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♡ Im still confused by all of this, everyone seems to be either attacking or being attacked or both. I feel like this is a bigger operation aimed to destroy us all. Please stay strong and never stop being you. I know I am always talking and engaging with various characters in all of this, but I just feel like trying to keep the peace and find out the truth is all I can do. Im sorry about Titus and you not being able to resolve these differences personally, it leaves many confused or feel like they are forced to take sides... like i said, it almost seems like crafted division. Praying for you, dont be shy, gimme a ring soon ♡ Bee


hey, whats up?

Great Comment/Post @thehoneybee!
The whole world is watching... when they're not watching something else...
It's all about the ratings.

yes this is all very well crafted. And they are using Unirock to get the message out too. I hope he gets furious at being used & starts going after them. That is unless he's a hard left shill like Titus and Defango & miss unknown anon. Follow the money. I imagine there is quite a stream of it headed their way.

hard left shill like Titus

With no evidence mind you.

Just wanted to wish you luck on your March Against Monsanto tomorrow!
I would join you but I am on the opposite coast.
These idiots have no idea who you are or the REAL good work you do.
"a hard left shill" thats a good one.

I wasnt referring to Titus or Tracy :)

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