DIGITAL ART CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! ROUND #1 (This blog includes Instructions.)

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Hello Fellow Steemians.

This blog is to announce the start of my new Daily Digital Contest and to provide a Step by Step lesson on how to create your first Digital image if you have not done so before. Not so long ago, I didn't have a clue about how this was done and because I really loved the versatility and end result of Digital Manipulation, I began (through trial and error) to produce Digital Art which has brought me a lot of satisfaction and some images that I am really proud of.

Floral SE Banner-collage.jpg

A few Steemians have shown interest in my Digital Art, and for a while now, I have been contemplating organising a weekly contest. I have decided that there is no time like the present. My biggest motivation is knowing how much you are going to enjoy experimenting and working to achieve goals you didn't think were possible.

Steemit is all about creating challenges, stepping out of our comfort zones and developing new skills. Some of you reading this will be writing yourselves off before even trying this new skill of Digital Art because you've already programmed the negatives into your brain about your perceived difficulties. Please don't do that because I am here to tell you......IT IS A LOT EASIER THAN YOU THINK!

Bird SE Banner-collage.jpg

Before I show you the first steps to doing 'Digital' I'd like to share a few rules of this contest. I will be testing the waters to begin with and will no doubt need to change things as we go. The tag I am using for this contest is #digitalartcontest You can post your entries on any day of the week but the judging will take place on Day 7, with entries closing on midnight, Monday AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) The winner will be announced on the following day.

(This contest finishes next midnight, Monday 23rd July AEST)

Here Are The Rules For This Contest.

  1. All of your original photos MUST be taken by yourself. You'll need to display your original photo with your digital image with each post. But for the first few contests, I will provide an image for you to use as a template.

  2. Only two entries per contest. Include both in the same post to make judging easier.

  3. Include #digitalartcontest as your first tag.

  4. Create a post featuring your entry/entries and attach the link to your post and a copy of your photo/photos in the comments section of this blog.

  5. Upvote my (Weekly) Digital Art Contest.

  6. Resteem my (Weekly) Daily Digital Art Contest blog to get the word out. The success of this contest will be dependant on the activity and involvement of yourselves and others as they learn about it.

  7. Entries close on midnight Monday AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) each week. The winner will be announced on the following day.

Your entries will be disqualified if these rules are not adhered to.

To begin with there will be one winning prize of 1 SBD per contest. It's peanuts, I know. But hopefully we will be able to advance to brazil nuts before you can say, "I'm a digital artist!"

This prize will increase if there is enough interest in the contest and naturally I will introduce 2nd and 3rd prizes as soon as it is viable for me to do so.


This heron image (below) is your template for this week. Go ahead and download this photo.

AD HERONS jpg.jpg

You might be wondering why this image has little wriggly lines running through it. Good Question! First rule of thumb before choosing which image to add a digital filter to.


Let me explain. These two beautiful white herons were standing close together on some branches quite a distance from where I stood with my camera. I really loved their artistic pose and thought they made a very handsome couple. They would have been an even more handsome couple if I'd managed to focus properly, but the distance was too great. Did that deter me? No......because I understood the power of Digital Enhancement.


This photo is as Dud as Dud can be. You'd have to agree.

original herons.jpg

After a bit of textural tweaking (we'll go into that at a later date) I decided that this 'dud' photo was going to come in very handy. There are many Photo editing sites which provide a wonderful array of interesting digital filters and effects but for today, we will be using Prisma Photo editing. And guess what? It's free to use and you don't have to download it.

Here is the link

This is what you'll see when you click on the link. These 6 images are just a few of what is available in Prisma. Scroll down and get familiar with what is there and make a mental note of which one you'd like to try after completing your entry for this contest.

Prisma front page .PNG

STEP 1. I've chosen the image with the arrow pointing towards it. I have no idea how the herons are going to look but we'll give it a go. Find it and click on the little girls face.

Step 0.PNG

STEP 2. Click on browse to download my Heron photo you should now have on file.

Step 1.PNG

Step 00.PNG

Wait a few seconds for it to process. This is how your photo should look after it is finished. Do you like it? I don't. I'm sure we can do better. Before we try another filter, just remember that digital editing is all about trial and error. Even after I have been doing this for 2 or 3 years, I still can't pick the finished result at times.

