First DTube Snap Uploaded from my iPhone!

in dtubesnap •  9 months ago 

Hey guys what’s going on? Ken here with my very first @dtube snap. Thank you @nathanmars for coming up with the idea. Short 1-minute videos to express quick updates on what we’re up to.

It’s pretty awesome because this is the first time that a video has uploaded from my iPhone to DTube so hey @captainbob I think the newest Chrome update is allowing it. Either that or DTube v. 0.8.

Anyways, hope you guys are having an amazing day today and I will catch you in the next vid.

Peace ✌🏻


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Hey @kenmelendez sounds awsome !
I am excited what is coming up in the next days from you and I am happy to see that you are doing great :)

Peace !

@tibfox my brother from another mother. Hope you’re doing well my friend. What’s new in your world?

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How. Can you say so much information guys... I was talking so fast and I feel I haven't said anything and you guys just chilling and it looks like such a long video lol I think my clock is broken lolol

haha it's called coffee, Sergio :)

I wish coffee had any effect on me. But by now I am lucky if I have some blood running on my vains instead of coffee lolol

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It's not just you. I felt the same way.

Ahhhh okay. I feel better now 😉

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Ken is just a chilled guy with a lot of knowhow about short words :P

I can see that. It is a talent. Try and go watch my video talking about the Dtube snap and be ready to see me struggling for 1 minute lololol

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I like this idea! It’s like a Instagram story but on steemit. (Sort of) haha

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Right on! I'm pumped that I can now upload videos from my iPhone. Huge game-changer. I saw that you are podcasting now which is great. I went to listen in my car today but it didn't play for some reason.

Yeah I did start a podcast! Yeah dsound gives me trouble all the time with playing. So I don't know! haha

This is a really cool idea. I didn’t even know you could upload videos to dtube from your phone. This is a game changer right here. I’m in Walmart right now lol so I’ll have to check out this video once I get back home.

Very nice idea it is... I think I may have to try this too... Haha...

wow !
anything starts the first step is difficult
but kenmelendez achieved :)

have a great nice wonderful amazing day !

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I'm super excited for growth and adoption of Dtube!!

Keep up the good work :)

Awesome man!