5 Reasons Why DTube is Superior to Youtube

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Yes, I realize that is a bold statement.

Believe me when I say that I have been a YouTuber for a handful of years now and I understand the power of YouTube.

I mean heck, they are the #2 search engine in the world which I fully grasp how huge that is. In fact, this post is not a bash against YouTube or on anyone that uses it. To be honest, I still use it to this day!

The purpose behind this message though is to portray and profess to you the magnitude of what @dtube has to offer. Am I a bit biased since I'm a hardcore Steemian? Yes, you could say so. But, I want you to grasp the power that DTube has inside and outside of the platform.

In the attached video I perform a screen share of DTube and YouTube and walk you through 5 reasons that I feel DTube is superior to YouTube. Obviously both platforms have their pros and cons, but I would like to spend a minute focusing on DTube's pro's:

1 - DTube is a New Platform

It's funny because when I watch Gary Vee's current videos, he explains how he was posting videos on YouTube back in 2006 that were over 5 minutes long which was unheard of back then. He ended up switching to another video platform (Viddler) because they offered him 7% of the company which sounded good at the time.

Gary didn't fully realize though at the time how valuable YouTube was, or the potential that it had when he switched. He then realized once they began really gaining some serious traction.

I'm here to profess today that DTube is a new platform. We are here now on the ground floor of something huge. According to a recent post that I saw by @fruitdaddy, DTube could possibly be ranked the 25th most popular website on the planet. Let's not underestimate the power that a new platform can have for early participants.

While I was just writing this, I thought of another reason that DTube is superior to YouTube but I will save that for another video and leave you in suspense. Nevermind I'll tell you now... DTube will be releasing their own Smart Media Token next year to help incentive to their users to participate on the platform. More details on that coming soon.

If you would have started creating consistent content on YouTube when it first started, you would more than likely be pretty well-off right now in terms of channel popularity and financial growth. Just think where you might be if you stick with DTube from it's inception.

2 - DTube is Innovative

DTube is constantly working to upgrade their website features. Recently @heimindanger and the gang released version 0.8 which has been nothing short of fantastic in my opinion. Of course there are currently some bugs but that is how it works with a new platform.

DTube takes feedback from it's users to help enhance their experience while using the service. Not only that, but they have their own Discord group where you can give feedback and ask questions directly to the team which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

The innovation for DTube is only the beginning. They will be coming out with A LOT more down the road alongside the implementation of SMT's next year. Right now is the time to get involved with this platform...during the innovation deployment stages.

3 - DTube Supports and Rewards Good Content

Some people might argue that good content is subjective. And in some cases I agree with that. But, in my experience, I do believe that there is some objectivity in the curators decisions to upvote content they view.

DTube tends to favor content that is original and also helpful in some shape or form. They do not favor content that is copied or re-posted. Do your best to create attractive thumbnails (or snaps) along with video content that serves a positive purpose.

Basically, create content that adds value to others. DTube rewards their users by supporting them with an upvote which results in earned Steem. Steem is the reward for posting good content which then incentives users to post videos more often.

I'd like you to tell me the last time that YouTube rewarded you for posting a video on there. Right, the answer is never. YouTube will not drop cryptocurrency on your post at any point in time. DTube is unique in that respect. I feel that the more YouTubers find out about DTube, the more they will start using it just like @theycallmedan does.

4 - DTube has Zero Ads

Have you ever been viewing videos on YouTube and ran into those pesky ads? Recently as I've been viewing videos on YouTube, I see ads directly in the middle of a video which is insanely annoying. I have to wait about 5 seconds in order to skip by them.

Watching videos on DTube though is a whole different world. Yes, videos sometimes have issues playing on DTube, but those bugs are being worked out. It's a great feeling to be able to watch a video all the way through and not have to deal with ads in your face.

My wife and I purchased the ad-free version of Hulu streaming on our Amazon Fire Stick and we couldn't be happier. Having a video service (DTube) with no ads that you don't have to pay extra for is a dream come true.