N.B. Don't forget to crop that watermark on the top right hand corner of your edited image. It's annoying but unavoidable although I'm pretty sure it is not there every time I use Prisma.

Step 2 .PNG

This is my 2nd choice. I think the darker colours may prove to be a little more successful. We won't know until we try. Click on the image of the girl in the middle. Then repeat the process above of clicking 'Browse' and upload the Heron image again.

3rd edit choice .PNG

That's a lot better. Don't you agree?

Result using coloured image .PNG

Lets try another one to show you how versatile digital art can be. Those Moody Blues look very mysterious don't they?

2nd edit choice .PNG


Do I love this one? It's not one of my favourites.

Blue edit.PNG

So don't stop there. Go to your usual editing site and sharpen it up a bit.

Blue edit sharpened.jpg

And while you're at it change the colour...….just for fun.

Blue edit sharpened red.jpg

The second edit is my favourite out of the 3 and I'm almost tempted to try another one...….because I'm addicted to Digital Art, and I am also a bit of a perfectionist but what one person likes, another will only take a cursory glance at; which is the case with all art when you think about it. AND NOW...…. its your turn!

Check out the rest of the filters available in Prisma and choose your best one (or two) to submit for our very first Daily Digital contest. I have just realized that it is quite possible for two entries to be the same if you all use Prisma, so if that happens, it will be a case of, the first entry with the same filter is the one I will accept for the contest. Please feel free to use other editing sites but remember your entries can look very unique when you change the colour.

I can't wait to see you Digital Art. I really hope this tutorial has been beneficial and my biggest wish for you all, is that you HAVE FUN!

variety SE-collage.jpg


This is so exciting..thank you so much @trudeehunter! I'm going to try this and, hopefully get an entry in! I will come back and update my comment if I get done in time! xoxo
I'm back with my entry:


👏 Awesome! I’m glad this contest excites you @deerjay as I’ll enjoy having you on board. I remember being very tentative when I first started playing with digital editing and now I can’t get enough of it. See how you go for time and if you can’t make it this week, there will be another contest next week. xox 😊

Yeah!!!! You made it @deerjay and with plenty of time to spare. Wow...….are you sure this is your first time doing digital? I'm very impressed. Thank you for these 2 great entries. Good Luck!

You're welcome and thank you so much! The only thing I've ever used before was Gimp for cropping, brightness/contrast and sharpen colors sometimes but I don't know how to use all it has to offer. I would always get overwhelmed looking at digital art sites and could never figure one to choose from that was free or not too expensive. So your post helped me so much and it is fun too. I could always use a little more fun! 😊

I am well rewarded by reading these comments @deerjay and I know what you are saying because I feel overwhelmed with a lot of info all at once and I learn better when shown how to do something rather than someone explaining it to me. I agree wholeheartedly when you say, "We could all use a little more fun!" The more the merrier!!!!!

Not really participating, but wrote a post about it :
And my humble try to produce something ...herons-2.jpg

O.O Color me impressed! And what do you mean, "not really participating?"

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Thanks so much @teamnz Love your cool digital image.

Well, you got to work quickly @melinda010100 These are two wonderful images.Thanks very much for your entries. It's going to be an interesting week.

Did I do it all correctly? Was this the way you wanted it presented? I don't want to start people off wrong.

You certainly did Melinda. Thanks again for promoting this contest. I'm hoping many people will get a lot of enjoyment out of creating unique, digital art. Have a wonderful afternoon/evening.

Here are my two entries, Trudee! I could just keep playing with edits for hours @trudeehunter😀
"Entry 1 - Shine On"
"Entry 2 - FunkaDelic"

Wow! Remarkable ++ My job is getting harder-er and harder-er. (lol) I've been rapt with the number of entries for the first week of this contest and even more rapt at the marvellous digital artwork and variety that has been coming in every day @ninahaskin . I have already enlisted my husband to help with the voting as this is proving to be quite the challenge for me. Thanks so much for getting on board Nina and I think your titles match your images to a 'T' .

