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in #drama6 years ago (edited)

I have a question ... why did you tell trump "we are Q", when Q has never been an "us", or a "we", or a "we are Q" movement, but rather q was supposedly a government insider close to trump, whom we "followed"?

Also, i remember when researching follow the rabbit, you , defango and white rabbit got into an argument. What was that all about?


i would think actually that trump would be quite disgusted with "so called patriots" (as Q pampers would say) pretending to be leakers and trump insiders... lying and tricking people out of donations, teaching them to become followers, and uncritical, sychophantic, thoughtless drones. wonder what he thinks about such tactics? his response to "WE are Q!" was underwhelming at best, imo. Not to mention, we know how much he detests leakers in his administration.

Tracy, knowing hindsight is 20/20, what do you think about Trumps response to Q, and the people shaking his hand bragging that they are party to, and responsible for, such a fraud on the american people he represents?

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