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When Q first came out I was interested, but quickly backed out because I discovered a lot of what was being posted had already been a topic I researched months before. There was one post that I did research in detail, but only because SGT Report did a video that imo was misleading. That made me doubt anything Q was posting. I spent two or three whole days researching that one post, and found only speculation and falsehood. Also, I think it is important to know who Q is now…because this poster was giving instructions to people…instructions. Sure you could say it’s up to each individual to do their own research. But I think trust has been abused by the people that pushed ‘Q’.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting donations and buying new equipment, as long as the person is transparent about where the money came from, and is not pushing some obscure agenda. There are tax considerations too. Can you believe that there are people researching, making videos and writing without a single bit of compensation, but that which is received on Steemit? It is being done.
I appreciate all the work that goes into research, writing and doing videos, and see nothing wrong with being compensated…it’s just that agenda thing that’s worrisome.

There was one thing that hasn’t been addressed, neither by you or any of the Q defenders…and that’s the data collection bit. It’s proven that Q was established for data-mining and influencing campaign. If I had been somewhat of an insider and known this, I would have dropped the ball right there.

Anyway, I hope we can all agree on one thing. Child abuse, child trafficking and human sacrifice, ‘human resourcing’ needs to be stopped. I hope that’s what we are all working for, no matter how much we get compensated or how little or big a channel is.


please source the bit on data collection.

I heard it here

?t=02h30m33s first (it's a long video but qued to the relevent spot, and here ; apparently, there's an app called 'Q The Great Awakening' that has you sign up. That is just one aspect.
Another aspect is this @Lifttheveil411, @Defango, and @Unirock present enough evidence for the data collection, and also where the idea came from.

Funny how you get all your info from blatant anti-Q disinfo agents. Why don't you ever listen to pro-Q people like PrayingMedic or Jordan Sather (Destroying the Illusion) instead? They don't lie and purposely leave out key information like these vitriolic anti-Q people always do.

Or better yet, do your own research for yourself, instead of letting others do it for you, brainwashing you into believing their ideology and narratives?

How do you know where I get ALL my info from? Just because I referenced those three? You are making assumptions. I do my own research, and I don't get paid to do it either. Also, I think for myself. If you had done a little bit of research yourself, you could see that.

I replied to your post where you specifically used all anti-Q disinfo agents as your sources. So you're obviously very biased and do not think for yourself. If you did, you wouldn't have linked to only the dark side of the Q movement.

You obviously didn't read the first paragraph of said post. This discussion is over as far as I'm concerned. peace.

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