Two wonderful entries @losthippe Go glad you could join in the fun. I'm really enjoying seeing such diversity. Thanks a lot for participating.

Hello @manuelnoya I am excited to see your bright and beautiful entries. Well Done! Thank you very much for your participation and I hope you had fun creating them. Can't wait to see what you produce next time too. (:

Hello Trudee,
This is a very cool contest, I've enjoyed taking part to it.
Here is my entry:
digital art contest.jpg

Oh how lovely @helena-m Welcome to the first edition of my #digitartcontest I am delighted that you have found this contest and sent in this beautiful digital art. Those colours are certainly eye catching and I love how the water behind the herons appears to shimmer. Good luck!

Hi I´d like to share my entry.



Greetings from Monterrey México.

Greetings from Australia @saulos It's great to meet you and to be introduced in such an artistic way. Many thanks for your 2 very innovative entries. I hope you have fun creating them.

great advice! I will start saving my "duds"
I took this DUD it can be artistic

Absolutely @bradleycares This is the perfect example especially as the composition and subject matter are wonderful. I cant wait to see what you create. Please note: I have changed the contest tag to #digitalartcontest to avoid confusion but you may like to use #dailydigital as tags when posting digital images that are not part of the contest. Lovely to meet you Bradley.

Congratulations! Your post has been selected as a daily Steemit truffle! It is listed on rank 12 of all contributions awarded today. You can find the TOP DAILY TRUFFLE PICKS HERE.

I upvoted your contribution because to my mind your post is at least 11 SBD worth and should receive 194 votes. It's now up to the lovely Steemit community to make this come true.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Oooh Thank you very much @trufflepig This is very encouraging indeed and I really appreciate your generous promotion and support.

Have a great day.


Je peux faire comme ça ?



Bonjour @toutenimages Awesome! What a difference a digital effect can make. It would be good if you could drop the watermark at the top right hand corner of your picture and if you choose, add your own at the bottom somewhere. You have become an instant Digital Artist!

As far as the contest goes I made an early adjustment but an important one. Please note: I have changed the contest tag to #digitalartcontest to avoid confusion but you may like to use #dailydigital as tags when posting digital images that are not part of the contest.

Thanks so much for sharing these images. Do you speak English btw? I made a rough guess as to what you were asking me. I look forward to seeing more of your great digital work.


thank for your answer

For English I use Google Translate. :)

The watermark is automatically put, with

A crop is needed to remove it, but it is possible, of course.

I do not know in which folder is my starting image. I made another one.

And I took the opportunity to create my first post for this contest:

does it work like this?

Thanks very much for making a great start for this contest @toutenimages Unfortunately for this contest you need to use the template I have provided of the 2 herons to apply your digital edits to. Everyone who enters this contest will use the same image. I will be looking for the most effective digital edit for these herons. I hope you are able to submit an entry with this template. All the best, Trudee.

Hello @toutenimages Thank you for your 2 great entries. Isn't it amazing to see how different they both are and from the one original image? Good luck.

I probably didn't make it very clear in the rules (and I have since adjusted it) but if you could make a post with these entries then attach the link to the contest blog then I will be able to resteem it @toutenimages Thank you.

Hi Trudee,
First of all, I would like to thank you for this contest and for sharing your experience with us.
Secondly, these are my entries for this round -

I hope it's ok if I used ToolWiz Photos app instead of Prisma. I'm doing my blogging via smartphone and not sure wheather Prisma has an Android version. I hope you'll like my versions of the herons' photo.
Thank you



Thanks so much for your lovely entries @roxy-cat Yes, you can use any editing site you want. I should have made that clear in my blog. I included the Prisma site as an example and to help people who haven't experimented with digital applications before. Good luck and I hope you continue to have fun with digital art.

Hello, Trudee! First of all, good luck with your first contest! It is a great challenge . I have a question. Can I use PS for editing or I have to use this software that you recommend?
My entry:
Click on image to view my post!

Hello @ileana56 I'm very glad you have found this contest. You are very welcome to use any software you like. I have provided the link f or Prisma for people who haven't tried digital before and needed somewhere to start. I'm really looking forward to seeing your entry.

Thank you for your replay!

