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@ReviewMe! I'm @anutu ≧◠‿◠≦✌



About Me:

I am a passionate emotional intelligence transformer - a passionate gardener who cares for the ever young plants called change and innovation. May I introduce myself? I am a German citizen with 25+ years of award-winning expertise in the tourism, cruise line, and hospitality industry.

I am a hospitality advisor and accredited tourism lead auditor and auditor trainer (TUV Certification Body). Besides, I am an artist, interior designer, and writer. Above that all, I am a community person and I love to engage with others and learn more about other people anywhere in the world. Sorry for the long post, my life is very adventurous :)



I studied economics with a focus on marketing and then moved for hospitality management studies to London. I was always very passionate about art and design. Thus afterward, I studied interior design and color psychology in Vienna. Based on my studies, I developed the so-called "ethics emotion synapse system - EESS" - connecting the ethics of a product with the philosophy, services, design. Thus creating a true and authentic multi-sensual experience that reflects the brand or product ethics emotionally.

I started my career in the hospitality- and cruise industry and later on I developed hotel- and retail projects globally. From vision to design, service- and product concepts, as well as pre-opening and operation. I had the pleasure to co-create one of the first fully sustainable nature resort's in the world in a national conservation park in the middle of the desert.


After a long life in the hospitality and design industry, I felt I lost myself and my creativity and needed to change my life completely.

Together with @oneofsteem we sold our house and most of our private possessions. We founded and financed with this money a foundation that cared for victims of family/domestic violence (mothers with children) and offered shelter, therapies, and guidance. Besides, we created micro job offers and an education program to support a self-sufficient life of the victims.

Besides, I created several organic cosmetic series and hotel spa concepts based on herbs, color therapy, and holistic healing. Coming from a family that is deeply rooted in cosmetics and health industry since 1882, I always wanted to create organic and holistic cosmetic recipes. I never wanted my products to be successful in a commercial way. To my surprise, I won several international awards (sectors: hospitality, tourism, marketing, cosmetics) for some inventions. As a result, I shared my holistic remedies and cosmetics recipes publicly, free to be used by everybody.


I had the pleasure to work with many renowned designers worldwide on several design projects. I am very passionate about organic design forms, thus I love to observe nature closely.



Today I support sustainable tourism projects (online and offline) and related startups with my 25+ years of knowledge, that have the potential to unite people from all over the world. Furthermore, as an accredited auditor (TUV Certification Body) and environmental expert within the cruise industry, I am committed to fight for a drastic reduction of environmental emissions and support the development of new technologies that will stop marine pollution and stop the use of fossil fuels. This is not always that easy, as this also means regularly questioning or even disproving the statements of various lobbyist groups.

And, I have been into professional ballroom-dancing quite some time. I love Steem & Crypto, the Barbarella Show (I am Co-Host with my friend @ravijojla), our @welcomewagon project created by my friend @dreemsteem, philosophy, the sea, traveling and all sorts of cool vintage stuff.


The beautiful tiny archipelago called Malta. You know why we moved here? Malta is called the Blockchain Island! I love all Crypto & Blockchain related projects so much that I moved to one of the epicenters where you can feel the "Blockchain Vibes"!

Living there within a wonderful community on a small island. Traveling the world frequently.

Contact Info:

Hey, if you would like to contact me, please feel free to reach out to me - I am curious who you are, I would love to meet you!





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Woo hooooo I get to be the first again!!! (i love being the first to review!!!)
I think I knew every single thing on this.... EXCEPT... did i know about the ball room dancing??? OK - NOW... i need to see some videos please :)

As anyone can see, @anutu is a man that is the full picture. From the core of who he is - to shining out to the environment all around him - he is one vision, one heart, one focus - I think I would use this ONE word to describe him: HARMONY.

He is harmonious with people around him, with the passions that consume him, with the environment that he lives in, and his desire is to always create from that harmony as well.

@welcomewagon has been extremely fortunate for being able to bring him into our family, and I am so grateful to @eveningart's wonderful eye to spy him very soon! Our lives have been enriched ever since!

And also...Anutu=Anytime!

Yes!!!! My silly phone autocorrect!!! Hahahahhahaa so funny @ravijojla!!!

You remember me the first days on steem, @dreemsteem ... blushing right now ... I blushed so much more the first days, got so much better now :)

I am so ... GRATEFUL!

