She stood in the Storm...

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..And when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails....

This is my story..

Over the past several weeks, there has been a harmful, hurtful, and downright evil attack on my character, my motivations and my personality. It has been one of the most challenging episodes I have ever had to endure, especially because the things said about me and the charges levied at me are 100% false.

Some who were targeted came at the attacks head on, and appeared on the channels of the people who threw these stones. I, on the other hand, have chosen to remain silent, stand on principles, and not respond, as I firmly believe that this takes attention away from our objective, which is uncovering the corruption at the highest levels of power and government in our country and the world, shining a light on the corruption, and awakening people around the world to what is going on. While talking to a friend the other day, I basically uttered “I report the news. I have literally ZERO interest in BEING the news”

It is really hard to maintain that position when the well water is being poisoned by lies from people who seem to have nothing better to do with their time than attack truth seekers, sending floods of folks to the truth seekers social media demanding they answer to the smears.

The reason these people do this is very simple, and actually quite ingenious. By leveling charges at “figures” who are more successful than they, then giving these “figures” the “opportunity” to appear on THEIR platform to defend themselves, they accomplish the goal of siphoning the audience from people who are doing good work, and dragging that audience into the drama unfolding. The person targeted NEVER ends up on the right side of that exchange. I have watched this particular group of conspirators specifically do it time and again, some of them basing what seems like their entire social media presence to it. It is disgusting and it is actually very sad. They have been unable to grow an audience on their own solid merits, so they attack other folks who have worked hard to do so, gathering clicks and views on their own channels, while torturing their victims in the process. It is truly one of the lowest things to happen, and it goes to show that there is evil even within what is supposedly our midst.

However, this time, the slander is really just reaching epic proportions. As many of you know, I have been able to build a platform off of my research and reporting, and I do this for a living now. The amazing and generous support I receive from kind people out there who appreciate what I do has enabled me to be able to focus 100% of my time on finding the truth and presenting the facts to you in an open source way- meaning I do NOT accept tips from sources, and I do NOT ask you to “trust” me. You can take what I have found, the deductions I have made, and you can research these things yourself to come to conclusions. You may even find something new! I know this is VERY long article, but this is very important. I will address the claims levied (with facts, the way I always do) and tell my story here. This will be the very first, and the very last time I will ever do this, but I feel its important to have my side of the story out there for people to read for themselves.


I would like to address this first, as it was the most surprising to me, and was framed in a way as to affect maximum damage to me and my character.

I have said many times, that before I was involved in activism for Donald Trump, I was involved in activism for Ron Paul. We had an amazing movement of people, and over those ten years I met some wonderful folks, a few of which I now call lifelong friends. In the months before Trump was elected, and the months shortly following it, I was in a chat group with three of those friends on Facebook. I had started my YouTube channel before the election, and it was slowly growing through my coverage of the Wikileaks emails.

One of the women in this group was a fantastic researcher. She and I were always working on something together. She was amazing at what she did. But a problem arose- she wanted to remain private and anonymous. We discussed this on several occasions, and decided that since I was already a public figure, I would present the stories WE worked on TOGETHER, and leave her out of it. She wanted to remain anonymous.

Much of what we covered was very sensitive and very dangerous. It was information about child trafficking networks and Antifa- the information that when dispersed to the public often puts a target on your back. We made the decision that the information needed to get out there, and that I would take on the task of being the one to present it on my channel. Mind you, my channel was very small at the time, but it was attracting some attention.

This person (whom I will not name, because they want to remain anon) would share their research with me, which was amazing research- however I ALWAYS added my own research to the topic as well. As a matter of fact, she often suggested that I share hers canned, but I felt extremely disingenuous doing so. I always added an equal batch of my own work to the information she presented. I did several videos in this manner, mainly on Antifa and human trafficking, and the connection therewith. She, on several occasions, had expressed to me she was a member of an anonymous group who were infiltrating Antifa around the country-- this is when the attacks by Antifa were hot and heavy. They had accumulated information they wanted to get out to the public. She approached me with the information and that is when I said what is notated on the private message that she shared (without my consent) here. In retrospect, boy do those words look horrible. I was pretty green back then, and that certainly looks bad. But I was referencing here, back in February of 2017 (pre-Q) that I was happy to get the message out about what Antifa was doing, what their connections were, and exposing those connections- including to pedophilia- because the people involved weren’t able to do it. In hindsight? I would have definitely chosen different words. I’d just also like you to notice a few things-- the message of personal thanks I put here in the exchange, (that will come in handy in a moment) as well as the fact that these folks thought nothing of doxxing me.

I had used my real name once before on the Hagmann Report, but really shied away from doing so for reasons I am sure you can understand. One of the characters in this group attacking me publicly used my name a few weeks ago, which is what spurred this tweet:


I was excited about the growth in my channel. I have always wanted to share the truth to a wide audience. I was very small, and the video I am referencing in the one sided exchange above is linked here:

A print screen of the description box is below. Please note the topic of the video- it is about Antifa and Child trafficking/pedophilia.