Many thanks for joining in the fun of this contest @ileana56 and for your well wishes. I think the textures add cool features to this black and white edit and the contrast between the two, are ideal for this heron image. Good Luck!

Hi Trudee. Congrats on getting the new contest going.
My entries I hope the rain shows in the last photo.

It was lovely surprise to see your two digital images here this morning @redheadpei and yes, that rain is showing up beautifully. Those herons are loving those gentle drops falling on them. Thanks very much for entering and Good Luck!

You’re most welcome Trudee @trudeehunter. Thank you for great contest and for the guidance in your post on how to make the digital images. 😊


Just giving it a try

Thanks for this superb digital creation @kinglypalace Unfortunately, I cannot accept it as an entry until you submit it as a post from your feed and also resteem and upvote my contest blog (above) Please read the instructions carefully. I see you haven't actually started posting yet so the sooner you get that underway, the sooner you can enter contests like this one. All the very best, Trudee.

I went to your account to find your entry and have resteemed it @erikah It would be great if you could share the link here. Thanks again for sharing your digital talents in this new contest.

Can't you open the link I've posted in my comment?

Oh, sorry. Yes I can Erika. It must be time to retire for the night. I completely overlooked it.

No problem.

Yay! Resteeming and I'll be back when I have time to read this and get the rules figured out!

Yah! Thanks so much Melinda. Your support means a lot to me and I'm looking forward to seeing your digital images. I'm hoping this contest will gain momentum in the weeks ahead.

I haven't read the rules yet, but can we use any editing tool?

Most definitely Melinda. Prisma is just a guide for people who have not done any digital art to date.

Hi, @trudeehunter, such an exciting new contest! I will have to take a while to learn about all the instructions you are giving now, but still resteeming it and excited about participating in it! Wishing you the best success!

Hi @nolasco I really appreciate your kind resteem and I do hope you will be able to participate. I’m sure you will be surprised at how easy it is to apply a digital application to your photos. Thanks very much for your kind wishes and support. It means a lot to me. 💖😊💖

My dear @trudeehunter, this was a first for me, but it's so fun I got excited and ended up with 4 entries, lol! Here are the post and the photos!

heron 1.jpg

heron 2-2.jpg

heron 2-3.jpg

heron 2.jpg

Welcome to the fascinating and absorbing world of digital art @nolasco For a first timer, you have done extraordinarily well. Thanks very much for your entries and I hope you will continue to discover and produce more digital works of art.

Thanks so much, my friend! I'm more than happy you like my first attempt in the wonderful world of digital art!

Hi Trudee! I upvoted and resteemed and will be back when I have time to read it. I am out of town for a couple for a couple of days!

Good luck, although, it looks like a real winner!

HI Denise. I finally decided to get a digital art contest started. I'm very grateful for the kind vote and resteem. Thanks you very much indeed. Have a lovely few days away.

Appreciate the tutorial @trudeehunter! I think the digital art is awesome but didn’t know how to learn about them. I am going to give the site a try. Thanks a bunch! Good luck with the contest. Hope you get it going . It sounds fun and I will join if I have the time to create anything. :)

Hello @beeyou I am thrilled to hear that you are going to try your hand at digital manipulation. I feel it only fair to warn you that it can become rather addictive (but without nasty side effects. lol)

Many thanks for your kind wishes and support and I will be on the look out for your first entry. I am hoping the contest will be a success for everyone's benefit and I'm happy to know that everyone's images will be intriguingly original.

Please note: I have changed the contest tag to #digitalartcontest to avoid confusion but you may like to use #dailydigital as tags when posting digital images that are not part of the contest.

Have a wonderful day.

I've seen some of the digital art out there. Keithboone came out with one too, and it looks really cool! I love that photos that may not be "picture perfect" can still be used in some artform.

Thanks for the update on the tags. I may not be able to get to learning immediately (life so so busy), but I will definitely enter if I can find some free time to learn. It really is on my list. Hope you have many great entries!

I hope you have a great day!

Lovely to hear from you @beeyou Yes, I've resurrected many a dud photo by applying a cool digital effect to them and it is very rewarding. Thanks so much for your kind wishes and when you get the time, I hope you find doing digital will be loads of fun. Have an awesome day.