I do remember!!! :)
I remember well!

hihihihihihi <3

Wow... Same here! I work as an Interior Designer here in UAE and I'm using AutoCAD, 3D Max, and Photoshop. (^_^)

Good to meet you @kennyroy! Thank you so much for stopping by! Yep, the software looks very familiar :) Are you more into interior or exterior?

Both bro. Interior and Exterior. Soon to share here the actual and the design.

Oh yes, please, curious to see your designs, cooool!

Sure! I will show to you this week... I will share the story how did I start! LOL

WOWOWOWOWOW, so great! I have to prepare something as well, so cool! Thank you very much!

5 cred stars

As a new member of the steem family I have especially appreciated @anutu.
His competence, constant helpfulness and enormous readiness has already helped many here.

With @anutu we have here a member, which is to be evaluated without reservation with 5 stars.

With thanks and many Greetings

This is exactly what I love Review me project for - bringing people and communities together!

I studied economics with a focus on marketing...

No doubt now we go along so well! Amazing profile, dear Anutu!
Courtesy to @kaliju.
And my credentials to you:

5 cred stars

Thank you so much, my Lady <3

I was so astonished when I wrote it, became so long, but I wanted so dearly share this with you all.


5 cred stars
This is one serious "resume"!!!! As a fellow human being, I'm sincerely proud of your achievements, goals and your total involvement with LIFE!

Such a beautiful mind you have, I can sense. Well, if you can offer your EESS to our project (color palette, user experience) that'd be the most amazing thing ever! I think, if time allows, your consultation could change a lot of for us.

I'm just going to leave 5 stars here because you're setting a great example with your engagement and this profile! I'm going to update mine as @dreemsteem, you, @ravijojla, @katrina-ariel and others are doing an exceptional job showcasing their professionalism and experience in the "about me" section of their #reviewme's - and that's motivating me. Love the links to your other places online!

Note: Quality reviews can help others learn more about @kaliju @anutu and in return, earn upvotes.

Change this to your steemit name, I think it's the old thing that's still left in the code - I'll take a look. ;)

Isn't he brilliant? I like to be near him so his GLOW rubs off on me. Hehehe

Cool that we all motivate each other!!! The way it should be!

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So grateful we have met @kaliju. We were so happy you joined us at Barbarella. First thing in the morning was to write my #reviewme post. Wanted that so dearly!

Would love to consult your project, this would be a pleasure and an honor.

4 cred stars

What a turn! from economic to hospitality. This is amazing resume!!! probably one of the most compelling I've read my entire life. I am impressed with your achievements especially when it comes to sustainable tourism.

Not to mention, you live in a beautiful country too!

Yes, our tiny island is one of the most amazing places in the world. Nature, people, community. Besides, we are on the best way becoming one of the major blockchain hubs since quite some time. This makes my heart even happier.

Thank you so much for stopping by, so great to meet you, where are you from?

5credstars (1).png
This was a really great writing and a pleasure to read my friend 😊 you have much talent and it's good to get to know you better.

You have a way of write that inspires,
You are a passionate and has a great heart ❤️
Of course you get 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Have a wonderful weekend and stay as you are.
Much Love 🤗💕

Thank you so much @saffisara, blushing again ... I was so shy when we met the first time. Thank you so much for supporting me from the very first minute here <3

Well you make it easy my friend just by being who you are 🤗💕 Amazing!


And that's what we are here for, helping and supporting each other. Share our experiences and learn from each other 😉 how Awsome is that?
Have a wonderful evening and big hug 🤗💕
sneaks a butthug ❤️

5 cred stars
Passionate, caring and talented.
there's so much to say about @anutu!
He's a man of many facets, Artist, Collaborator, and Curtator, he's everything a great steemian should be!

Thank's a lot, @bluefinstudios, it is such a pleasure and an honor to contribute to the community. Thanks to you and WW I had a chance to fully understand what gift steem is and found my way around. Where would I be without you?!

5 cred stars

I am really enjoying the Barbarella show, it's a clever concept and very informative. I really like your comprehensive and varied posts, it's amazing to fund out how much you have done in life - I feel like a one trick pony now - all I have ever done is sell coffee!

#thealliance #witness

I am blushing right now, @c0ff33a, thank you so much for your review and your kind words.

Coffee is such important part of my life :) I would not have never been able to work through those long nights without coffee. I am so sure, that not only from my personal view, selling coffee is an amazingly important thing. Your passion for coffee, selling it, is a gift you give to the world, to countless people who thank's to you can enjoy coffee every day!

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