One of the things this person is claiming, is that I used their research and didn’t give them credit for any of the work they did. They maintain I stole their research and did not credit them at all. Lets address these claims. Firstly, as I mentioned, this person wished to remain anonymous and did not want to be public. That presents challenges when attempting to credit for research done. In this particular video, I didn’t verbally say “Thank you” in the video itself. However, if you notice in the description, I say “we” tie, etc. Here is the thing- The person who shared this information with me supposedly had an undercover operation going on to infiltrate Antifa. I found it interesting she chose this particular message to showcase in the first place, and secondly I had absolutely mentioned I had worked with a group several times.

So, as a journalist, how do you a credit a source who is assisting you with open source research, wishes to remain anonymous, and is trying to infiltrate a shady leftist communist group? I didn’t want to use the word “source”. I was using OPEN SOURCE information that didn’t require an anonymous tip from anyone, requiring me to “trust” them-- the information could be found publicly online and connected as such. I wanted that to stand on its own. Again, hindsight being 20/20, in this particular video, and knowing now how hurt this person apparently is that I didn’t thank them in an anonymous way, publicly in this piece, I would have done it differently. I found it interesting I wasn’t approached with this concern immediately afterwards, so I would have the opportunity to correct this and address it with the person, however, to say that I NEVER did thank them? Well that is just simply not true. And I will prove it to you.

I’d like to draw your attention to another video that this person assisted me with. There HONESTLY were a handful of them as a total percentage of videos on my channel-- but this one in particular got me in a LOT of hot water. I will explain why in a moment. Here is the link:

Please notice the date on the video was two days after the message that was shared, and it was the second in the series we were speaking about. The date the video was published is 2/7/17.

I am sharing the transcript of this video, in the very beginning, within the first 15 seconds. I want you all to note what I say before I even get into the material:

Again, you can watch it for yourself but note what I say, right in the beginning: “So a bunch of my team and I, because I do have a team of people that help me out with this stuff, it’s not just a one woman show”

Now, given that we have established (and I will prove in this article) that this person wanted to remain anonymous, this was the ONLY way I could think of to credit this person for their contribution. I did this in a few other videos as well, and sharing them all here would get redundant, but you are more than welcome to go back through my channel and look at the videos in this time period for yourselves to get an idea. It is important to note that there was not collaboration on ALL of my videos during this time, just some of them. This particular video became a VERY big problem for me. This will be the next thing I address and ties back into this same person who shared these messages who wishes to remain anonymous.

The person shared a screen capture of a message between myself and George Webb that happened in February of 2017. This was before I had much knowledge about George Webb at all. I prefer to let folks come to THEIR OWN conclusions about people, however, this is a story I have never publicly told, and will share now.


I would like to again draw your attention to the date on this grainy Direct Message between myself and George Webb. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but if you take a look at the comments on the video (comments from video linked above where I thank my “team”) lots of folks were directing me over to his channel.

In a message I can not locate now, someone told me that George Webb was desperately trying to contact me in regards to this video. I reached out to him, via twitter. At the VERY SAME time as this was happening, I was being attacked in a VERY scary way by an anon on twitter who doxxed me using a crazy mathematical riddle. I was covering Vault 7 at the time (the woman above who shared those messages was also working with me on that), speaking with AnonScan in DM, etc. I don’t really want to get into that too much, but I will in a moment. Also at this time, I was at the hospital. Both my husband, and another close family member were admitted the very day this was happening. Both had serious health issues. To say things were hectic and crazy in February was an understatement.

Here are the messages in full:

“I got a message from some guy saying someone is after me” (in screen shot above) is the doxing- here is a screen shot of the account. This “group” after some back and forth, again while my family was in the hospital, turned out to be friendly, and taught me a LOT about privacy and the web.

(Notice how I say “That’s nothing compared to what WE have found” (emphasis added)

Now- lets address the Bank shot that people are using to claim that I am somehow funded by Webb. He states right in the message “I don’t know how that got in there. Somehow it pulled up an image in my photos”

He states right in the message “I don’t know how that got in there. Somehow it pulled up an image in my photos” This is the message that when presented publicly was selectively cropped and edited. Some are using as proof that George Webb is somehow funding me. I will state EMPHATICALLY here and now, there was NEVER then, or at any time EVER, any payment made to me by George Webb OR anyone affiliated with George Webb. I have never made a payment TO George Webb, or anyone affiliated with George Webb. That is a blatant lie, and the person who shared this message to be released publicly this past week, was actually HELPING me figure out what this was at the time it happened. I was REALLY curious about what it could have been. In full transparency, again, here are the rest of the messages.

Now, an interesting thing happened here-- you will see on 2/18/17 I asked George Webb about some documentary filmmakers who had emailed me about appearing in their documentary. I thought it was very odd, because I had about 10k subs I believe, and I wasn’t very “big”, yet these people approached me wanting to do a profile on me as a journalist. I had inquired with them who else in our sphere they were speaking to, and they mentioned Webb. Again, I was unfamiliar with him at the time. I would become very familiar in the near future. They first contacted me on Youtube, on 2/17 and I replied using the email they provided in their message:

They responded the next day and answered who else they were speaking to. I have blacked out the other names and left the one relevant to this conversation.

I reached out to Webb to ask his opinion as soon as I received their response. I was very wary, and I didn’t respond back immediately.

