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Hey fellow Steemians,

I´m really happy and excited to present you

Design A Character Contest- Week 4 - @STEEMKITTEN SPECIAL EDITION

This weeks Contest

This weeks contest is a special Edition dedicated to @steemkitten.

This contest is open to artists of any level, background and drawing style.
Traditional Art will be accepted as well as Digital art.

Who is @steemkitten?

@steemkitten is a cuddle-bot created by @fraenk, who is also our Guest-Judge and Sponsor this weeek

@steemkitten is a little stray kitten.
She roams in the #cats category.
She loves to be cuddled and can be a bit of an attention seeker.

Take a look at @steemkitten´s Introduction

Who is @fraenk?


I met @fraenk first time when I entered his #GooglyPrize Contest, i think. :)
He infected me with his GooglyFever, and i did a lot of puplic EyeBombing! :D

Over the time we had some good talks via Discord and steemit.
Nowadays I would say we are good steemit-pals and we have a
lot in common besides our native languge german. ;)
He introduced me to @steemkitten, and I fell in love!
I´m really happy we could Collab in that way.

And now the most important

A few words from our Guest-Judge @fraenk

My cuddle-bot @steemkitten desperatly needs an original visual identity.

This contest has convinced me with some pretty amazing artwork in the past weeks, so I want to use this opportunity to make something cuddly even cuddlier!

Be creative, give @steemkitten some personality.

Is she stereotypically cute (yeah, it's a she!) or a bit rough around the edges? Does she have edges at all?

I'd like to see what you imagine a virtual little cuddly kitten to look like.

Participants should agree to give their permission for having their original artwork featured in future posts by @steemkitten (credits will be given of course!).

The kitten will eventually need a few full sized images for posts-titles and a bunch of small unobtrusive images or GIFs for commenting.

Right now she shows only two major "actions" - begging for attention & cuddling her friends - which are represented by a few random gifs or messages each.

For this contest though, just give her a personality and show that you can reproduce her character in a few poses (simple skribbles are fine for that).

The prize of this contest will be awarded regardless of whether steemkitten will actually adopt the winning design or not!

If the winner is totally amaze-balls and I like it so much that I'll want to keep it as @steemkitten's original identity, a longer term cooperation would be most awesome!

The judging

This weeks Contest begins on Wednesday.
On Monday @fraenk and I will announce the top 3 and allow steemit users to vote for the final winner.
The Winner will be announced on next Wednesday.

The Prize

The winners will be announced on next Wednesday and will be rewarded half of all SBD raised on that weeks #designacharacter contest-posts.
So keep upvoting and resteeming the contest-posts, to make the prize as big as possible ;)

Additionally @fraenk sponsors 10 SBD to the prizepool!

And maybe there will be a longer term cooperation with @fraenk and @steemkitten! Who knows?

And because I want all of the Top three to get a price, they will be rewarded with a trophy-token each! :)

Just make sure you have a bitshares account so I can transfre it to you!

Trophy token is a crypto coin designed as a reward token for exceptional Steemit content.
If you use Bitshares you can own a TROPHY!
Trophy token is designed as a coin to keep.
A reminder of your outstanding contribution to Steemit! A TROPHY on your shelf. Bling for your Bitshares!

For more Infos visit @trophy-token´s blog :)

The Rules

Please read the rues carefully!

  • HAVE FUN!!
    That´s the most important thing ;)
  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Make a post of your own for your entry
  • Maximum 4 entries/posts per person
    Every Entry should have a few poses for your @steemkitten design
  • Make sure to add #designacharacter as your first tag
  • In your post describe the medium/the process a bit if possible
  • Post the links to your entries in comments of this post, so I can find it.(!)
  • All entries must be submitted before Monday January 15th at 8PM UTC.
  • No Fan Art
    If it's a character that you did not create it will not be accepted.
  • No Pre Existing Original Characters
    Every artwork must be new.
  • All entries must be original works of art

Additional Info

If you have suggestions for this contest, or want to be a sponsor and/or guest judge, I´d be happy if you contact me via discord (w0olf#9231) or Steemit-Chat!

You are welcome to join our #designacharacter discord server and talk about the contest, if you haven´t done it already!
Our guest judge @fraenk is on th server too, so if you have questions, you can chat along with him. :)

So let´s start this now!

I hope you have much fun in this special contest!
@fraenk and I are really looking forward to your kittens!!

Let's keep em coming!

If u have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or via Discord. :)

Have a nice day and steem on!



Our Discord Channel has already grown to a great community of artists and Art-Lovers!
So why wait? Just join in the fun! :D

Join our #designacharacter discord server!



Fantastic drawing @localola! Love it.

Thank you! Muah kiss flies into you inbox any moment

love your drawing. reminds me a lot of Calvin and Hobbes, I wish I could draw in that style :) you make it look effortless.

