraud as some have said. I think it is more that they changed their plans with it and hope this will work better in the long run, but THEY MUST pay the steem out first if they don't want to look like a scam. It's the right thing to do by the users.

They definitely should be leaving the pay out as steem (or both with the new one being "extra") until it all dries up either way rather than using it to inflate the coins, as users put that steem in and therefore it should be distributed to users as steem. That point is a given and should definitely be what they do at least.

Steem is also a game not an investment. If you buy Steem thinking it's a security you could lose your money too. If you post on Steem assuming you will get money you could be wrong. There is uncertainty in all of this.

Cryptocurrencies generally are considered an investment in the financial world though. The two things they are generally classed as are investments or a form of currency (in reality they are both but some people will class them as only one or the other). They certainly aren't a game though. Investing in them is uncertain so you could say investing in them is a "gamble" but something being uncertain / being a "gamble" is not the same as it being a game and cryptocurrencies do not meet the basic definition of a game.

You can also lose money on securities. Cryptocurrencies are a high risk, potentially high reward investment and investing in anything comes down to a risk-reward analysis, with term deposits and government bonds etc being low risk, real estate being about medium risk and shares and cryptocurrencies being regarded as high risk investments (cryptocurrencies more-so than shares but both are high risk investments). Higher risk investments have a higher risk of losing money but also typically have higher potential returns. That's where risk / reward analysis comes in, as well as whether an investor is risk-averse etc.

Posting on steem also doesn't have the risk that buying steem does. You are potentially wasting time there, not wasting money directly like you would if you spent money on steem and the value of steem falls.

It can be debatable if cryptocurrencies are investments or not (though the general concensus seems to be that they are an investment, albeit a high risk one), but they aren't a game. Being uncertain does not mean it is a game.

Cryptocurrencies generally are considered an investment in the financial world though. The two things they are generally classed as are investments or a form of currency (in reality they are both but some people will class them as only one or the other). They certainly aren't a game though. Investing in them is uncertain so you could say investing in them is a "gamble" but something being uncertain / being a "gamble" is not the same as it being a game and cryptocurrencies do not meet the basic definition of a game.

A college degree is considered an investment too. Does this mean we should have the right to sue all colleges who put us deep into debt via college loans etc? After all, we could make the claim of false advertising, scam, etc, just as some people say about the gaming business.

My point is, yes you can go with that angle but to be lawsuit happy only brings greater lawsuit risk for all parties. Lawyers benefit of course when everyone is suing everyone but the industry suffers because innovation becomes much more costly.

I'm going to say I agree that from an ethical point of view perhaps the DrugWars team messed up. They did not consider the impact their decisions could have on the sentiment of their customers/players. Player sentiment in my opinion should come before all.

If they can find a way to profit in a way where the players share in the success as stakeholders then I'd be okay with it. Drugwars in my opinion should also become an SMT and support the Steem ecosystem but the exact economics in my opinion need to be negotiated with the community. The team needs to understand that a loyal fanbase can allow future games to inherit the same players (player loyalty) in the same way Blizzard for example did with World of Warcraft from the Starcraft, Diablo and other fanbases.

"A college degree is considered an investment too. "

Not in the way I'm talking. I'm talking about financial investments - shares, term deposits, bonds, rental properties, government bonds etc. A university degree does not fit into that description, but yes, it is an investment in yourself, but not a financial investment. It would have been ridiculous in the financial planning courses etc I did at university if we learned about those sorts of investments, because investing in financial investments is a completely different thing to investing in yourself via education etc.

But I never went with the angle of lawsuits or calling drugwars a scam. I said I don't agree with the people calling it a scam etc and I think it is just that they changed direction, but people's choices were still made based on the value proposition originally mentioned so that included the steem, not just the upgrade. All of this is truthful. I don't think it is a scam, and I think what they do from here might be what actually improves the game, but it doesn't change the fact people put money into it based on the value proposition offered. That's what the situation is. I don't think people should sue them or call them scammers, but I do think both morally and for the sake of positive public relations they shouldn't pump their new coin with the steem spent as artificially doing that by buying it themselves doesn't often work so people will lose out from them doing that, but they SHOULD continue paying out steem via drug wars until it is all gone. They've now given us future tokens but still seem to be paying steem so I think they may actually be doing it, and if they are doing it, I think that's the best thing they could have done.

I never went with the angle of suing them or calling them a scam but I did say they should respond correctly to changing the way the game works and the resulting backlash, and that I don't blame other people for being pissed off.