I replied I had a lot going on personally (I did….)

I can share the rest of the emails, but you get the drift. Eventually after pinging me for an interview for several weeks, we scheduled a time to speak on March 17th. I sought the counsel of many people (including the person who shared the private DM’s) at the time on what this could be. I decided the only way to find out was to ask. I had a 2 hour call with two individuals, one Lee, and the other a gentleman whose name I don’t remember. They asked me lots and lots of questions about the research, how and why I do what I do, and then ended up asking me a lot of questions about one George Webb. “How does he get his information? Does he have contacts? Do you work with him?” I answered all of these questions honestly, and openly. I had no ties to Webb. I had no idea where he got his research. I had no idea who his contacts were. We ended the call with them wanting to travel to my location for an in person interview a few weeks later. I never followed up and I never heard back.

Needless to say, my intuition told me there was a pretty good chance these people weren’t documentary filmmakers. I have come to learn now, some 16 months or so later, that the woman who shared our DM’s was very upset that I didn’t include her in the discussion with these non-documentary, documentary filmmakers.

I also wanted to share, that I went dark on Social Media around this time as well. Given what I was dealing with in regards to my family and their serious health issues (some still ongoing) as well as the doxxing, the controversy, and the craziness, I made this video on February 12, 2017:

The next video I would publish would be almost a month later, on March 4, 2017, and it was about a topic I have covered for a very long time, Guccifer 2.

To further dispel the “George Webb financed Tracy Beanz” rumor, and a few others that have been leveled, it will require us to again travel back in time to last year, in May of 2017. I do not want to rehash this period, as it was hectic, and I learned a lot from the experience, but basically, I was VERY concerned with the unfolding drama (at the time) involving George Webb and his crew. My concern was not the personalities, it was the information. It has always been, and will ALWAYS be, about the information. You can travel back to my channel and see the videos I did about these things. I have left them there for those who wished to find out my side of the story in this fiasco, which interestingly enough, also involves a lot of the cast of characters who are speaking poorly about me today.

After going through the material there, in plain public view, I ask you-- Would it make sense for me to so publicly and so overtly take on my supposed funding source in such a drastic manner? The answer to that question is a resounding “no”. As you can see in my messages above, George Webb is blocked from viewing me on Twitter, and shall remain so.

Since, that crew has gone on to do their own work. They all still have channels, they all still do reporting. We went our separate ways and I put it behind me to get back to focusing on what was important. One of the people involved STILL speaks my name in a derogatory manner. To the person I am referencing, if you are reading this- I can not retract something that I never said. Addressing one further claim- NO. I absolutely did NOT call someones father and harass them. The fact that people even THINK I could be capable of something like that is very disappointing.

Those of you who have been with me since this period have watched as I have consistently practiced the lesson I learned through this experience. The lesson? If you want to be accepted as a serious investigative journalist, and not a soap star, keep the drama OFF of YouTube, and stick to what you do best-- JOURNALISM.
When I saw the print screen of the bank transfer, I was immediately taken aback and thought that the folks who posted it had hacked my twitter. I took a moment to go to the twitter page of the person who shared it, and I immediately knew who shared the private messages from our Facebook group, without my permission or consent. I went back to that group after reactivating Facebook (It has been deactivated for almost a year) and I asked a simple question- “Why?” What follows below is our someone terse and heated exchange. I am sharing it so that you can see the end of this horrific ordeal. At the end I will make my final comments on this particular matter, and hopefully it will be put to bed. I have chosen to black out the name and photo of the person who shared the conversation. She has always wished to be anonymous, and I am not going to change that now. I have also blacked out the names of other people mentioned and a few personal details about my relatives.

And that my friends, is basically that. So, to the anonymous person in this message who worked on videos with me back in late 2016 early 2017- I am sorry you didn’t feel appreciated or credited. You and I both know that at the time, we had SEVERAL conversations about this, and I was very careful to thank my “team” in those videos. You had months to speak to me about this, after the videos were made and before I went off Facebook, and you never did. While I feel horrible that you feel you didn’t receive the credit you deserved, what I will never be able to get over is the malicious way that you just did this to me and the way you attempted to destroy my reputation. There were other ways to go about this, but this is how you chose to do it. The option I had left at this point was to tell my side. I don’t think there is much more I can add here…

And now on to the topic EVERYONE on the web is talking about. The famous (or infamous) Q.


This may end up being a novel by the end, but this requires a lot of detail and please stick with me as I explain.

Like most people who were watching, when Q first made their appearance, I watched with wonder. I was one of the very first to cover it on YouTube, with my first video being published on November 3, 2017. This video (along with every other video but one) that I did on Q, remains on my channel in full public view to this day, and that has NEVER changed.

I want to draw your attention to the transcript for a moment. I want you to note, that AS ALWAYS, I thanked someone who had sent me information through ProtonMail who wished to remain anonymous:

And the VERY first sentence I say:

In the description box, I link to a PNG of the posts on pol so as not to direct people to their board. I have ALWAYS been conscious of that, even from the first video.

