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Good Morning dear Friends!

After a very creative night with brainstorming,
my husband @oneofsteem and I had some ideas
and created a short video promo about @dstors
to share with you.

Here it is, have fun!




Please visit the dStors discord server: https://discord.gg/FtdA9fZ

You are most welcome to tag me at anutu#0375 or just drop me a DM if you'd like to talk to me about the dStores travel part plans! Read more about my professional background and my passion to travel the world!



Learn more about this amazing project and all the details like selling of all sorts of goods, artwork and handmade items. Auctions of goods and collectibles. And how to give some of your no longer needed possessions to others who would love to use them and really need them.

Read further details about the cool @dstors rewards plan and how to establish multiple income streams for you and your family! (taken from my own post about the dStors project! )

@kaliju's post about the detailed plans (including roadmap) for @dstors
-> Please read on here!

@derangedvisions's post on @dstors at #Steefest
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@roelandp's post on the roundtable at #Steemfest 2018! @dstors will attend as well
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@taskmaster4450's two amazing articles
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@crazybgadventure's wonderful post raising the question if we have solved our number one problem with crypto?
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@anutu's article
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111new-steem-footer1 (1).png

@welcomewagon logo designed by amazing @penderis


Did you "vote for Witness" already?
More information about on how important witness voting is, you can find here.
Please consider these most amazing and supportive people as witnesses:
@c0ff33a / @derangedvisions - @enginewitty - @thekitchenfairy - @jackmiller
@guiltyparties - @noblewitness - @good-karma - @yehey - @therealwolf
@surpassinggoogle / @steemgigs - @curie / @markangeltrueman
Thank you very much!


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Oh hey, Jatinhota is not a witness these days, but do let me recommend @jackmiller. One of the most sane people I've gotten to know out here.

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Good to know, thank you! Yep, I know @jackmiller, met him during Barbarella. Like him a lot! Sane .... mhhhh .... this is what I like :)

nice work @anutu .. i love your creativity and how you apply it.

The current Rambling Radio Schedule can be found here
It's All About Community!


Yes! It's all about community. I truly believe that our community is so rich in talents, so capable. Everyone has something to offer, everyone - and that makes me very happy.

well done, both!

thanks for this...

this is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I could see you making promotional videos for a living!!!! hehehehehe My goodness you have such a heart for design and creativity!!!
Is there anything that you can't do @anutu?!?!?!?! :)

Incredibly proud of the work that you and @oneofsteem did!!!!

That was a happy video! And imagine my shock when you said "travel"!