Do you agree with changing 13 weeks to 4 weeks ?

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Hey guys, looks like BTC has dipped like every other year aruond this time which is the Chinese New Year season. It was a great ride up all the way to 9k, however its gone down and climbing back upwards slowly.

Now have you checked out and gave your feedback on @steemitblog 's post ?

Do you agree with this ? I am in support for it as I do believe that regardless the power down period, I believe the community would continue to develop amazing apps on the Steem blockchain and that would be able to grow the community even larger and not only the economic value. Remember the time when it was 54 weeks and they changed it to 13 weeks .. the concerns were similar however we saw more apps being created regardless the power down period, and also we see more apps coming out now even though the price of STEEM is way much lower then 2 years ago.

So I do believe that the community would decide on growing and enhancing the blockchain not because of the economic value however due to the uniqueness of the blockchain and the support of the community.

Do checkout Dan's post on getting STEEM on Binance.US , here is the post .. go check it out and vote.

Have a brilliant day and for those who are around Asia, stay safe as this damn Flu Virus is becoming a really big issue. Cheers

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I think the 4 weeks would be okay, but it would be really interesting to see some analysis.

How many accounts are currently in full power downs and how much Steem is involved. Clearly those who are in less than full power downs do not care to get their money back faster.

I find it interesting and funny there has been nearly no discussion of any facts around the proposal.

Again, I'm not afraid of the change and I don't think it matters much... but it's odd they way it is being presented.

That's true, I do understand that those who has significant stake in Steem are concerned of the economic value of Steem however as more people engage with the Steem blockchain and see the underlying potential on what this blockchain is capable of doing, I'm almost certain that it would actually push the value up organically... its not going to be a overnight thing for sure, I'm still 100% in to get more awareness of this blockchain to the general public.

Dear @bitrocker2020

I'm personally afraid of consequences of this change.

There isn't many benefits that I could see. However there are some great risks.

One of it is the fact, that all users currently powering down - and many of them are slowly moving away from steem - would get most of that liquid steem within short period of time. That would end up with tons of it being rapidly dumped on the market. Selling pressure would increase - and noone knows really how bad could it be and how much of a short term panic could it cause.

Remember the time when it was 54 weeks and they changed it to 13 weeks .. the concerns were similar however we saw more apps being created regardless the power down period

Circumstances are different now. Those were 'golden times' for steem - now many struggle with lack of trust about future of this blockchain.

Is it smart to do it when trust towards STEEM is so low? Before HIVEs and SMTs? When price is almost at it's lowest? I don't think so - anyway that's just my little opinion.

Yours, Piotr

Well, the economic situation would indeed be challenged if you are only looking from that point of view. However the value of Steem blockchain should be valued by the activities of the community and the development that is currently happening on it. So by releasing the lock of stake earlier may possibly pressed down the price of Steem in value , however on the upside, you may see larger trade volumes on Steem and that may actually push the price upwards.

The question should be " Why you should buy Steem" as opposed to the opposite. Cheers ... your opinions are valued

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has this decision been made? it will be 4 weeks?

its an open discussion at this point of time

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I don't personally care too much between the two options. 54 weeks would be rough though.

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