Here is a print screen of my channel. I want you to take particular notice to the dates of the videos AS WELL AS the monetization status on them. Many of them are demonetized. I am NOT making money on these videos currently, and I didn’t make much on them previously. I also want to point out, that even if I did, that shouldn’t matter to ANYONE out there. This is just a small snippet of them, but here they are.

I am going to switch topics for a moment into the whole “making money is bad” crew that has been running around questioning anyone who has a PayPal account or a Patreon account for their work. Why does this bother you so much? I have said time and again, if I (or someone else) puts effort and time and research and sweat and passion into a product that the public as a whole benefits from, appreciates, and VALUES, and those people decide to compensate me VOLUNTARILY for that work, why does it irk you so much? Are you a communist? Are you anti-capitalist? Are you jealous? What is it, really? Because the concept of that is SO anti-American, SO anti free-market-- I really have a problem with it.

I have NEVER been solely a “Q-Journalist”. I have ALWAYS done other work, and I have been good at it. People appreciate it. They do not want to read thousands of pages of government documents and put two and two together-- they can watch me take all of that work, condense it into 30-60 minutes, consume it FOR FREE, and at the end, or after time, if THEY CHOOSE to send me a donation or subscribe to my Patreon because they want to support me, they do! The thing about it that needs to be pointed out here and now, is that some of the folks on YouTube who are demonizing people who monetize or have Patreon, or have Paypal, HAVE THEIR OWN PAYPAL, AND PATREON, AND MONETIZATION, AND T-SHIRTS as they preach their “holier than thou” “SHE TAKES MONEY!! GASP!!” argument to everyone. Hypocrite much? Do you need to eat, folks? I need to eat. My kids need to eat. And this is my JOB. Money is not evil. End of story. Just stop it and realize that you are literally crapping all over the “American Dream”.

Secondly on the money front-- How much money does the MSM have cumulatively to peddle their propaganda out to everyone?? BILLIONS of dollars in funding. These folks who are angry about funding want to take the MSM down, but they don’t want to give the funding to the people who are dedicating themselves to doing this-- because why? They want it to fail? This work is time consuming, STRESSFUL (as you are beginning to see) and DIFFICULT. I am gracious to everyone who chooses to support me through monetization each month or with one time donations. It makes it so that I can dedicate my LIFE to stopping the bad guys propaganda, and I do it happily. It certainly isn’t for everyone. Why on EARTH would you want to try to remove that engine from anyone? It just doesn’t make sense.

For more information on Patreon, and so that I do not have to recreate the wheel, please see this thread:

So, back to Q- I covered the posts in earnest as they came out. I researched them ON MY OWN. I did not take anyone else’s research, and in many of my videos I stated that this was all open source information- it was freely available on the web for anyone to find. And this was the beauty of the Q phenomenon. The Socratic Method of asking questions and pointing people to research for THEMSELVES was an amazing thing to behold. It has awoken more people in a short amount of time than I ever dreamed possible. It was ingenious. It was brilliant. It was MAGICAL. And the best part? It does not matter who this “Q” was then, or who this “Q” is NOW. It really does not matter. What does matter? The connections we have made, what we have learned and continue to learn, and how we then apply this knowledge moving forward.

On December 19th, I received an email from the Board Owner of the Board where Q was posting, called “The Calm Before the Storm”.

I am unable to decrypt this email because I needed to change my Proton token and it will not allow me to see the messages from before I did that. He was approaching me as the board owner to ask me if I wanted to do an interview. My response was one of shock. I had taken a LOT of heat from the anons on the boards for covering the topic, so I was surprised that the owner and mods of the board wanted to speak to ME about Q at all.

We arranged the interview, and while we were speaking about it, they mentioned they wanted to speak to my subscribers about how to use the boards, because there was a lot of confusion and problems on the Chans. Instead, I recommended we start the CBTS reddit board. And the Reddit was born. Intially I was very involved with modding and talking to folks over there, but at the time, I was working a full time job, doing this research, and being a wife and mother, and it just got to be too much, so I handed the reins over to the anons to take care of the board instead.

NOTE: I do not have any technical knowledge, insider knowledge, etc so on and so forth about WHY Q moved boards. I just do not know. I can not speak to any of those details or answer any of those questions, because I just don’t know.

Before I show you the video interview with the BO and Bakers, please take a look at another print screen of my YouTube channel and note that I was doing LOTS of other content with this at the time. I was NOT a “Q Only” channel! EVER! This is one of the claims that is lobbed at me all of the time-- “You only covered Q and then you stopped!” That is not true at all. Even throughout the beginning where I was decoding the posts and drops I still did other content in between:

Please take a look at the video titled “What is going on with my recordings”. I was working on a laptop with horrible capture software and a lower end microphone. Many of my subscribers were unable to watch my content, and I was unable to record long videos, or when I did record them they wouldn’t work, there would be no sound, etc. I had my Patreon from December of 2016, and I had saved some money from those folks contributing, along with the new people who had decided to jump in to support me. Apparently, in the world of YouTube drama, for some reason me purchasing myself a new computer and recording equipment so that I could return a quality product to you, the consumer, is a CRIME. AN EVIL CRIME!!! I recorded the set up I purchased, because I wanted my Patrons to see THEIR RETURN ON INVESTMENT. It was this: “You are donating to me every month. I want you to see that I am using those funds to reinvest back into my product and channel so that you and everyone else has a better experience” That has been made into a big conspiracy somehow, with people absolutely AGHAST that I could take my Patreon money and use it TO GET BETTER…Patrons, would you rather me use your support to take a vacation, or reinvest and grow my channel and reach with new equipment to make me more effective and professional? I think most folks know the reasonable answer to that question.

