Sublime Sunday Eats in Bangkok Thailand

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Today is SublimeSunday - An excuse to post your random, creative or crazy ideas initiated by @c0ff33a.

Today I am posting random food spreads from my meals with Bangkok Thailand friends. I lived down the street and had an open invitation for dinner anytime.

Only a couple of my friends speak any English and I speak no Thai. In a year and half of knowing them, the language difference never mattered. Smiling and looking like you will soon collapse in a food coma is the same in both languages.

If I did not come to dinner for a while they would contact me to make sure I was coming soon. I'm missing them as we go into the Chinese New Year week. They are 100% Thai but certainly will celebrate anyway.

The silver dish in this first spread had something like shrimp quesadillas, The shrimp was very large and very memorable. We had already been eating for an hour when this dish showed up, but I made room.

sublime sunday spread fitinfunfood IMG_3809.JPG

The giant fish and chicken wings are directly in front of me and also just showed up.

My omelette in this next photo is delicious with the ever present rice. I had to give up paleo so I would not starve in SE Asia, but I still try to limit it.

sublime sunday spread IMG_9449.JPG

Here's how this magic happens in five minutes any time I say an omelette would hit the spot.
Omelette is a French word and everyone in Thailand knows it. I had omelettes pretty much everywhere I went in that country.

Tom Yum salad is coming right up. This is not my favorite thing but is appears at every meal. It is a bit like ceviche and very hot. Grated unripe payapya everyone loves but me is the main part of it. You saw a big plate of this dish finished in my omeltte photo too.

sublime sunday spread IMG_9916.JPG

Over my time in Thailand, I learned to eat hotter and hotter food. Malaysia has nothing on Thailand for spiciness and the food here seems mild to me now.

At the start of this meal we have yummy fried fish I hogged. All kinds of greens and meat dishes were fantastic too.

The greens are used to wrap food in and pop the whole thing into your mouth. Highly recommended!

sublime sunday spread IMG_3877.JPG

An hour later on that same night, a whole new fish variety appears. I kept eating.

sublime sunday spread IMG_3891.JPG

I have already been eating for an hour and now dinner starts on another night. Both rice buckets are filled now so I cannot be weak!

Rice is so much better than what I was used to in the west. I love rice anyway, so I have to fight it off.

sublime sunday spread Yummy thai food fitinfun.JPG

The red chair is mine. I got up to show a bit of the scene rushing by and to take a break so I can eat more.


Here is @c0ff33a's post to let you see what his Sublime Sunday looks like. Anything goes, so I think you can make it too!

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So much delicious looking food, @fitinfunfood.


Yes it sure is! I wish I had some of it right now :)

What a feast, amazing diversity in vegetables and salads - rice can be quiet plain but when you combine it with so many ingredients it suddenly becomes a meal in itself.

Omlettes are a perfect meal on their own as well, it's amazing really how versatile the humble egg can be - so many different meals can be bourne from it and relatively it is both nutritious without too many negatives.

I really enjoy fish as well, but in the UK we rarely get fresh the wide variety that can be enjoyed, I can see many amazing fish dishes in your photographs that make me truly jealous!

A superb post for #SublimeSunday - thank you so much for sharing it.

#thealliance #witness


You're welcome, @c0ff33a. I was sorry to miss this week, but I will be back next week. I am surprised you don't get fish since you are on an island. Now I am in Malaysia and fish is expensive here for the most part. I miss the Thai varieties for sure. Really I miss all my Thai food, but I eat very well here too.