5 - DTube has an Empowering Community

I understand that I am a bit biased when it comes to this community. But the relationships and people whom I've met through DTube have been amazing. I've had nothing but a positive experience on this platform and it keeps getting better every day.

People such as @hauptmann, @artbyclark, @harshilpatel, @mrchef111, @nathanmars, @freedompoint, @sergiomendes, @tanbay, and @kevinli (just to name a few) make being on DTube so much fun and enjoyable.

It's the people on a platform that make your time spent worthwhile. YouTube I'm sure has a great community as well, but there is something special about the people on DTube. I can't exactly put my finger on it but it is one of a kind that's for sure. So many high-fives being given to each other on DTube... we truly are fortunate to have each other.

Those are my 5 reasons why DTube is Superior to YouTube. Am I telling you not to use YouTube? No. I still use YouTube. But, DTube is something I encourage you to get involved with. Are there more than 5 reasons why I like DTube? Yes, of course. I'll save more for subsequent videos.

But man...who knows where the platform will be in another 2-5 years from now. That thought gets me excited.

In the meantime, leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. I'd love to keep this conversation going with you.

Take care and God bless.

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Amen to this! I got the YouTube slap last year when my little channel (under 10k subscribers lol) was told....We aren’t going to let you get paid for creating content. but by all means. keep using our platform so we can make money off you...

i was done lol

thank goodness for @dtube and supporting creators no matter what level they may be on their journey.

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Can you share more of the details @jongolson?

I am scheduled to speak with @emaferice at the next Davao Digital Influencers - Workshop and your story might help me share some of the drawbacks of trying to earn on YouTube.

  • What type of content were you uploading?
  • Can you give me a link to your channel as a reference?

The workshop will be about Blog & Vlog Monetization and we will be speaking about Vlog Monetization this coming Saturday.

P.S. This will be my first time speaking like this @kenmelendez @jongolson and I intend to introduce the Steem eco-system to them. I will also share the $6.00+ in upvotes I earned on my latest @dtube video and also the comments I earned upvotes on.

for sure. hit me up on discord. i will share the links with you

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and sorry. link to discord is on my profile :)

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Dude! Yes! I love the people on here ❤️

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Totally agree with all of those reasons and thanks for the mention! :)

Indeed! Maybe a sixth reason it the ability to right click a video on Dtube and being able to 'Save Video As..' because not everyone has enough bandwidth to stream and I think it is a really awesome feature!

This is a very balanced post @kenmelendez and the fact that you left disclaimers that you might be biased makes it unbiased.. I like that 😊👍

I am also planning on writing a post about the differences between @dtube and YouTube and most of it will be about the drawbacks of trying to earn on YouTube.

I think the biggest thing for me is the sense of community and interaction.

Couldnt agree more. #5 hits home the most for me. The community here is so engaging. It is such a great place to be and I am proud to have been uploading to dtube for way over a year now and dont look back at all. This is only the beginning of something special!

Keep dtubing pal!!

Did we just become best friends? Look at my comment. I didn't even see yours until after I commented.

Yep. Do you wanna do karate in the garage?

Yup! Let's build bunk beds!

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Hahah love that film so much!!!!

One of my favorites. In fact I found a special edition DVD of it for 2 dollars at a thrift store the other day and I bought it.

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How on earth did someone decide to get rid of the DVD, how did it end up in a thrift store!! thank god you picked it up and took it back to a good home !!!

I've started to adopt Dtube a bit more. I still have my YouTube channels, but I'm starting to get the hang of using Dtube and I'll probably end up posting more and more as time goes by.

I publish on both at the same time as you can see in this post. Right now is the time to get involved @binkyprod

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Thanks for the mention! DTube is pretty rad! I hope some day they figure out and implement a way to have evergreen content, and earning on that content after 7 days, that would be epic!! haha :)

Yes, I am sure those features are coming soon. Lots of coffee and coding I'd assume.

lol yes totally. haha :)