Thank you very much! After 14 years of endless drawing practise, some things become effortless, my dear zepplin <3 but not everything, by far not everything. I still got much to learn

Hi guys! I've just posted my entry to your awesome contest. Hope you will like it!

Oh no, i completely forgot to post the link for my entry here. I was on the run:D Oh well, there I thought I made it in time:D



The one on the top right stretching, nice!

Thank you:)

BLUBBDIBLUBB! Just in time I hope :)
Hello @w0olf & @fraenk !
here's my steemkitty version and accompanying post.
hope you enjoy~ ♡

They are wonderful :)
Can't keep a straight face while watching them. They bring smile to me.

Here's Steemkitten from my hand @w0olf / @fraenk, enjoy!!!

And here's some more sketches of Steemkitten!

Hi @w0olf and @fraenk :)

I did'nt have much time this weekend so I stayed on sketches, and I triyed my best (I'm not used to drawing cats). I hope you will like them :

Entry 1 :

Entry 2 :

See you :)

Oreille Pointue

steemkitten looks so chic in your entry! :)

Hehe thanks : )

Hi @renascence cute kitten! Love the green hat, scarf and eyes. Great job! So glad you entered, fun isn’t it?

Hello all!
I present to you my army of kittens, they are here to cuddle, play and have fun :p

You can see the process of creation here:

Awww @zneeke, they are super cute man! Awesome Poses too \m/

Awww @zneeke, they are super cute man! Awesome Poses too \m/

no one can stand against a kitten army! they'll charm you to submission.

@zneeke what can I say, really good. Just a cutie. Great poses, love the sun glasses 👓 on the one in the middle. Good job my friend.

Here is my entry:
And here is the Face Melting Kitten post about how I drew it.

cute :) love the colors!

Thank you! :D I love your feet-less kitty as well, really unique and awesome.

@skippyza this is a beautiful drawing the colors you used are so vibrant. All these colors together just make this piece pop! Wow it’s good.

Thank you. :D I love vibrant colours. You kittens look so much fluffier than mine.

Another great one debbie!

Thank you @nicknightshade I appreciate your comments, being such a awesome artist as yourself!

love this one, too!

Thank you again @zeppelin, very kind of you.

love the touch of security blanket :p

@zeppelin Thank you so much for your nice compliment.

He is soooooooooooo cute. After seeing your kitten I probably would't even try to draw my own.

Thank you so much @marinaart! I took a quick look at your blog and I and my husband both agreed your a wonderful artist. Why wouldn’t you enter? Do it, and good luck 👍.

@lildebbiecakes! My Favourite lil stalker cake person haha, super cute @steemkitten :P

Hey @nicknightshade! I didn’t understand what stalker or cake person was. Just learned how to run a computer a couple of weeks ago, so I’m not computer (savvy). Had to ask my husband. But I’m your favorite? Ahh. Thank you for putting another smile on this old face! Love it!

Hey @w0olf and @fraenk!
Here is my contribution to the #steemkitten movement:

I quite like my additional poses a bit more though:

If you guys like my lil kitten attempt, come visit my thought process and drop some advice here at:

Thanks again for continuous motivation to draw!
Loving the weekly contests, everyone's #steemkittens are looking epic!

I love this cute cuddly furball. What a sweetheart. The little pink hearts 💕 above this kitty’s head really did it for me, you got my vote!

he is cute!

The entries are all great! What a wonderful, diverse, and talented group of artists Steemit has.

Ahhh is cute! I like the one lil toof :P

haha thanks!

Hi !
I'm not sure I understand all (English isn't my native langage).

The contest is : to create images or GIF ? Or the two ? Or only GIF ?

In addition, this competition is similar to what is called a "big scam"in illustration circles. Indeed, several artists, professionals or beginners, will work (provide a finished and directly usable product from an order) for a legal entity (here @steemkitten) while only one of them will be paid. If I have understood correctly, @steemkitten will also have the possibility to use all the GIFs / images created, even by the participants who did not win the contest (there are very talented designers here and I have no doubt that @steemkitten will use several of the creations of the contest).

Here, given the stakes involved, I agree that it is not very serious (we are talking about a drawing, a bot that has only 49 subscribers for the moment).
However, I disapprove of the principle, because it is partly because of these competitions that the profession of illustrators is dying, that my colleagues have to work 12 hours a day under bad stress conditions, because young people (unaware of the problems of the profession) offer their services almost for free (only one get money from the custuer of the contest).

For this reason, even if I am very tempted by the contest, I will not participate.

I'm not judging you, nor @steemkitten, because the "responsible" is mostly misinformation. We think we do well (the famous "it will make you advertise"), while we depreciate the value of artists' work (years of learning, equipment to be amortized).