As for games, it was the other person who was making a point about it being a game anyway as though that absolved it of responsibility, but it doesn't. If it did, people wouldn't have been able to get refunds on No Mans Sky for their false advertising. It doesn't matter if steem is a game or not, as that doesn't change anything in this situation, but you'd be really stretching to say that it is / it does meet the definition of a game and most people wouldn't agree with someone who made that claim, regardless of if it was steem or bitcoin or whatever else. Risk and uncertainty doesn't make something a game either, or shares would be a game too as they are uncertain, risky and can drop too.

How someone invests could be gamified but that's them gamifying a task in their life. I gamify most of my life as it works well for me and my goals but that doesn't make the individual tasks at their essence a game. It gamifies my experience of doing that task.

As far as I can see we agree that player sentiment / positive public relations is important in this situation and they messed up ethically. I never said we should sue them and I talked about what they could do to not "look like" scammers etc. I think we actually agree on the main point here because I said nothing about suing them and actually said I don't agree with calling them a scam etc. We just disagree on whether cryptocurrencies at their root are games or not and whether cryptocurrencies are considered investments, and also we were using different definitions of the word investment as I was using the financial definition and you were using the broader definition that includes investing in yourself etc. We agree on the main point here, and I don't think anyone should be suing drugwars.

It can be debatable if cryptocurrencies are investments or not (though the general concensus seems to be that they are an investment, albeit a high risk one), but they aren't a game. Being uncertain does not mean it is a game.

No that isn't "general consensus" unless you can cite some poll data to support this claim. Show me sentiment which shows most people want cryptocurrencies to be treated as securities?

Okay, my bad, I should have worded that differently. It "seems" to be the general concensus in the financial world. I meant in terms of financial discussions, articles etc of cryptocurrencies.

I wasn't referring to what every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks of cryptocurrencies, because their opinions don't really matter for the purposes of this discussion. I was saying that when you read information on financial websites, tax office websites etc, most seem to consider it to be an investment (not necessarily only an investment but an investment still), so it is reasonable to believe that the financial world considers cryptocurrencies to be a potential investment. It's not necessarily regarded as a good investment as it is more risky than shares (which are otherwise considered the riskiest investment, and you can also lose money on them so the fact steem isn't certain doesn't mean anything because neither are shares - that reflects on how risky an investment is not whether it is an investment) but most see it is a digital asset and discuss it in the context of investing in it as an investment and in the context of it being used as a currency. The financial world seems to accept it as both an investment and a digital currency, and that makes sense because that's what it is.

I haven't gone and interviewed and polled people from finance but the general information expressed by the industry seems to suggest it is an investment and a digital currency, albeit a high risk one. I haven't gone and polled random people because that's not what I meant, I don't care what they think compared to the industry and a lot of people don't understand investing at all, let alone cryptocurrency.

But it definitely isn't a game. Cryptocurrencies can be used in games, like drugwars, but a cryptocurrency itself is not a game.

The air quotes around general consensus seem a bit unnecessarily hostile though. My reply was less about investments and more about the fact that a cryptocurrency isn't a game. Drugwars is, the cryptocurrency itself isn't. WOW is a game, the in-game currency isn't (it's interesting and has even been used for economic studies, but it isn't a game in its own right and neither is a proper cryptocurrency).

Whether it is an investment is debatable because it can be seen just as a currency or just as an investment, or most ideally both as it meets the definitions for both, but financial information generally seems to feel it fits the investment definition regardless of if they feel it is a good idea to invest in it or not, and if it is a choice between it being a game or being an investment, it is much closer to an investment than a game. You can gamify how you go about dealing with cryptocurrency (just like you can gamify washing dishes) but the cryptocurrency itself isn't a game in its own right. I don't really care if people class it as an investment or not, but it's not a game.

And also whether something is a game or not plays no role in what the drugwars devs should do either, because No Man's Sky was a game and only a game but their product did not match the advertising and that was enough to get people refunds so I don't really see how classing Steem as a game makes the actions the devs should take any different. In the case of drugwars, it was still a case of it said one thing, people put money in and then it changed. Steem being a game wouldn't change the fact their decision changed the value proposition that affected people spending money on the game. NMS is a game (and supposedly is finally actually being turned into what was promised) but the fact it didn't line up with the original marketing meant people spent money on it when they wouldn't have otherwise. The promise of steem in drugwars meant people spent money on it when they wouldn't have otherwise. It doesn't matter if these things are games or not. For the sake of good PR and morality, drugwars should pay out what is left in there first and I think they might be doing that by the looks of it, so if they are, that's a good decision on their part.

