Update From Dumaguete In The Philippines (DTube)

in dtube •  11 months ago

Hi DTube and Steemit today's video is a little update talking about what I have been doing in the past few weeks since returning to the Philippines and what you can expect from my upcoming videos. The Philippines has been awesome so far and by the looks of the response from the comments and upvotes on the last two DTube videos from Kawasan Falls and Cambais Falls your really enjoying the content.

If you stuck to the end of the video you'll already know what I've got happening in the next video ;)

Thanks for watching,

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Your travel is really going well. Here's to upcoming adventures! Cheers!


Thanks, so many exciting things on the way !

I like your Koh Phi Phi (Island Tour Highlights) tour...


Thanks I appreciate that :) I've got many more videos on the way, I'm working on a few as we speak.

Nice summary of everything that has happened lately. You’re living life of amazing adventures, Ben!


Thanks for the lovely comment :) Lots more videos on the way as you now know.

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