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Welcome to #SublimeSunday , a tag presenting you with the unique opportunity to post something a bit different, wacky, crazy or just whatever takes your fancy and instigated by me @c0ff33a ☕️

First up though is a #beautifulsunday (hosted by @ace108) photo with a #funkyedit (hosted by @krazypoet) with Saturation to the Max.


After a freezing cold week it's been a little milder today, not exactly a bright sunny day but at least not bitterly cold.


No swimming again today, so it was back to painting at my dad's. And grabbing a few photographs between rain showers.


It's good to see a few things growing now, spring could well be on the way.


These little snow bells are very apt for the recent weather.


And they look quite pretty nestled between the rocks.


Now isn't this a pretty flower, my Dad is amazed by it because he hasn't watered it in years and it still seems to live.


I'm trying to work out when I should tell him it's a decorative artificial flower put in with the original to brighten it up, and the actual plant is long since deceased.


A #funkyedits at the seaside, complete with Seagulls on the beach.

Time lapse of the clouds in the sky, it's how SublimeSunday started out - although they work much better when there is a break in the clouds so you see a bit more movement.

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Sublime Sunday by @c0ff33a ☕️

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Thanks @c0ff33a for sharing. Love the seaside pic


Thank you very much, for he seagulls are very brave at Blackpool - they try to stare you out!

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That is a really beautiful post my friend and I looove your pictures.
The ones with the snowdrops are my favorite, and looks really beautiful growing by them rocks 😍 amazing shots.

And awww... Your dad's flower 😂🙈
He's right it truly is a beautiful one and doesn't matter if it's not a real one.... Lol
That made me smile Bigtime...your words there cracked me up.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us. Much love 🌹🤗💕🤗🌹


Thank you very much, the snow drops do look good - nice to see flowers forecasting spring and warmer weather.

So how long should I wait to tell my dad his flower is fake lol

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Thank you very much, you are too kind

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The bird of paradise looks pretty good.
Haven't water a long time huh? Maybe that's why the leaves look quite brown.


Very brown and dry leaves, I’m not sure that it will ever be resurrected

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Awesome Sunday bro.

be well

Posted using Partiko Android


Thank you very much, it was certainly an interesting day. I hope you are all well too.

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Ack! Too bad I posted already today, I could have used the tag.... great nonetheless, maybe next week 💖

Love seeing your new growth pictures, especially since it will be months before we see that here!


Thank you very much, you can use the tag for any day - it doesn’t have to be a Sunday.

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Your photography today is outstanding making sublime Sundays more incredible than ever :D


Thank you very much, the snow bells made for a good subject this week.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Beautiful! Resteemed..


Thank you very much, I hope you are keeping well.

Posted using Partiko iOS


Yes, staying busy here at the cabin.. Still working on my spot in paradise...

Building up a lot of muscle cutting Christmas Berry trees and cane grass. lol


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Hi to you too

Posted using Partiko iOS

I'm in! Wishing I was eating this food right now :)


I'm loving the snowbells and funky edits. And your dad's flower story is very touching.

Thank you for this weekly event @c0ff33a, and I will be back again :)


Thank you very much, yes my dad’s flower was very funny! Checking yours out now, I’m a bit behind again.

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Haha! Here I am 4 days later getting to my replies.... sigh :)

Sunday where I live was lovely, warmer.
Today Monday we have cold temps although the sun is out.
Very cold wind.
I enjoyed your photos.


Thank you very much, it has been a little warmer this week but Yesterday and today we have had gale force winds.

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that makes it cold

You too have snowdrops! How nice is to see them little white bells.
And your dad's flower make me smile 😂
I love the edits, especially the last one with the seagills.


Thank you very much, it is nice to see flowers out already hopefully spring will be early this year. The everlasting flower is pretty funny isn’t it.

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Looking like spring is around the corner by the looks of them flowers and your son will be happy to get back to his swimming...lol ...have a great week :)


Thank you very much, yes it is good need to see the flowers coming out to signify the onset of spring.

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Yep a great feeling to see spring around the corner the winters can get to much :)

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