If you have a lot of steem power you get rewarded for voting as well or you can self vote which does give u a return so I don't agree with you saying steem isn't a investment

Is there a guarantee that your votes will be worth money? Or is it just an expectation?

Am I missing something here?

Yes, you are. You’re missing the fact that the game states that players will be paid out in STEEM. It was billed as “play and win STEEM,” not “play and win worthless shittokens that we haven’t created yet.”

So, users spent their STEEM to upgrade their accounts so that they would have a chance of earning more STEEM in return. But as it turns out, the game developers decided to not honor that. Instead, they are keeping much of that STEEM.

They have advertised a game that pays you in a specific currency, then, after many thousands of dollars in that currency was used on the game with the hope of earning that currency back, they are switching payouts to a different non-existent and/or worthless currency. It’s textbook marketing fraud and it’s prosecutable in most legal jurisdictions.

So yes...very scammy, indeed.

Are terms subject to change?

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"are terms subject to change?"


I hope the fucking SEC comes for your throat.


Stop looking at my balls. Why would the SEC come for my throat? Cause I like the game? Are you wishing violence on me? You seem like a real nice dude.

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I love how upset emotional people get when you ask them a legitimate question... are the terms of this game subject to change? yes? Court case closed.

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wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
"he was convicted of fraud"
synonyms: fraudulence, sharp practice, cheating, swindling, trickery, artifice, deceit, deception, double-dealing, duplicity, treachery, chicanery, skulduggery, imposture, embezzlement;

People are treating the SEC as some sort of attack dog to threaten people with. What happened to this place?

Abusing within your rights doesn't suddenly turn everything you do into ethical. It's a shitty move regardless of whether they were allowed to do it.

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Unethical and illegal are totally different arguments. We can argue it is unethical. I would actually be quite sympathetic to that argument. But people throw around scam and "illegal" far too easily and it damages innovation.

Yes! People think that because things are legal it's OK to abuse and fuck people over within the laws.

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I see your argument and will address it in a future video. Also, I do have a couple questions; where do any SMT or ERC20 coin get their value from? If it utilizes steem and can be exchanged for steem isnt it steem? Or its skeleton is steembased, doesn't that help steem?

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You actually said the truth, if i would've known i would've never invested, i wish there was a way to sell the account to get my steemit back

The game does not require you to put money in to play. If you want to produce more in-game currency at a quicker rate you are free top spend some money on the game. It is not an investment.

Dont float around that bullshit now, it was hyped about the $.

That's why they put ROI in the stats.

Fucking scammers, dont let them off the hook.

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  • 9.143 STEEM from heist
  • 2.622 STEEM from referral


  • 8.709 STEEM


  • 19.353 STEEM

First transfer was before 33.63 days.
Your ROI per day is 9.58 % and you are earning approx. 0.83 STEEM per day.

ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

Your ROI per day is 5.36 % and you are earning approx. 0.47 STEEM per day.

Really it is helpful for us.

totally false, I've invested, it's fun and I've won

Every single ponzi scheme on Earth has people who made profit in the beginning... Kinda how it goes (:

peek on bookkeeping, a lot of people earn. Myself for example. Invest 8steem earn 30.

People invest in a game, they dont play, and get shocked.

I didn’t say anything to contradict that. I’ve also profited.

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You're the exception. The majority lost. I won s well but that's because I saw this coming from afar. But look around. People lost thousands of dollars because of false advertisement and shady measures.

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You are saying this cuz you got your money back nor everyone who invested got it back and the newly investers hell they lost their money what would you say now?

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@ats-david please tell me more about this game because your review about the game to highly bad..

Out of all of the things they could have fixed in the game, this seems like an odd choice to say the least.

I hear people who say "it's just a game, nobody made you invest", and people shouldn't have invested much. At the same time, I can't help but understand why people feel mislead. This comes to mind:

Still clean, Bwahahahaha!
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Hi @just2random!


  • No related STEEM transfer were found.

I've given the game money. It was not stolen. A casino does not steal your money. A slot machine does not steal your money. They didn't hack accounts and take the money and it wasn't a heist. They did it the right way by making a fun addictive game which encourages people to pay more money in than they take out.

Here’s the thing, regardless of your personal anecdotes:

The game was advertised as a Steem blockchain game. It was advertised that the STEEM spent on the game would go into a pool that would then be distributed daily to Drug Wars players.


It does not say that the STEEM would be sold or otherwise swapped for a different currency - especially one that did not exist until recently and had/has no market value. Up until last week, it was advertised as a Steem game with STEEM distributions and players invested their time and money with the expectation that Drug Wars would deliver on the distribution promises.