I hope that you will not take this remark badly and that on the contrary it will be able to clarify the problems of illustration (at least, in France, but I think it's the same all around the world).

I look forward to your next contest :)

Oreille Pointue



sorry but i dont understand what you mean. I´m a photograph and when i take part on a contest, there is always the same procedure. Not everyone will win this content and yes maybe you invest much time and love in your project. But thats life.

So if you mean, when you creates a artwork, to get paid for this, i think you should start your own business and dont take part of any contests.

I think this contest is very fair and it also takes time and love to set it up.


Hi !
It was not the contest that upset me, but the fact that there is an upstream order.
It's a kind of situation I'm fighting against in my life... but it's true that on steemit, it's different.
@w0olf and @fraenk reassured me : it's not an order, only a possible perspective.

Hellooooo! I just joined steemit about a week ago and omg I'm having so much fun. So, you do these contests every week, yes?
Is it ok to participate even if I haven't in the previous ones?
I hope so because this sounds like fun heehee

Thanks for hosting awesome contests and supporting the steemit artist community! ♥

steem on! whoohooo

So welcome to steemit! :D Nice to hear you have fun here!
Yes, contest is every week! And you are more than welcome to join the fun! :D Looking forward to see your entries!
If you file like it, you are welcome to join our discord server!

Have a nice day!

Sweet! thanks for the warm welcome :D
I'll totally join you on discord!
But maybe on the weekend, when I won't get distracted from work XD I've learned that when you join a Discord server, you better be prepared to chat with some lovely people! no quick join and out because I got sh * t to do possible there! hahaha
have a lovely day yourself ~♡

Uh yes, I know what you mean. My workweek wasn't as productive as it had should be! ;D

This is SO perfect! I am SO excited to enter this one! <3

Hey Everyone! Check out my entry for this contest, I hope you all like it :D. Here's the link to my original post

Here are some different poses

Oh! It sounds so good. It's such a shame that I'm seeing this right now when the contest is about to end. But I'm so up for trying out next week! 😄

Here is my second entry:

Creation process and my post is available here:

Bonus :p

Hello...I made an Alien Cat. <3

I hope that I can enter three different colors for consideration...based off one design and two poses.

If I had to choose one to be the official entry though...I would choose the black ones! Full images in the post. These have also been placed in the creative commons.





Here is my entry, its awful but its as far as i could go with a mouse,mspaint and 30-mins of mspaint experience.

Hi, I have worked on my same kitten, my imagination did not span beyond that one lol however I did work on more poses! I swear I tried : ) Anyway, here's some poses and the link to my kitten with just a few tweaks. Thank you 😺

steemitkitten.jpgI am just going to casually put this here and hope you will accept it. >.< ha ha.

She is so cute, isn't she?
katze .jpg

grab em by the kitty :)

yeah, no, not really :P

Here's my steemkitten, a bit scruffy cos i did her in a rush

Nice drawing @cobmaximus!

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Looks like a great contest! I'll be out of town visiting family in STL all weekend so I wont have time. But I'll join get in some of these in 2018!

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (08.01-14.01): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.

Thank you @w0olf for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.

Haha nice! Thanks again @artz!

I think I'll have a go at this!
Miao and thank you.

oh, you need to see the endless looping GIF i made for @steemkitten:

feel free to use as you please!

yes sir, maybe next time

OMG !!!! What a nice contest!!!!!!!!

Hahaha looking forward to your entry! ;)

I really like your painting my friend, if you pleasure give me some tips for my painting in my blog, thank you.

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nice... nice... creatif :D

Nice post . Beautiful pics .

Nice Post Dear Steemian. Thank You For Your Effort
Shared LOVE With My Upvote. How about you Share some Love too?
Cheers and Have a Peaceful, Profitable Year .
Keep Posting and Get Rich ;) :)

@wOolf the cats are so beautifu, I like animals <3
your post is so informative

Hi, See my own design. It was made with a pen and ordinary paper by drawing and putting my lines and curves around the lines in the book to create the illusion of depth. I hope you like it

Man I am tempted to downvote your comment. Its not your design. This is plagiarism! And strictly against the rules. Which I think u did not read...Be careful with such things... ;)

I am not as forgiving! This is clearly plagiarism:

Hi, See my own design.

possible source:

I swear. people think its so hard to sniff out plagiarism??? and after this warning anyone else should just get a downvote. its simply not acceptable.. thats just me tho

Agreed! :)

I have followed you on Steemit, please be kind enough to follow me as well. Gracias

wait let me see, did you upvote this post? no, you didn't. did you upvote your own promotion spam? yeah you did. ¡Esto huele raro!

Did I downvote his shameless promotion spam comment? Yeah I did! ;)

You guys crack me up XD
in the best way~

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