Swimming With Sea Turtles On Apo Island In The Philippines (DTube)

in dtube •  6 months ago

Hi DTube and Steemit ! Today's video is from Apo Island island in the Philippines where we were lucky enough to swim with some huge sea turtles ! We both loved this experience, we think we saw between eight to ten sea turtles during the few hours of snorkeling we did. I'm also going to be creating a photo blog from this day talking all about the day trip from Dumaguete City to Apo island, so be on the look out for that one.

Hope you enjoyed the video, see you again tomorrow for another video.

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Amazing video Ben. I love swimming with the green sea turtles here in Mexico. I also appreciate how respectful you guys were to the marine life that you didnt touch the fragile corals, didnt try to chase the turtles etc - I have seen way too many tourist doing these things...


Thanks I'm glad you liked it - We definitely did our best not to disturb the turtles, it's an awesome experience and hopefully one that if done correctly will be around for a long time !

Amazing creatures. So fortunate to get to swim with them and record them for everyone else to enjoy. Hopefully, the turtles and the coral habitat will be still be there in the future for others to delicately enjoy, as you all did. Thanks.


Thanks its definitely memorable - You should do it if you haven't !

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