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RE: She stood in the Storm...

in #drama6 years ago

Thanks for everything you do Tracy, all your hard work and original research and thoughtful analysis. The agendas behind the Q psyop are now using it to discredit and sow division within the truth community. I find the timing of the "q blowing up" distraction right as things in Israel heat up very interesting. I wonder what will be next, to distract us from the IG report and NXIVM...


The IG report was a nothing burger. I have done in depth research on NXIVM so you are wrong.

Let's all get along... Start at the 6 minute mark

compare the mainstream media coverage of Q and NXIVM so far in 2018, you will see that it’s Titus who was wrong (again).

Some people chose the wrong Internet Job to get involved in...


I told you from the beginning this guy was a piece a shit.

What’s that Fabian turtle say again?

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