I digress.

Back to the interview with the Board Owners. I did THREE videos with the guys from the boards. We worked in discord together. We decoded. We set up interviews to spread the word, we worked on getting more people involved.

These are the three videos I did with the Board Owner and Bakers of CBTS on 8 chan for my channel. I can not speak to what their motivations were. I can not speak to what any of them did personally or otherwise. I can speak to my experience.

Firstly, just to get it out there once and for all- I do not have, nor have I EVER had, any moderator access, board access, volunteer access, etc to the 8chan sites where Q was posting or is posting. I was never involved in that way. My sole purpose was covering the information released in these drops.

The people I was “working” with at the time were the ones with the access to the boards etc. I did not ask them about what they did, and I have no way to know what they did. There were separate groups I did not belong to during that time. I do know, however, that these folks were (along with many others, including myself) working night and day on this topic. We were spending nearly every waking moment on discord. There were people who wanted us to stop. There were people who hated us. There were people who mocked us and called us names. There were ugly memes made about me and other people who chose to cover the topic. There was drama. BOY was there drama.

Throughout the experience, before 1/4/18 when the controversial switch happened (I will get there in a moment), I continued to cover other content for my channel, again, like I always did. However, I want to again show you the back end of my channel. You can see that there are NO videos deleted. Everything is there. I also have been accused of deleting my tweets about Q. That is not true either. A quick search on twitter will show you ALL of the tweets I have ever made on Q. All it takes to find this stuff (if you are sincerely interested in the truth) is to take a look at my channel and twitter.

So in late December early January, we noticed that Dr. Jerome Corsi had taken an interest in Q and was posting decodes on SCRIBD and on our Reddit site. I did not (and still do not) know about his past, but I did know he was a respected figure in the world of alternative media, who had written several best selling books, and had been on our “team” for a very long time. So, when he began covering Q which everyone was beginning to say was “fake” or a “LARP” etc, I thought it was particularly interesting.

Interjecting here, it is important to note that I have NEVER- NOT ONE TIME – EVER called the phenomenon of Q a LARP, and I challenge anyone who says that I have to produce that evidence to me. I will help you-- it doesn’t exist.

One day we were in our discord, and the Board Owner at CBTS was in discord telling us that the posts on the board that day were coming in from an IP address that he had never seen before.

I will take a brief tech break- As I understand it, you can not see the actual IP on the moderator/owner panel of the boards- you can only see a hash that is generated from that IP. So, if you are a board owner, you can filter posts on the back end by this hash, and be able to tell what posts are coming from what device. Because Q was using a trip code, the Owner knew which posts were coming from Q, which hashes had been attributed with Q in the past, and was able to compare posts to be able to obtain validity.

As we were on discord discussing this, Dr. Corsi had reached out via direct message to one of the other anons on Reddit. That anon brought Dr. Corsi into our discord room. Dr. Corsi proceeded to tell us that he didn’t feel the posts from Q that day were valid posts. What happened next happened in a flurry. Dr. Corsi instructed the Board Owner to delete the posts Q had made on that board. The Board Owner did so, against his better judgment. Dr. Corsi instructed me to make a post on Reddit and share on my Twitter that “Q” had been compromised. I did so, AGAINST my better judgment. Then, all hell broke loose.

The internet exploded, and Q made a post on the boards saying that the Board Owner was compromised, and Q would no longer be posting there. I crossed out an irrelevant post on this page that I captured.

The posts that Dr. Corsi said were fake, were the following:

Well, to be honest, I disagreed. I didn’t think they looked any different, and I also didn’t receive an answer that I felt was valid to the questions I asked Dr. Corsi on the discord when it came to why HE felt they weren’t valid. What I had in front of me was a board OWNER telling me it was a different device and IP, and a man with decades of experience in intelligence and several best selling books telling me the same.

In retrospect, I will NEVER abandon my instincts again. I haven’t since. There was outrage everywhere, with people accusing me of being all sorts of horrible things. There was a post from Q basically warning people that the BO was compromised as were the people who ran the board. I had been working with those people and I knew what happened. I was hurt for them, and I was VERY concerned, that this “insider” had used their position to throw shade on a regular person. I have stated this several times- I do not agree with the generic “be careful who you follow” posts, for a few reasons- there is now a “cult of personality” surrounding Q and people have used this as an excuse to MALICIOUSLY attack people in the past, and because it personally makes me feel very uncomfortable that a group who is supposedly that high in government disparages a normal every day citizen. Too much power, too much “God like” status- makes me VERY uncomfortable. It did then, and it does now. This isn’t the fault of “Q”, it is the fault of human nature.

