On Overcoming Dominance

in dominance •  5 months ago

Dominance is the discursive medium always, the political power structure, the milieau of opportunity, greed, consolidation of power, and political-economic influence.

Dominance is an ever evolving species, organizing in various ways via various instruments. Dominance tries to impose a procrustean template on the rest of society, to imagine that things are static, to give the appearance of continuity or a rationale for the status quo. Dominance is always manipulating the perception, it controls the narrative and defines the choices, it casts our selective gaze on those to be singled out while ignoring those also indulging in similar behavior, therefore the definition of hypocrisy.

Dominance takes many forms and alters throughout history. Its clothings may vary from religion, to the violence of war, to the subterfuge of financial means, through media manipulation, to labor regulation, to educational access, to trade imbalances, via resource scarcity… whatever the political forces deem or encounter as most expedient. In the process of moving from emperor kings to the veil of democracy; dominance circulates more in the shadows, in the obscurity of technical jargon and elite technocracy. It hides on bank sheets, within legal narratives, inside missile silos, and wrestles between the cyber communication channels and funnels.

Dominance never goes away. When subdued in one form it oozes to another. Dominance is an evolutionary force and motivation of survival and antagonism over limited resources. The ultimate trick will be to invert, to connive, to deceive dominance itself into the sublime productivity of humane, scientific, and altruistic endeavors.

The great experiment continues …


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Great stuff put together! And I can imagine if you keep on the subject with totalitarianism and control-freak obsession, there would be a great set 👌

Do you have twitter account? I'd like to follow tou there if any


thanks, but i've hardly been on there much anymore

What a wonderful article on the subject 'dominance'. Hats off to you sir.


Domination is not good, but it does not seem bad, only until violence can be reached


interesting point


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aqui visitando sus pots, gracias por su ayuda y apoyo, saludos desde venezuela

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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