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What a cool contest I will try and see what I can come up with when I do some editing on the weekend

Thank you very much @tattoodjay I will look forward with much anticipation to what you will produce for this contest. Your support is always greatly appreciated my friend.

Awesome contest, Trudee! I will be sure to enter. I have upvoted and resteemed this post - not sure what you mean by "(Weekly) Daily Digital Contest." It this the post?

Hi Keith......I am delighted that you are going to participate in this contest my friend. Many thanks for the U & R. I am naturally very keen to see what level of interest this contest will bring.

Thanks for your question. I was rather tired when I finished this blog and didn't realize how confusing the tag #dailydigital would be for a weekly contest so I have changed it to #digitalartcontest Please feel free to use the #dailydigital for your digital posts separate to the contest if you wish.

I'm looking forward to seeing your entry. Have fun!!!!!!

Upvoted and RSD when I first came across your fun, new digital contest! @trudeehunter I'll be participating as soon as I play around with the editing software! Have a wonderful weekend!🎨📷

Awesome! I look forward to seeing your entry @ninahaskin Many thanks for supporting this new contest and I hope you thoroughly enjoy playing around with your editing software. See you back here soon. 🌺

I'm such a big fan of your digital photography art and have been working playing around a few hours this evening to create two entries that I'm about to post. Having so much fun!!! @trudeehunter 😀🎨📷

It does my heart good to hear people tell me how much fun they are having with experimenting with digital applications @ninahaskin Steemit is looking pretty amazing lately. (lol)

Good luck on your first contest running @trudeehunter! What a great and thorough explanation:) grear idea for a contest😁 good luck to all! Im sure itll be fun😍

Thank you dear @cooknbake Your support and friendship are very much appreciated. It is my firm belief that anyone with your ability to create great and wonderful things in the kitchen will be just as expert at creating superb digital art when time allows...…..Just a nudge for the future (lol)

How is the count down going for the big move? I'm sure you will be experiencing mixed emotions but I know your heart is in the right place and you are putting the needs of your family first. You will be well rewarded for that in the immediate future and in the years to come.

@trudeehunter- no pressure ha ha !digital art, thats something I never thought Id try out since me and anything that has to do with art- doesnt go together, LOL😆! but... for you Ill give it a shot once I get a chance!
The count down is COUNTING DOWN!! 1 week left! I cant believe it! The saying goodbyes to friends has as much as I can- Im trying to keep emotions aside and Im starting to look at it as our familys big adventure ! 😎😀

No pressure at all @cooknbake And I do mean that. Your head must be spinning with all the last minute details prior to you and your family embarking on this exciting adventure. It's not easy to put our emotions aside, (We're females! Lol) and it's not always beneficial to do so.

Embrace the whole experience and don't forget to take heaps of photos of your journey. I am looking forward very much to hearing about the different stages of your trip. Stay safe and enjoy the ride!

@trudeehunter Thank you ! Yes! will update on our journey :) ❤️❤️ Hope you are having a great day!😘

Wonderful......and yes, my day and my weekend was a great one thanks @cooknbake. xox

Love, love, love this. I have never tried any digital editing like this before.

That's the kind of response I was looking for @sunscape And I hope your enthusiasm to experiment and learn will only grow as you produce fabulous works of art. I believe in the power of creativity and we can never underestimate the value of it no matter what it is we produce. It is so satisfying to stretch ourselves mentally and physically to achieve more than what we did the day before.

Please note: I have changed the contest tag to #digitalartcontest to avoid confusion but you may like to use #dailydigital as tags when posting digital images that are not part of the contest.

See you back here with your first entry. Have fun!!!!!

I will do my best to give it a try. Sounds fun for sure.

Awesome! I look forward to seeing your entry @sunscape

Love these beautiful edits @lismarcarolina Unfortunately, to qualify for this contest, you need to use the heron template from my contest blog above. Download it and choose an edit and hopefully you will re-submit another entry. It's great to meet you and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations.

No apologies necessary @lismarcarolina I'm very glad you were able to re-enter with the heron image. I love both of them and that gold one is so very different. Thanks a lot for entering. Good Luck!