Then they changed the rules with little to no notice - and, in fact, was still advertising the original scheme on their website after they announced the changes. So, as I stated in another comment here, it is a pretty clear case of marketing fraud. And as such, you could very well argue that the money was indeed “stolen” via fraudulent practices...which is essentially how/why fraud cases are prosecuted because it is theft via fraud.

False advertising is what you are claiming? But did they not also have terms of service or similar agreements for people to agree to prior to beginning the game? If they change the rules of the game mid game without actually stating within the terms of service that this might happen then perhaps you have a legal angle. I'm not a lawyer though.

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ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

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Break even in approx. 3.5 days.

ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

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ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

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Break even in approx. 8.0 days.

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Break even in approx. 6.1 days.

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ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

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Break even in approx. 12.6 days.

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What else are they supposed to do? Magically increase the Steem in the game?!
Stop shittalking without offering an solution!

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First transfer was before 28.51 days.
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ROI when taking only the last 5 days into account

Your ROI per day is 6.79 % and you are earning approx. 1.19 STEEM per day.

!bookkeeping drugwars

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Improve the game. It's primarily a pyramid scheme because the main thing to buy is buildings that increase in price at every level, ensuring that those that get in the earliest are in the best position. If they added boosts of various types, perhaps items and characters that you can buy, then it would ensure the pool is larger, and people continue to spend money on the game. But that would require development.

Valid argument. I do think the game could be improved.

They are still earning Steem from users... They could have just kept paying Steem to the users... Is there something I'm missing?

Nope, just a scam.

Yeah I already knew that part LOL ... These guys change the rules like a rollercoaster goes up and down.

Making a great product or service makes customers happy, but fixing mistakes the right way has been proven to impress customers even more: a good solution offered for a mistake made gains any brand the most loyal customers.

I do believe acknowledging a mistake has been made and compensating the early players would be the best thing to do at this point. The team has been trying to fix the economics of the game a few times now, always with a last-minute notice, and the fixes have failed.

It's okay to make mistakes, it would be better to make up for them - compensate players, relaunch the came with a clear explanation of the 'new' economics (STEEM vs FUTURE), and let people choose if they want to step in this relaunch of the game.

I think many would choose to do so if they had the choice to step in a relaunch of the game and understand what they would get into. I also believe in the current situation most will leave thanks to this exact lack of choice and lingering feelings of disappointment.

Thanks for reading and taking this into consideration, because I have no doubt the team is willing to create something amazing for Steem. I'm just asking to consider starting over and this time doing it right from the (re-)start. Take the losses yourself and accept it was 'learning money'. Start fresh and make us all want to promote the game again :-)

Having the opportunity to get the Steem Community on your side is the biggest feature of launching anything on Steem right now - they can be the biggest shills if you allow them to be. Reading the messages above I believe the community can also be the single reason any game or dApp fails.

Cheers and good luck making the wisest decision! I truly love the game and am hoping we will have it in our assortment for years to come.

i also like the game and the potential it may have. Wisest decision for long term what ever that maybe.

Oh i miss the simpsons :)

SMT, Steem Engine token, or something else?

What is the total supply? How will they be "mined" in combat?

This post gives me lots of questions to ask. :)

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Don't forget to update that you guys take 20% of all monies spent and then also whatever the fuck else you want as well.
#pyramidscheme #scammers #GFY

Although this raises a lot of questions, I think this was a great move for the future of your development and a necessary decision to keep things moving forward. The "value" of the token will be determined by the market but I know I will be holding mine to see what you guys come up with next. Looking forward to how this token will change the economics of the game. All in all, always happy to see things moving forward when it comes to decentralized applications, it is a learning experience for all of us.

I see it as a giant “fuck you” to the people who invested a lot of Steem and expected future payments to be made in Steem. You know, since it was always marketed as being a game on the Steem blockchain.

I get that, but I would also rather get something Then nothing over time. And the Token can always be sold for steem.

Sounds like you are a slave to the pyramid!

There is no token yet and it can’t be sold for Steem right away. Oh and someone else bought the FUTURE token so @drugwars will have to call it something else.

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Sorry, you don't have enough DRAMA.
You need 10.00000 DRAMA more for a chance to make it happen.
To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

Your tagline is "The drugs and guns are virtual, but the money is real". Are you changing that too? Because while tokenization is fun, the value of the Future Token is less real than STEEM, at least it is less real at the moment.