What did I do in response to this crazy catastrophe that befell us in January? I did the only thing I could do. I asked Dr. Corsi if he would do an interview on my channel to discuss what happened. I wanted him to explain what he instructed us to do. I wanted him to take his share of the responsibility and let folks know he had said the posts were fake. I wanted him to tell my audience why it is he came out so strongly about those Q posts being illegitimate. In the first 10-20 minutes of this interview, he did just that. He knew that I would be asking these questions and he knew why we were having the interview. I told him why I wanted to do it. I would invite you to listen to the interview again, from this perspective.

After that incident, I realized that I needed to do it differently. I was tired of the near constant back end drama that was going on on the discord. I was tired of the constant fighting that was happening out on twitter and youtube because of it. I was tired of the divide, and being accused of all sorts of things that had nothing to do with the main reason we are all here--- the INFORMATION. So, I changed everything completely. I wished the folks on the discord well, and went my separate way. I had no ill will towards any of them, I just decided I wanted to do it my way from there on out.

I did a few more videos directly mentioning Q-

And after I did them, I realized for certain, that the way I needed to cover Q was going to need to change if I was going to reach more people. Firstly, the “market” was over saturated. There were HUNDREDS of creators covering Q and they were all in competition with one another about it. Too many cooks in the kitchen. It was time to step aside. Secondly, the letter Q was inadvertently dividing lots of people. I didn’t want to be a part of a divide. I wanted to bring people together. So, I covered all of the Q drops that I felt were pertinent, in addition to my other work, and I never even needed to say the letter Q. But it was never about the letter Q. It was about the information that the letter Q was posting on the chans, and the rest of us were spreading across the country like wildfire.

There have been many charges thrown my way, and I can emphatically state that I have literally ZERO knowledge of who Q is, or who Q was or who he was supposed to be. I have not watched these videos about people saying that Q was taken over, or Q was hijacked, or Q was a different Q and then changed to a new Q who then became another organization, and on and on as the drama goes. I had and have no knowledge of who was or is behind Q. There was no secret handshake or pact with anyone. I CERTAINLY never “used” Q for money or to mislead people-- that is just utterly ridiculous. I was not in possession of some secret information that I never told anyone so that I could keep all of the Q glory for myself and “dupe” my followers. I have never claimed to speak with Q directly. I have never tried to investigate to find out who Q is. I never received any email about Q or someone telling me who Q really is-- all of that- all of those claims are all just baloney. There is no way for me to prove them wrong because I can not prove a negative. That is, in fact, the very reason why people have chosen those very things to attack me with. Because since they are untrue, I can not prove them. And since I have no access, and never had any access, to the back end of 8 chan or the chans in general, I have no magic information I can produce. Do you know what I do have, though?

I have my work.

The one thing I have NOT seen thrown my way throughout all of this slander, throughout all of the time that anyone has spent trying to tarnish my reputation and take me down, throughout all of the crazy messages, and threats, and nonsense I have dealt with throughout this ordeal-- the one thing that NO ONE has done, is criticize my work. No one has attacked me for the caliber of my research, or spent time to prove me wrong. No one has attacked my sourcing, my methods, my investigative product- no one has come after a story I have done, or the validity of the information I have put forth--

All people have done is come after me as a person. And one must wonder why.

We are at a precipice right now, where the world is changing before our eyes. It is an amazing and beautiful time, full of promise. In fact, just today as I sat here all day compiling this for all of you, many news stories broke about the draining of the swamp that people pretend isn’t happening. I dedicate myself to showing you how this is happening each and every single day for 18 hours a day, and I do it with pride, passion, integrity, and JOY. You have today, seen a little bit of what happens to indie media on a daily basis behind the scenes, as REAL truth tellers attempt to shuffle through all of the bull to deliver YOU the truth. It is a stressful, hurtful, and emotionally taxing job. But I do it everyday with love, gratitude, and appreciation.

We are changing the world. My opinion on Q shoudn’t, and doesn’t MATTER. It is the INFORMATION that is important. I wouldn’t care at this point if Q turned out to be a random guy sitting in a basement! I would give him a HUG because of what he was able to accomplish! If Q turns out to be a group of MI close to the President, than we have lived through one of the greatest times in human history. I have been, and will continue to be, glad to be a part of it. You should too. You are responsible for helping to shape the world.

I wrote this long seven thousand word piece today, to hopefully put to bed some of the innuendo and rumor out there, and stave off these accusations that have been so maliciously thrown at me. I have done nothing to hurt anyone. I am not misleading anyone- my work is open source. You are not required to like or even trust me for the information to be of value to you. This work I am doing, my social media, my YouTube-- they are not about ME as a person. They are about getting the sunlight on the evil and corruption in this world. I am honored to be able to help you all to learn a little more about it, and if you like me as a person as we go along, then that is even better.

In closing, pay close attention to who is behind the attacks on your favorite indie media. Pay close attention to the caliber of the attacks, the background behind them, how they are being orchestrated and how they are being broadcast. And then, when you are done with that, do me a quick favor? Think of the person on the other end of those attacks. They are a human being too, who is likely doing all they can in their own way to help people wake up.

