Drop in the Ocean: [032#] Perception

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What do you see?

Welcome back to our weekly Drop in the Ocean post where we feature the amazing content that was created for the show.

This weeks topic was Perception, a word which some of us linked too closely to Perspective than we should of. Luckily, we had a mixture of posts and discussion that cleared things up.

To see what we discussed during the show, you have to keep reading. Visit the posts and show some support while you dive deep into the topic of perception from this weeks Drop in the Ocean show.

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This weeks posts.

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@youhavewings winning post is a truly remarkable read for us to sink our teeth into.

She has gone into great detail to share information about our perceptions, the world and dimensions, and how we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to perceiving our surroundings.

Perception is being drawn from outside of ourselves and we are perceiving who we are from that place based on what we perceive to be true or not.

The most interesting points shared by @youhavewings are at the end of the post where the mention of E8, or the eighth dimension, is introduced. This is definitely something to be read for yourself.

.... - Read her post now.


Remember when I mentioned at the beginning about perspective being misinterpreted as a similar meaning to perception? Well, @Shadowspub had plans to set this straight since the week prior.

The word perception derives from the Latin word “Perceptio” which means to seize or understand. Perception is the process of becoming aware of something through our physical senses — sight, touch, feel, smell etc.

In this post, Shadows explains why Perception and Perspective are different and why. She also goes on to share her views on perception within the political world.

... - head over to read her post now.

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Our runners-up for this week

Thank you to everyone who was at the show and contributed their posts on our topic of the week. Every post and person that joins in makes Drop in the Ocean worth having.

So where are the rest of the posts?


E-MOTION. Energy + Motion.

How Do You Perceive The Word?


If appears that this isn't TheHive's first opinion.

Buddy Up word of the week Perception/Perspective


How does family effect perception?

Perception Shapes Everything


Think and you will grow positive.

Perception ~ Drop in the Ocean


Are we our history? Are we a slave to our past?

Perspective Shmerspective.


Figure out your audiences perspective.

It's All About Perspective!


What perceptions just don't matter?

To put it in perspective, I had the house to tidy.


A lack of words is the best thing this guy will ever produce. We would not mind a lack of presence either. (he would cry if he left us, 100%)

All You see

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We all grow together

This has been @Penderis & @calumam thanks for reading.

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You are no longer allowed to describe your own posts. Seriously.

@dreemsteem, @Monchhichi23, I need some backup on this.

I totally agree @hyperbole... I've tried telling him this but he just won't listen. Maybe we need an intervention.

I love interventions!!!

But yeah, he's probably just trying to get out of writing more. He wants a good excuse...

He's always looking for ways to get out of having to put effort into anything ... he just can't be bothered

Why not? Do you have problem with accurate descriptors? What if your phone battery never gave the correct value? Or the milk level was never correct through the lemi transparent bottle.. You want the world to be topsy turvy and not know because they have no word for it. You are speaking of regression

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Why not? Do you have problem with accurate descriptors? What if your phone battery never gave the correct value?

I've never gotten the correct value on my phone. Besides, I think my 10 and a half billion dollars of STEEM should tell you what I think of accurate descriptions.

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