Look, there's nothing wrong with introducing the Future Token into the game, but keep in mind that no one paid STEEM to buy your tokens, at least not yet. Players were spending STEEM because they expected returns in STEEM, not Future Tokens. This might change in the future and your Tokens might eventually create more demand than STEEM, but that's not the case right now. Changing the rules so abruptly, with nothing but a 48hour notice just destroys trust. It looks like you just want to force your tokens on us. Instead, give players time to recover their STEEM. Maybe 30 days? Or at the very least give us a 2-week notice. This way, players who don't want your tokens can exit properly with no hard feelings.

Or as @blog-beginner mentioned below, you can always roll out Future Tokens gradually. Replace Referral Rewards, first. Then move on to Daily Rewards. And finally, replace Heist Rewards. Do it over the course of a month. This way, you're not shocking your players into submission. Or was that your goal?

Personally, I'm already in ROI so I'm not going to end up at a loss with this change. But, this is going to affect a large segment of your players. Frankly, I don't think anyone expected the STEEM rewards to go on forever, but no one expected it to end so abruptly either.

My point is, I'm not against tokenization. But the way you're doing it is just disappointing, at best. Worst case is, as several users have pointed out below, you look like you're trying to run away with the community's STEEM. Whether that's true or not doesn't really matter. But that's what it looks like.

You're the #1 or #2 DApp on Steem at the moment, but you're working really hard to change that.

Everytime I am thinking that the devs can't fuck up more they come up with more BS, I am really impressed by that ability.

And saying that you use the pool to boost the value of the token without saying how you want to achieve that is also not a good idea...

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All good pyramid schemes must come to an end some time and this one appears to be coming to an end soon.

The noble thing for @drugwars to do would be to IMMEDIATELY STOP accepting any new Steem deposits and REFUND all deposits of Steem made within the last week or two , and allow the reserves of Steem to drain out over time to everyone AND get the new token.

If they do not do that, then they are simply running away with Steem that players expected they would earn. This breaks major trust with all players. The fact that they can arbitrarily change the rules 4 or 5 times on the rewards structure and that it wasn't hard coded in is troubling, this gives crypto games a huge black eye.

I suggest nobody continue to play such a game, and to 100% downvote all DrugWars posts if they truly are running off with the Steem.


There's not enough DRAMA to go around.

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

An alternative would be to allow people to choose payouts in Steem or their new tokens, based on the current value of the token. That might actually prove financially beneficial, if these guys manage to make a game that's actually fun and good...eventually.

Hey @truthforce all investment with Steem are giving you the same benefits now and will do in the future.
We are not removing the possibility to pay with Steem nor using the fund of players for something else then giving a value to the FUTURE token.
We are not running away at all :) All our plans are made on and with Steem but anyway, nothing changes for the players, except the integration of the FUTURE token to handle more features, and for the players to the possibility to obtain better price ingame with it.

"nothing changes for the players"

Players spend time on the game and even invested STEEM because of the STEEM-reward structure. Frankly, it feels a bit like people are being forced into supporting the Future Token to have value because they already invested their steem and time in the game. Uncool. It would be helpful if it can be made clear why transition from STEEM to Future token will be more beneficial to players.

"We are not removing the possibility to pay with Steem nor using the fund of players for something else then giving a value to the FUTURE token."

Giving a value to FUTURE token by using the Steem in the Rewards Pool that players were expecting. That literally doesn't even make sense. You are creating FUTURE tokens from thin air, "buying FUTURE tokens" with Steem from the Rewards Pool doesn't somehow give FUTURE tokens value.

Allow the Rewards Pool to be drained over time and the Steem payouts to happen like was implicilty and explicity promised to happen.

The same concept applies to the Steem blockchain. If the witnesses all of a sudden conspired tomorrow and took the entire Rewards Pool of Steem for themselves, and started issuing FUTURE tokens people would not see that as "the possibility to obtain better price with it".

"Allow the Rewards Pool to be drained over time and the Steem payouts to happen like was implicilty and explicity promised to happen."

The choice was between giving back all the pool to players depending of their investment, or let them choose what they want to do with the FUTURE token.

We prefered to give the choice to players nothing else!

Why were either of those choices needing to be made? You realized your ponzi scheme business model wasn't sustainable? I don't recall the post that said "Hey we are making a big change to the only incentive behind this game, what do you guys think?"... Oh that's right, you are only pretending to have cared about us... Got it.

You gave us a choice? No you fucking didn’t. You chose to retain as much Steem as possible and create a bullshit token as a replacement. And you didn’t even create it before writing this post. Someone else owns the FUTURE token. Great fucking work buddy.

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Reminds me of commie regimes that stage elections for a monoparty regime, then call it democracy.

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