What is happening right now to several big "new" media personalities is beyond comprehension. Someone will level a claim and people will just believe it, without doing so much as a simple search on their own to verify any of it. It is really insane how easily manipulated people can be. And it never ends. This particular attack on me has been going on for literally a month straight now- 7 days a week, nearly 24 hours a day.

My dad once told me that all you really have in life is your integrity. I have made that a cornerstone in my adult life, and I hope that as we move forward, you know that I am doing all of this from a place of love, with all of my soul dedicated to HONEST, SOURCED, investigative journalism, done WITH INTEGRITY. Thank you all for coming with me on this journey. Thank you so much for doing this with me, for your kind words, your warm virtual hugs, and the constant support you have shown me through all of this mess. I appreciate it more than you know.

I love all of you, and it is now time for me to get back to work. We have an IG report coming out.


tracy beans.jpg

You can block me on twitter but not on steemit for asking questions and countering your bullshit.

Lolz 7k words of bullshit. Thanks for proving to me once again you are not going to accurately address the massive issues with what came out about you. So after all these months of you blatantly lying to everyone, we are now supposed to trust you?

Lolz, this rebuttal is all based on your word. Your word is worth jack shit right now. We told you months ago Q was a larp and you continued because you "don't care what the agenda is so long as you are the voice of it" lolz. Exactly what I said about you. You even constantly say "it doesn't matter who Q is", well it does if he is misleading people and people are lying about who he is. It also matters of the persona clearly changes. So once again you are dead wrong.

We have pointed out issues with your research, one major one is that you tried to paint Mueller as a white hat, and you pumped countless fear porn, mostly ASMR style "this is amazing" crap in your videos which you now revoked because you can't take the heat for putting up so much bad research.

Your lies just continue. You don't even have the courage to stand the fire and address this to your actual YouTube audience because you know you will lose to many of them which is why you took the chicken shit way out and posted a blog about it.

I still offer to debate you live anytime on about everything I ever said about you. Don't run Tracy it's Steemit. This is my platform and you can't hide from me on here.

@titusfrost don't be so nasty to @tracybeanz.
I would expect and DEFEND this type of vitriol for someone like @csthetruth; but not @tracybeanz.

Walk around the parking lot... take a chill... this is exactly the type of behavior that the Q-mechanism is designed to induce; disrespectful, vitriolic rhetoric aimed at one another rather than cooperative collaboration. THINK about that please.

psyops fucked piotr.png

The Q-LARP is not going away... and more Deployed programs like it are activating as we speak.

She should answer for herself. She is an adult, she can write and she can take my debate challenge anytime.

Who are you to be so nasty to someone whose views you obviously disagree with and why do you want to be so nasty ? Are you intentionally trying to hurt Tracy? Just because her views are different than yours does not mean she is lying. I do not know either one of you nor do I know much about either of you but I do know that I do not trust people that feel a need to be nasty to others, especially those they disagree with. It is certainly not a way to entice people to listen to what you have to say no matter how much good info you may have...or not. I would choose to check Tracy's info out long before I would check yours out. You make me want to defend her even though I know nothing . Nobody deserves attacks like this!

Mission accomplished.............Community divided.

referring to issues that you never explain is not good. i only hear that you think Mueller is a black hat. so what. agree to disagree. but you interject claims that are unsubstantiated. shame on you.

please sir check my post.

YOU are a shill & I would be so happy to see someone follow your money stream. I imagine it's going to lead to a progressive hard hard left entity in the end. You are trying to divide & not doing a very good job. you sir, have absolutely zero integrity & your vids show what a far left hack you are. You and Defango need to be investigated thoroughly by anons & ppl like unirock who you are using so badly. I'd be furious if I was him. Every heard of the deepfake group? hmmm

Lolz so everyone is a shill but the person we have evidence against. You are classic.

You sir are out of your league. My $'s on Tracy.

Lolz too bad. Good thing you don't have much.


Fake Bot accounts Defending Tracy, not real people...

Just look at the accounts defending Tracy in this blog. Almost everyone of them is a fake account with a 25 rep score and no posts other than leaving comments here in defense of Tracy. You can't use fake bot accounts in your defense and expect us not to notice.


  1. Pinkskies

  2. Tunisinn:

  3. Ursula1:


If you want to respond to the comments do it yourself Tracy instead of using or hiding behind other people using these fake bot accounts to try and make you look good. It's easy to spot and pathetic.

epic faik.gif

Nice Catch!

Bring on the BOTS!
I've been waiting for this warfare to Hit SteemIt in mass. This is an attention economy and this type of Bullshit is easy to SPOT and easier to deal with.


You are the most disgusting liar I have ever seen. All you have done is misdirect, manipulate & deflect the truth. You have really shown your true colors in this drama. You have some really bad Karma coming your way. You may be able to deceive your followers but you know the truth & you are the one that has to live with knowing your really are a liar.

♡ Im still confused by all of this, everyone seems to be either attacking or being attacked or both. I feel like this is a bigger operation aimed to destroy us all. Please stay strong and never stop being you. I know I am always talking and engaging with various characters in all of this, but I just feel like trying to keep the peace and find out the truth is all I can do. Im sorry about Titus and you not being able to resolve these differences personally, it leaves many confused or feel like they are forced to take sides... like i said, it almost seems like crafted division. Praying for you, dont be shy, gimme a ring soon ♡ Bee

hey, whats up?

