The Dilemma That Comes With Condoling The Act Of Betrayal

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Sometimes people find betrayal as an unforgivable sin this is simply because betrayal is something that could come even after somebody has been forgiven. b
Betrayal is putting someone close to you to a particular limit and seeing if they would withstand the pressure or give up on you simply because the heat is too much for them to bear. In another situation people often argue that humans are meant to be human and that betrayal should not be seen as a sin that can never be forgiven rather a person who once betrayed you might be given another chance and can equally do better than the first that is after they have learnt their lesson. However in this video I cite examples of betrayal and literature like Brutus and Caesar and also cited an example of God and Lucifer and how betrayer can as well the one of the most disgusting aspect of humans.
However I concluded my stance with the fact that people have the choice of either to forgiving or not to forgiving because individually I feel people are built in different manners and this man is determinants how often they can take or not take something.

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