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You can block me on twitter but not on steemit for asking questions and countering your bullshit.

Lolz 7k words of bullshit. Thanks for proving to me once again you are not going to accurately address the massive issues with what came out about you. So after all these months of you blatantly lying to everyone, we are now supposed to trust you?

Lolz, this rebuttal is all based on your word. Your word is worth jack shit right now. We told you months ago Q was a larp and you continued because you "don't care what the agenda is so long as you are the voice of it" lolz. Exactly what I said about you. You even constantly say "it doesn't matter who Q is", well it does if he is misleading people and people are lying about who he is. It also matters of the persona clearly changes. So once again you are dead wrong.

We have pointed out issues with your research, one major one is that you tried to paint Mueller as a white hat, and you pumped countless fear porn, mostly ASMR style "this is amazing" crap in your videos which you now revoked because you can't take the heat for putting up so much bad research.

Your lies just continue. You don't even have the courage to stand the fire and address this to your actual YouTube audience because you know you will lose to many of them which is why you took the chicken shit way out and posted a blog about it.

I still offer to debate you live anytime on about everything I ever said about you. Don't run Tracy it's Steemit. This is my platform and you can't hide from me on here.


@titusfrost don't be so nasty to @tracybeanz.
I would expect and DEFEND this type of vitriol for someone like @csthetruth; but not @tracybeanz.

Walk around the parking lot... take a chill... this is exactly the type of behavior that the Q-mechanism is designed to induce; disrespectful, vitriolic rhetoric aimed at one another rather than cooperative collaboration. THINK about that please.

psyops fucked piotr.png

The Q-LARP is not going away... and more Deployed programs like it are activating as we speak.

She should answer for herself. She is an adult, she can write and she can take my debate challenge anytime.

Who are you to be so nasty to someone whose views you obviously disagree with and why do you want to be so nasty ? Are you intentionally trying to hurt Tracy? Just because her views are different than yours does not mean she is lying. I do not know either one of you nor do I know much about either of you but I do know that I do not trust people that feel a need to be nasty to others, especially those they disagree with. It is certainly not a way to entice people to listen to what you have to say no matter how much good info you may have...or not. I would choose to check Tracy's info out long before I would check yours out. You make me want to defend her even though I know nothing . Nobody deserves attacks like this!

Mission accomplished.............Community divided.

referring to issues that you never explain is not good. i only hear that you think Mueller is a black hat. so what. agree to disagree. but you interject claims that are unsubstantiated. shame on you.

please sir check my post.

YOU are a shill & I would be so happy to see someone follow your money stream. I imagine it's going to lead to a progressive hard hard left entity in the end. You are trying to divide & not doing a very good job. you sir, have absolutely zero integrity & your vids show what a far left hack you are. You and Defango need to be investigated thoroughly by anons & ppl like unirock who you are using so badly. I'd be furious if I was him. Every heard of the deepfake group? hmmm

Lolz so everyone is a shill but the person we have evidence against. You are classic.

You sir are out of your league. My $'s on Tracy.

Lolz too bad. Good thing you don't have much.

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