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As you may know, Binance occasionally asks it's followers which coin they should look into adding next.

So, yesterday I created a poll based on the top coin suggestions for a Binance.US listing from comments on Binance's Tweet:

The poll is starting to pick up steam ;) and there is one day left in the voting with Steem and ETN neck & neck.

steem ADdd.png

I am giving Steemians a second chance at earning an upvote by voting in the poll.

Post proof of your vote below to receive an upvote.

Post Beneficiaries: 100% @steem.dao


Screenshot 2020-01-25 at 20.16.09.png


There you go champ.

And I think you saw my reply on that one, lol

I don't get it why they can't just add the first two if it's a matter of vote!
Anyways, has anybody tried to get Steem on southXchange:
I've been using them for a good time now and they work like a charm. Transferring money to bank account in Argentina is free, to a US bank account will cissy $ 3 and they have a load of coins there.

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Done <3

Done ✅✅✅

Let’s go Steem!021B166B-3BD3-4294-B48F-756B34C4067D.png


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