Great Comment/Post @thehoneybee!
The whole world is watching... when they're not watching something else...
It's all about the ratings.

yes this is all very well crafted. And they are using Unirock to get the message out too. I hope he gets furious at being used & starts going after them. That is unless he's a hard left shill like Titus and Defango & miss unknown anon. Follow the money. I imagine there is quite a stream of it headed their way.

hard left shill like Titus

With no evidence mind you.

Just wanted to wish you luck on your March Against Monsanto tomorrow!
I would join you but I am on the opposite coast.
These idiots have no idea who you are or the REAL good work you do.
"a hard left shill" thats a good one.

I wasnt referring to Titus or Tracy :)

Thanks for everything you do Tracy, all your hard work and original research and thoughtful analysis. The agendas behind the Q psyop are now using it to discredit and sow division within the truth community. I find the timing of the "q blowing up" distraction right as things in Israel heat up very interesting. I wonder what will be next, to distract us from the IG report and NXIVM...

The IG report was a nothing burger. I have done in depth research on NXIVM so you are wrong.

Let's all get along... Start at the 6 minute mark

compare the mainstream media coverage of Q and NXIVM so far in 2018, you will see that it’s Titus who was wrong (again).

Some people chose the wrong Internet Job to get involved in...


I told you from the beginning this guy was a piece a shit.

What’s that Fabian turtle say again?

All perspectives start with equivalent probability, it takes work to tease that out. Quite frankly stands with you, without a doubt. Glad to see this here on steemit ... would have taken a hundred tweets. Questioning reality is work because each of us live in a different timeline. Thank you for being you. Resteemed with light.

Nicely put and very valuable at the moment!
SteemON Bruv!


When Q first came out I was interested, but quickly backed out because I discovered a lot of what was being posted had already been a topic I researched months before. There was one post that I did research in detail, but only because SGT Report did a video that imo was misleading. That made me doubt anything Q was posting. I spent two or three whole days researching that one post, and found only speculation and falsehood. Also, I think it is important to know who Q is now…because this poster was giving instructions to people…instructions. Sure you could say it’s up to each individual to do their own research. But I think trust has been abused by the people that pushed ‘Q’.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting donations and buying new equipment, as long as the person is transparent about where the money came from, and is not pushing some obscure agenda. There are tax considerations too. Can you believe that there are people researching, making videos and writing without a single bit of compensation, but that which is received on Steemit? It is being done.
I appreciate all the work that goes into research, writing and doing videos, and see nothing wrong with being compensated…it’s just that agenda thing that’s worrisome.

There was one thing that hasn’t been addressed, neither by you or any of the Q defenders…and that’s the data collection bit. It’s proven that Q was established for data-mining and influencing campaign. If I had been somewhat of an insider and known this, I would have dropped the ball right there.

Anyway, I hope we can all agree on one thing. Child abuse, child trafficking and human sacrifice, ‘human resourcing’ needs to be stopped. I hope that’s what we are all working for, no matter how much we get compensated or how little or big a channel is.

please source the bit on data collection.

I heard it here

?t=02h30m33s first (it's a long video but qued to the relevent spot, and here ; apparently, there's an app called 'Q The Great Awakening' that has you sign up. That is just one aspect.
Another aspect is this @Lifttheveil411, @Defango, and @Unirock present enough evidence for the data collection, and also where the idea came from.

Funny how you get all your info from blatant anti-Q disinfo agents. Why don't you ever listen to pro-Q people like PrayingMedic or Jordan Sather (Destroying the Illusion) instead? They don't lie and purposely leave out key information like these vitriolic anti-Q people always do.

Or better yet, do your own research for yourself, instead of letting others do it for you, brainwashing you into believing their ideology and narratives?

How do you know where I get ALL my info from? Just because I referenced those three? You are making assumptions. I do my own research, and I don't get paid to do it either. Also, I think for myself. If you had done a little bit of research yourself, you could see that.

I replied to your post where you specifically used all anti-Q disinfo agents as your sources. So you're obviously very biased and do not think for yourself. If you did, you wouldn't have linked to only the dark side of the Q movement.

You obviously didn't read the first paragraph of said post. This discussion is over as far as I'm concerned. peace.

I have a question ... why did you tell trump "we are Q", when Q has never been an "us", or a "we", or a "we are Q" movement, but rather q was supposedly a government insider close to trump, whom we "followed"?

Also, i remember when researching follow the rabbit, you , defango and white rabbit got into an argument. What was that all about?

i would think actually that trump would be quite disgusted with "so called patriots" (as Q pampers would say) pretending to be leakers and trump insiders... lying and tricking people out of donations, teaching them to become followers, and uncritical, sychophantic, thoughtless drones. wonder what he thinks about such tactics? his response to "WE are Q!" was underwhelming at best, imo. Not to mention, we know how much he detests leakers in his administration.

Tracy, knowing hindsight is 20/20, what do you think about Trumps response to Q, and the people shaking his hand bragging that they are party to, and responsible for, such a fraud on the american people he represents?

Seems weak Tracy. You have no fizz.

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